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AI + IoT: what is behind the abbreviations

Fashionable abbreviations and expressions such as AI, IoT, AIoT, "smart building", and "smart city" have recently flooded the pages of magazines and popular science sites. But the problem is that many authors interpret these concepts too freely, misleading inexperienced readers about the current capabilities and prospects of these technologies. The article attempts to bring some clarity to this issue.

Embedded Systems

The future is born today

Over many years of operation, domestic consumers of industrial electronic solutions have become convinced of both the high quality of FASTWEL products and their compliance with the latest requirements. Year after year, FASTWEL engineers master new hardware and software platforms and successfully implement advanced domestic developments and technologies. In this article, the reader will find information on the latest updates in the CompactPCI, PC/104, MicroPC board series.

Industrial Networks

TSN – time synchronized networks. Part 1

The article provides an overview of new TSN technology, which will ensure a predicted level of information transfer delay for Ethernet networks.


Mobility under extreme conditions

In modern industry, mobility, directly associated with a variety of portable electronics, is increasingly valued. But not all mobile devices can withstand extreme conditions such as shocks and drops, large temperature drops, high humidity, dustiness, not to mention operation in explosive atmosphere, which imposes a number of specific requirements on equipment. This article describes mobile devices developed specifically for such tasks.

Getac explosion protection

The article discusses the concept of explosive areas, highlights the main certification standards for equipment used in them, and provides a complete overview of Getac equipment that can be used in harsh conditions.

System Integration
Oil & Gas Industry

Import substitution experience in the gas industry – CASCADE ACS

The article presents the localization experience for the General Electric MS5002E gas turbine unit automatic control system based on Regul R600 programmable logic controllers. Issues related to the methods and procedure for import substitution of the foreign produced specialized control system element base are described. The project for gas turbine unit automatic control system implementation at the Gazprom facility PJSC is described.

Buildings Automation

Smart things for smart cities

Not only the benefits and advantages expected by everyone are associated with the upcoming era of IoT and Industry 4.0, but also serious technological and social problems. It is necessary to study these problems in advance and be prepared to solve them. The article discusses a number of issues related to the rapid social and economic digitalization.

SCADA and building automation in the IoT era

The most striking trends in the world of building automation are associated with the emerging era of the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, distributed cloud systems. Consumers are showing increasing interest in new technologies, as they promise considerable advantages and benefits. It is worthwhile for system integrators to prepare for the challenges of the coming era in advance, and GENESIS64, fully meeting the present-day requirements, will help them with that.

Monitoring and Measuring Systems

IEI intelligent solutions for manufacturing

In anticipation of the AIoT and IIoT mass adoption, many manufacturers are eager to develop and offer their own integrated solution concepts for Industry 4.0. IEI, well known to many domestic specialists in the field of industrial automation due to the high quality and unique characteristics of its products, does not stand aside. The article describes some IEI solutions for production and logistics automation.

Automotive Industry

3D control without a hitch

The factory emits heat because the casting temperature of liquid cast iron or aluminum for an automotive internal combustion engine cylinder block can exceed 1000°C. The casting process is very expensive and time consuming. To prevent possible casting defects, the factory-installed SpinScan3D system monitors the mold quality. Complex multisensor systems of the type described in the article will become the basis for the future Industry 4.0 production.

Industrial Controllers

Regul R500 – domestic PLC with full redundancy support

The article discusses the commercially available Regul R500 programmable logic controller developed by Prosoft-Systems engineers - a domestic product with unique characteristics that meets the highest requirements for industrial automation equipment. The article gives the controller's specifications and description and discusses its redundancy capabilities.

MICRO PLC: great capabilities in compact size

The article presents an overview of a compact distributed I/O system based on the new MICRO PLC series from YASKAWA VIPA CONTROLS. Controller, communication and I/O module characteristics are discussed.

Power Supplies

Premium batteries for data processing centers

The market for industrial batteries can be roughly divided into design and mass. When equipment is purchased to solve a business problem (creating a new backup power system, upgrading an existing system or service replacement), it is worth discussing a special level of equipment for the design tasks. We bring to your attention an overview of six professional design series of DELTA Xpert batteries. The article also discusses a solution for data processing centers.

Features and application of two-quadrant DC power supplies

Bidirectional two-quadrant power supplies are a special type of equipment that many industrial test benches cannot do without today. The article describes these devices, their operating principle and applications.

Modern processor architectures

The article briefly describes modern processor architectures, lists their features and advantages.