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IoT Security

The growth of IoT is now moving at a very fast pace, and it is becoming uncontrollable. In view of this, the article addresses issues related to security and countermeasures against cyber-threats in IoT networks. Also discussed are the basic requirements for the design of secure IoT systems. The article proposes a comprehensive approach to problem solving after the example of the Eurotech concept.

Hardware-software complex based on AdvantiX servers and MasterSCADA platform

The article provides rationale for the development of new hardware-software systems for the industrial automation market. Also included is the description of a new import-substitution concept developed by InSAT and AdvantiX.

Embedded Systems

With FPGAs towards functional safety

The article addresses an issue related to the functional security of embedded systems for mission-critical applications. Also discussed is MEN's approach using the FPGA matrices. Such an approach has a number of undeniable advantages compared to traditional solutions.

Industrial Networks

Defense in Depth in use. Level 4: protection of industrial protocols. Part 1

This article is a continuation of the series on the multi-layered protection of industrial Ethernet networks applying the Defense in Depth principle. Also discussed are some basic vulnerabilities occurring in Modbus TCP and OPC Classic industrial protocols as well as protection methods based on deep traffic inspection.


Getac EX80 explosion-proof tablet with Windows 10 operating system

The article presents the new Getac EX80 fully rugged tablet designed for use in explosive zones. Also included is a detailed review of its specifications, accessories and potential applications.

Oil & Gas Industry

FASTWEL I/O in distributed control systems

The article describes the structure and functions of a distributed information management system based on a FASTWEL I/O controller at gas distribution stations. Also discussed are the advantages of distributed systems over centralized ones.

Railway Transport

Open system architectures for electronic train control systems

Open standards offer a lot of benefits for various automation areas. They are most strongly evident when it comes to designing reliable and safe systems, in particular, automation systems for rolling stock and railways. Using a menTCS modular platform as an example, the article shows the advantages of an approach for designing the systems for railway transport based on the preliminary certified standard blocks.

Monitoring and Measuring Systems

HORK.Meteo-EF hardware-software complex for climatic test bench

The article describes a typical design of environmental simulation test equipment as well as the features of climate chambers to simulate the effects of high temperature of the working medium and high relative humidity. Also discussed is the FASTWEL I/O controller-based environmental equipment designed to test the household refrigerating appliances to determine compliance with the energy efficiency standards.

Information Display

AU Optronics: technologies of the leaders

The article covers AU Optronics display solutions, shows some technological features of the product family and provides an overview of liquid crystal display applications. Also discussed is the AU Optronics operation in the green energy industry.

Why do we need industrial standards?

How can one check if an improper part has been installed in a complex industrial system? How can one avoid the use of the equipment that does not meet the industry requirements? How can one guarantee the compatibility of equipment from different vendors? In fact, there is one answer to these questions: claim compliance with the standards. The article demonstrates why we need standards, who develops them and how the compliance with standards is verified.

Fundamentals of structural and functional organization of embedded and stand-alone fuzzy control systems

Continuing the theme "Use of fuzzy control to optimize power consumption", the article focuses on the basic principles of the structural and functional organization of embedded and stand-alone fuzzy control systems for process equipment.

Implementing TCP and UDP sockets based on FASTWEL CPM723-01 controller using CODESYS V3 development environment

The article describes software implementation of TCP and UDP sockets based on FASTWEL CPM723-01 controller in CODESYS V3 development environment. TCP and UDP sockets are used for data exchange between devices employing TCP/IP protocol suite. Also discussed are the features of stream and datagram sockets as well as their software architecture on the CPM723-01 controller usingthe SysSockets library.

Special features of power supplies and programmable loads for industry and research

The article provides a review of programmable power supplies and electronic loads. Using EA Elektro-Automatik products as an example, the article describes the characteristics of these devices for professional users as well as the scope for industrial applications.

Working with GENESIS64 SCADA: complex concepts in simple terms

One of the features of a good SCADA is flexibility. The issues addressed in the article clearly demonstrate that GENESIS64 is in complete possession of this feature. Reading the desired bit from a tag, set the display format for date and time and create a pop-up window, to name but a few, can be done with just two mouse clicks.