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Колонка редактора

Biometric technology as a key driver for digital economy development

This article describes cutting-edge digital methods used in the banking sector, which should provide the highest requirements for the security of customer personal data processing and storage. Consumer trust in the market of banking services is the most important factor and competitive advantage. Further improvement of information security systems, the introduction of up-to-date solutions to protect customer personal data will enable commercial banks to establish themselves as a leading choice in the digital market of banking services.

Embedded Systems

Embedded solutions based on RAID 1

The increase in the volume of information processed by embedded systems makes information backup in these systems more important than ever. The simplest backup method is the construction of disc arrays based on RAID 1. The article highlights a number of challenges in the implementation of RAID 1 in embedded systems, as well as hardware RAID-solutions for this sector.

Horsepower for artificial intelligence

IEI Integration Corp. is one of the leading suppliers of industrial computers. Recently, IEI has introduced flexible and highly integrated solutions for smart cities in the field of transport systems, home automation, intelligent retail management and telemedicine. The article provides examples of IEI hardware and software solutions.


Application of Spectrum digitizers in LIDAR systems

Light identification detection and ranging (LIDAR) systems based on laser technologies have long been applied in various industries. But improving the quality of LIDAR systems and expanding their functions require new solutions for processing the data obtained; digitizers are one of them. Spectrum company is one of the leaders in digitizers development, and its products have already been applied in LIDAR systems.

New VX25 large enclosure system by RITTAL – ready for digital revolution

The article describes in detail the design of the most advanced multi-purpose VX25 large enclosure system for electrical and electronic equipment, as well as the advantages of the technology of the digital virtual prototype of the VX25 enclosure system, developed by RITTAL for easy integration into design and production systems within the Industry 4.0 concept.

Getac K120 – in pursuit of optimal balance

The Getac company hardly needs an introduction as it is well-known to a large number of domestic experts. Today we would like to introduce brand-new, fully rugged tablet Getac K120, in which the manufacturer has managed to perfectly combine constructive size and reliability, high performance, functionality and user-friendliness.

System Integration

Industrial revolution and cybersecurity

He who owns the information, owns the world", this Nathaniel Rothschild's popular quote is more relevant today than ever before. Today's world provides more and more data, and the winner of the competition is not only the one who is capable of proper collection and analysis of information, but also the one who is able to secure the data, using reliable systems of protection against cyber attacks and network malware. The article describes up-to-date technologies applied in automated process control systems and automated production management systems within the concept of current industrial revolution, about options for protection against cyber threats within these technologies, as well as recommendations for the protection of industrial facilities provided by the leading players of this market – ICONICS and Kaspersky Lab.


Turnstile access control systems and applied identification methods

Turnstiles have long been a part of automated access control systems. In modern access control systems turnstiles are fitted with various means of biometric identification. The article addresses the shortcomings of such means and provides an example of a promising Russian development, that is an automated access control system (ACS) based on a gateway turnstile with multimodal biometric identification and verification.

Board Сontrol Systems

Intelligent Transport Management

The last issue of CTA magazine features an article about the intellectual management of bus fleet based on Advantech's technology and equipment. However, bus fleet's automation is only a small part of the opportunities offered by new technologies. We have decided to take a closer look at the topic, taking into consideration the prospects and benefits of using artificial intelligence systems and the Internet of Things in the management of different types of vehicles.

Monitoring and Measuring Systems

CoLine-3 automated process control system for the Moscow Mint

The article highlights automated process control system for the CoLine-3 unit installed in the Moscow Mint. Safe vacuum technology of applying optically transparent protective coatings on silver products is implemented in this unit's design. Hardware and software solutions, which facilitated the development of the unit in a short time with specified quality of process control and operational safety, have been considered.

Networking Equipment

Industrial unmanaged EKI-2000 Advantech Ethernet switches

Building of Ethernet networks involves different types of switching equipment. It is worth highlighting the unmanaged switches, which are simple devices enabling to arrange the operation of a small Ethernet-network in fast and efficient way. This article provides a brief overview of Advantech unmanaged industrial Ethernet switches of entry-level EKI-2000 series.


Pepperl+Fuchs industrial linear motion sensors and systems. Part 2

The second part of the article continues reviewing sensors from Pepperl+Fuchs, a German electrotechnical company, intended for linear motion control. This part describes inductive sensors, optical cameras with a code tape, laser distance sensors, optical systems with code rail, lidars and radio sensors. The article represents capabilities and specific features of devices and illustrates examples of sensors application for production automation.

Power Supplies

TDK-Lambda’s Latest Industrial Power Supplies

TDK-Lambda's power supplies have long been known as reliable, highly efficient and multifunctional solutions for various sectors of domestic industry. Every year the company introduces new or updated devices to the market. Here, we will review updates to the most popular series of power supplies: programmable, for DIN rail mounting and for general purpose industrial use.

Errors in the use of lead-acid batteries and their consequences

Storage battery manufacturers are required to provide users with official recommendations for the use of their batteries. This information represents an actual tool that increases the equipment's efficiency. It is important to comply with the technical parameters specified in the instructions, especially when it comes to high-budget high power facilities, where the battery replacement implies significant costs. The authors of the article draw readers' attention to errors in battery operation and analyze their consequences.

Operation with GENESIS64 SCADA: use of the security system’s beneficial features

ICONICS' powerful software GENESIS64 enables building of a fully functional SCADA for industrial automation, which comprises the essential components for visualization, processing of alarms and events, building trends, etc. A distinctive feature of GENESIS64 is the ability to develop a reliable and differentiable security system. It helps to configure user access permissions not only for logging in the system, but also for individual tags, objects and applications processing.