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RFID in action

Fast data collection, improved detailed inventory tracking and the reduction of labour costs are just a few of the many benefits achieved through RFID technology. The article deals with the basics of this technology, its basic capabilities and industrial applications using Pepperl+Fuchs products as an example.

Advantages of biometric methods of human identification

Biometric methods of human identification are already quite tightly integrated into our everyday life. The article describes the advantages of various biometric identification methods compared to conventional RFID cards and pin codes. Based on the example of the BioSmart equipment from Prosoft-Biometrics, a fairly new and increasingly popular method centered around a unique pattern of subcutaneous veins in the palm of the hand will be illustrated.

ADAM-3600: support for the Node-RED programming environment

Cloud technology has become much more attractive for industrial automation applications, both economically and in terms of functionality. However, there is a question of implementing the possibility of working with cloud services. Thus, the support of the Node-RED software platform by Advantech's ADAM-3600 controllers is a promising direction of development, which allows to accelerate and reduce the cost of automation system deployment, as well as minimize the labor costs of designers and programmers.

Embedded Systems

SIL 4 platforms for critical applications

Electronics is ubiquitous today. It is required for both trains and planes. How can a computer be built so that it can be certified for use in critical applications, what are the obstacles to this, and is there a way to make a computer like this a modular, typical product? The principles of building reliable circuitry solutions for critical applications are described in this article.


Cameras for computer vision systems: a difficult choice

The article gives general information about computer vision technology; the main technical characteristics of the selection of cameras on which the developers of computer vision systems should rely were considered. An overview of the products of the industrial cameras manufacturer for computer vision systems Basler is provided from the developers' point of view.

Ensuring the operation of telecommunication equipment in harsh climatic conditions

The review describes the stages of development of cellular communication standards and its prospects in addressing the problem of "digital inequality" as an economic and technological gap in some regions from the progress in education and telecommunications and the provision of universal access to digital services. Examples of high-tech all-weather constructions used to house cellular communication base station equipment are provided.


Video surveillance system at an industrial facility

The article considers the hardware-software complex of video surveillance in an industrial plant. There are examples of equipment for installation at the facilities, as well as video analytics modules for faster response from the Russian developer Revisor Lab.

Railway Transport

iBase intelligent transport systems for railways

In today's world, transport infrastructure is a leader in growth and development: railways, road transport, air transport are increasingly being used. To optimize the process and avoid downtime, the transport sector requires advanced and modern technologies. In this article the topic of application of intelligent transport systems and IoT on the railway with examplesof iBase solutions is covered.

Networking Equipment

Ethernet with a single twisted-pair cable is already a reality

The article presents a new standardized technology of Ethernet data transmission over a single-pair cable, which will actually allow to reconsider the organization of the physical layer of OSI models.

Cybersecurity technologies in the IoT era

With the advent of IoT, cyberthreat protection and network infrastructure management are becoming extremely relevant tasks. ADLINK offers an optimized concept of the modular construction of network protection devices, which improves the efficiency of the custom application development and reduces the cost of their operation and modernization.

Power Supplies

DELTA smart lead-acid batteries

Unforeseen errors in equipment operation can be one of the causes of a sudden power failure. DELTA smart lead-acid batteries DTM-I and GEL reduce the risk of human influence. The batteries are equipped with an LC display that shows the status of the operation; it can be easily monitored and necessary measures can be taken in time.

Rack power backup

There is always the possibility of a power failure due to man-made or natural external factors, so the issue of the redundant power supply of critical equipment in order to improve the reliability of the system is important. Depending on equipment class, capacity, application and location, the redundant power supply implementation may vary. In this article, it is proposed to consider an economical solution for organizing the redundant power supply of single-phase server rack equipment using ATS CyberPower.

Flash Memory

Reliability technologies for IoT

Essentially, any IoT smart device is a computer, and no computer in operation can do without a storage device. The more we become dependent on intelligent devices around us, the more serious the problem of ensuring the reliability of storage and confidentiality of information becomes. Innodisk already has the answers to many of your questions. This article will cover some of Innodisk solutions for AIoT.

PID regulation simplified

PID control is used in automatic process control everywhere. Most of today's industrial controllers have an embedded mechanism that implements PID control. But for the successful application of this powerful tool it is necessary to clearly understand its action mechanism. This article provides some initial information on PID regulation in a popular form.

Programming the FASTWEL I/O CPM713 modular controller

The article deals with frequently asked questions from FASTWEL I/O CPM713 users. It describes ready-to-use solutions for the connection, diagnostics and programming of the controller.