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Modern trends in development of Industrial Internet of Things

A number of huge technological transformations took place lately. Developers, analysts and business communities in the areas of Internet of Things (IoT), Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), 5G networks, artificial intelligence, blockchain, computer-aided learning, augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) and in many other fields pay great attention to these transformations. The article contains the materials of studies and analytical data, where different aspects of IIoT, the prospects for its development in the next several years and traceable trends are discussed.

Heterogeneous platforms for artificial intelligence advanced systems

Provision of IoT devices with the artificial intelligence elements is considered as one of the most promising development trends of all automation areas. The Taiwanese company ADLINK, which is the leading member of the Intel® Internet of Things Solutions alliance, presents modern scalable solutions based on heterogeneous computing platforms. The approach proposed by ADLINK accelerates and makes deployment of the intelligent devices cheaper, facilitating the work of the system designers, engineers and programmers.

Embedded Systems

Workstation with convective cooling based on “Elbrus-4С” processor

The article discusses the architecture for "Elbrus" family processors, of the history for their creation and of their prospects. The process for development of a fanless workstation based on "Elbrus" processor by AdvantiX is also described. The overview of the line of all industrial PCs of this company based on CPU "Elbrus" is provided.

SMARC 2.0 ADLINK computer-on-мodules

The computer-on-module is a comparatively new solution designed to simplify the implementation of embedded systems. However, a number of competing standards exists today and the article deals with one of them - SMARC. Some modules of ADLINK, which is among SMARC standard authors, were described.


In order for memory not to fail

Innodisk took its steady positions in the world market of solid-state drives for the most demanding applications. Besides high performance standards Innodisk has in its credit a number of developments and know-how, which favourably distinguish its products. This article includes several features and advantages provided by them.

What ADAM do you need?

The main trends of the revolution in industrial automation are becoming more distinctive. They include the total propagation of IoT concepts and the provision of end devices with artificial intelligence elements. The modular concept for building automation system components allows the optimization of the functionality of devices within wide range without the creation of limits for future development.

System Integration
Medical Equipment

From witchcraft to modern pharmaceutical industry

Many industries make a number of specific demands to control and monitoring equipment. For example, these include dust and moisture proofing and explosion protection. In the pharmaceutical industry, the equipment shall comply with GMP Directives. For this industry, Pepperl+Fuchs offers ready-made solutions, which are described in this article.

Marine Equipment

ECDIS navigation and information system

Under current conditions, computing equipment is applied in various areas of activity more often to create comfortable conditions and facilitate labour. Marine navigation has become one of such areas. The article describes possibilities for the suitable application of electronic chart display and information systems on the majority of modern ships and its equipment implementation based on the products by iEi Technology Corporation.


Principles for implementation of trusted load software module

To provide protection against unauthorized access to information at the stage of initial start-up and operating system loading, certified hardware and software trusted load modules shall be used at automated workplaces processing confidential information. However, use of such modules in the products used in embedded systems does not always seem possible, due to strict requirements to the product's overall dimensions, power consumption and heat emission. The principles for the implementation of OS trusted load software modules designed for protection against unauthorized access to information are considered within the framework of this article.

Municipal Economy

Situational awareness system based on ICONICS software solves water supply problems

The article deals with the situational awareness system of Scottish Water, which is the leading organization in the water supply system of Scotland. The system was created based on ICONICS GENESIS64™. It helps to respond to customers' requests swiftly, to warn and to eliminate emergency situations, as well as to minimize the consequences for the consumers.

MAQ20 increases heating efficiency

By its many parameters, the data acquisition and control system Dataforth MAQ20 found its application in many industrial automation systems. Today, an unusual project will be discussed – the project for the automation of heating boilers for private residence. Notwithstanding their moderate system size, MAQ20 modules used in it ensured considerable advantages both at the stage of design and during its operation.

Urban Transport

Mobile charging stations under control

The gateway Eurotech IoT and the cloud platform Everyware are used by FreeWire Technologies for the control of mobile intelligent systems for charging the electric motor cars. The task of creating of a scalable intelligent solution for power storage was solved successfully in the course of development.

Networking Equipment

Cable technologies for industrial networks from BELDEN: soldered twisted pair

The technology for the soldered twisted pair by Belden, which allows the improvement of the quality of the industrial Ethernet physical level, is described in the article.

Flash Memory

Memory can never be damaged by bit

Apacer engineers have carried out a huge amount of research resulting in their success to create an integrated solution for programme applications, which are especially critical for data storage reliability. The article deals with the features of industrial class solid-state drives produced by Apacer, which distinguish these devices from a number of the analogues.

iKey: reliability in any conditions

When designing of fail-safe solutions for severe service conditions, no compromises are acceptable: sometimes, not only the enterprise performance, but human life and health depend on their reliability. For this reason, it is necessary to consider not only the reliability level of computing electronic equipment and switching devices, but human-machine interface devices as well, because fast response of operators and the system operated by them depends on them in particular. Giving preference to iKey keys and indicating devices with their quality proven by time and the experience of many users, you can be sure in your selection.

Reliability of redundant disk arrays

Despite the improvement of solid-state drives, hard disk drives (HDDs) are the cheapest and most popular type of information storage. Being technically complicated devices, HDDs do not provide overall safety from faults and failures, which may result in the loss of the data. The article examines the failure pattern for hard (spindle) disks. The main parameters of reliability for individual disks are presented, and the formulae were determined based on them for the calculation of redundant disk array reliability parameters built up on their ground.