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Facial recognition technology development main trends

The article presents global trends in the development of facial recognition technology that will form the landscape of the biometrics market in 2020. The review contains a list of the best technologies and providers of face recognition, describes the impact of artificial intelligence on identification methods, provides an overview of markets and dominant scenarios for the use of technologies in 2019-2024. The best facial recognition tools have been developed and implemented in China, India, the USA, the EU, Great Britain, Brazil, and Russia. Modern requirements for security systems and for the observation of biometric data confidentiality are presented in this article. The author considers both the vulnerability of facial recognition technologies to hacking and the process of transition to hybrid solutions.

Embedded Systems

Embedded systems for data-intensive computing

High-performance computing is becoming more and more popular in the market, which is due to IoT/AIoT gaining momentum. A powerful graphics subsystem provides additional advantages to an embedded computer when solving computer-intensive tasks of intelligent image processing, neurocomputing, real-time device control. ADLINK offers an original concept of embedded fanless platforms with NVIDIA graphics subsystems.

Industrial Networks

TSN – time synchronized networks. Part 2

This article serves as an extension to the material published in the CTA 1/2020 dedicated to the review of the new TSN technology. The second part of the article provides an overview of planning mechanisms and the profiling of transmitted traffic.


Rugged UX10 tablet for tough field conditions

Getac, a well-known Taiwanese manufacturer of protected mobile solutions, has released a new product, the UX10, a universal tablet created for use in extreme operating conditions. The product has several advantages that make it indispensable in areas where high-quality devices and their reliable performance are required. The article describes this model and considers the possibilities of its configuration and application, as well as the issues of certification and testing.

Rittal’s new generation of compact AX and KX cabinets

The article addresses in detail the design features and key advantages of the new generation of Rittal's compact distribution cabinets as well as the use of Industry 4.0 digital technologies in the cabinets' development, production, and application.

System Integration
Urban Transport

Advantech IoT for roads and parking

The number of vehicles on roads of megacities is on the rise, causing many negative consequences. That is why the optimization of the functioning of transport networks is very relevant today. Advantech offers system integrators to use ready-made developments in the field of robotic parking and major city transport infrastructure management in their automation projects.

Monitoring and Measuring Systems

Digital manufacturing transformation tools

The digitalization of manufacturing in accordance with the concept of Industry 4.0 can be a very tough and cost-intensive task. How is it possible to upgrade the rapidly aging industrial automation systems to the level of the IIoT requirements while preserving the best features of the available infrastructure? Advantech has the answer and is ready to share its experience with you.

Monitoring and Measuring Systems

Implementation of Advantech technologies in retail trade

Advantech is constantly developing and manufacturing high-quality and high-performance computing platforms. Enormous efforts are required to create innovative products, with the mission being to unleash the practical potential of these innovations in reliable products and services. The article provides a brief overview of the company's equipment designed for the retail segment.

Airplanes and dumpsters in the age of IoT

Cloud services and artificial intelligence based on the Internet of Things are gradually entering various areas of our lives. This would not have been possible without the success in developing wireless data transmission infrastructure as well as in creating intelligent wireless devices designed to work at the leading edge of automation. The article provides examples of the successful implementations of the IIoT concept.

Weintek turnkey local automation

This publication elaborates on the Weintek solution powered by the cMT3090 operator panel with the integrated CODESYS environment and the distributed I/O system. The basic characteristics of the elements of this solution and the capabilities of the entire system are considered.

Board Сontrol Systems

AI present: no steering needed

The vehicles equipped with artificial intelligence are gradually shifting from the realm of science fiction to everyday life. According to some forecasts, by 2030, up to a quarter of cars on roads will move without human intervention. Such prospects are driven by advances in AI algorithms, navigation, computer vision, and of course, by high-performance embedded computers, which all are described in the article.

Power Supplies

Intelligent power system based on the EZA TDK-Lambda bidirectional DC/DC converter

The EZA bidirectional DC/DC converter is a special type of TDK-Lambda converters that enable the control of the direction of active voltage rectification. It is designed primarily for renewable energy and energy storage systems. The article describes these products, their main features, and operating principles.

Batteries for data center: time for lithium-ion

Lead-acid batteries for data centers are a time-tested solution. However, even the most reliable technologies become less modern, sooner or later, only to be replaced by more advanced developments.