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ADLINK and Intel power IoT vertical integration in manufacturing

For some time, leveraging smart manufacturing to boost production quality has been a common goal for manufacturing operations around the globe. IoT integration can enable production lines to process production data and respond in real time, maximizing production efficiency. ADLINK, with years of experience in production line integration, delivers a highly compatible IoT solution that can acquire and manage information while connecting all legacy machines. The resulting highly flexible and cost-effective solution allows operators to enjoy the benefits of smart manufacturing, gaining a considerable competitive edge in the global market.

Evolving manufacturing connectivity Part 1. Challenges to brownfield development

In the arena of manufacturing, emerging Internet of Things (IoT) technology has ushered in the Industry 4.0 initiative, departing from conventional automated production to IoT-based intelligent automation, improving on semi-automated or standalone automatic machining to network-connected process based on M2M (machine to machine) and M2P (machine to person) communication. This, in combination with corporate information systems and analytics, creates endless possibilities for the smart factory model. Through IoT-driven intelligent process, smart factory operations can reduce dependence on manpower, improveprecision, accuracy and efficiency, optimize throughput and quality, and reduce costs, increasing corporate competitiveness.

Embedded Systems

Standard for maximum reliability: Rugged COM Express

The embedded computer system development trends remain the same for many years: the performance of such devices is continuously growing, while the device size continues to shrink. Although there are many developments in this area, it would be hard to find a more versatile and general-purpose standard than COM Express. The Rugged COM Express standard has been developed to integrate all the advantages of this type of printed circuit boards into the sphere of electronics for critical applications. This standard opens up new perspectives for developers.

APLEX explosion-proof equipment: design features and certification

The article describes the APLEX AEx series explosion-proof equipment certified for use in Russia and the Customs Union. Also discussed are the advantages and design features that provide the successful use of the explosion-proof equipment in harsh environments for different industrial applications.

Industrial Networks

Defense in Depth in use. Level 4: protection of industrial protocols. Part 3

This article is a continuation of the series on the multi-layered protection of industrial Ethernet networks applying the Defense in Depth principle. Also discussed are some basic vulnerabilities occurring in IEC 104, GOOSE and DNP3 industrial protocols as well as protection methods based on deep traffic inspection.

System Integration
Buildings Automation

Over the last few years, there has been a growing interest of Russian customers in the smart centralized automation, monitoring and analytics systems where the objects of automation are not the individual buildings, but complexes of buildings and structures. Why do we need such systems? What are the laws that require the implementation of these systems? What are customers' expectations? The article provides answers to these questions and gives examples of the projects based on ICONICS software.

Oil & Gas Industry

Gas driven compressor automation system based on Neman-R hardware-software complex using FASTWEL equipment

In most cases, the control systems of PJSC Gazprom gas engine compressors are now obsolete or no longer built or supported by the original manufacturers. Due to thesereasons, it is important to upgrade the control systems to meet the current requirements. The article reviews the specific features of implementation of the internal combustion gas engine control system based on the Neman-R hardware-software complex developed by Kaliningradgazpriboravtomatika LLC using FASTWEL I/O modules.

Power Engineering

Ready for the energy revolution

Biogas plants are gaining popularity across the world because they generate cheap heat and electricity, and they help protect the environment. The article discusses successful automation projects for biogas stations using VIPA equipment and technologies.

Urban Transport

Bus stories

The environmental and logistics problems of megacities are getting worse from year to year due to population growth and rising traffic congestion. Let's have a look at transport infrastructure, for example. In many cities the roads were designed for considerably less traffic and it is now extremely difficult to upgrade them in densely-built urban areas. Thus, experts need to seek solutions taking into account many external factors and limitations. One of the promising ways to reduce traffic jams and increase passenger traffic is to develop intelligent urban multi-transport systems. Buses - the most common form of public transportation - may act as a part of such system. The article offers some successful examples of the creation of automated control systems for a bus depot.


Video surveillance and video analytics in retail

The article focuses on the video surveillance and video analytics systems in retail. Also included is a description of recommended hardware and software to analyze the performance of a retail chain. Emphasis is put on the advantages of using GeoVision hardware-software solutions as well as their characteristics.


Pepperl+Fuchs industrial linear motion sensors and systems Part1

The article offers an overview of state-of-the art products from Pepperl+Fuchs, a German electrical engineering company as well as basic specifications of these devices designed to control linear movements and measure linear dimensions and distances, both very short (microns) and very long (kilometers). Also discussed are the overall capabilities of sensors for measuring linear movements, the advantages and design features of each type of the device. Also, the article gives the examples to illustrate the use of sensors in industrial automation.

Power Supplies

Genesys programmable power supplies with Power Sink option

Energy recovery is an important issue for all types of electrical installations with electric motors. A change in voltage or current at the output of the power supplies during a braking action can result in tripping and even failure of the power supply source. Another task no less important is simulation of different voltages. Modern TDK-Lambda's Genesys series power supplies successfully meet the challenges due to the Power Sink function.

BMS increases battery life time

The era of the Internet of Things and Big Data imposes new requirements and sets stringent standards for computer power supplies. A large number of computers and other powercritical IT equipment concentrated in data centers can no longer be supported by using the traditional non-smart UPS. In such cases the BMS systems - one of which is described in this article - can be helpful.

Flash Memory

Maximum surveillance-recording stability with RECLine firmware optimization

As the performance of solid-state drives (SSDs) gets higher and the cost gap between hard disks (HDDs) and SSDs continues to shrink, SSDs are becoming more popular on the video surveillance market. To delete from/write data to the flash drive, specific features would be required in the drive firmware but this might reduce the capacity, and as a result, the video quality might deteriorate and frames might be lost. Innodisk's RECLine technology is a specially modified firmware of SSDs for video surveillance applications providing a video stream recording at a constant rate (minimal frame loss).

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