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Embedded Systems

The importance of protecting embedded computers

The article addresses issues related to the importance of design features when building robust and rugged embedded computers using MEN’s solutions as an example. The primary objectives are to provide moisture resistance and heat dissipation.

Out of the frying pan into the fire: the stringent tests for embedded systems

As industrial computers are sometimes used in the most severe and hostile environments, they need simply to be reliable. The article shows how the AdvantiX embedded computers are tested for operation safety at extremely high and low temperatures.

Weintek CloudHMI technology

The article outlines the key capabilities of the innovative CloudHMI technology from Weintek Labs. Also included is the description of the design features and benefits of CloudHMI architecture.

Industrial Networks

Defense in Depth in use. Level 2: security at data link layer

The article continues the series of publications related to the multi-layered protection of industrial Ethernet networks applying the Defense in Depth principle. Also discussed are the cyber threats at data link layer and possible ways to protect the layer.


More and more varied choices: new Getac tablets

Readiness for operation in severe environments, a wide range of I/O ports and long battery life – this is true for all Getac products, and 2017 novelties are sure to be no exception. The article offers an overview of the new mobile rugged tablet computers that are capable of handling the most difficult and challenging tasks in circumstances where other equipment will simply not operate.

Distributed Control Systems

GM International explosion-proof automation systems

Multiplexing systems considerably simplify the data acquisition tasks in circumstances where hundreds and thousands of points need to be surveyed, thereby saving miles of hard wire and hundreds of hours of commissioning. The systems offer a number of advantages over traditional solutions, and such benefits become more visible when it comes to using the systems in hazardous areas. The article covers two of GMI’s solutions for explosive facilities.

Railway Transport

Software package for railway track machine data analysis and control optimization

The article focuses on the software package that collects, processes, analyzes and stores information received from the controlled units of a technical facility. Also included is an example of using this software package on the Russian railway track machine RPB-01. The operation algorithms for each program of the package are discussed in detail.

Monitoring and Measuring Systems

Advantech solutions for the innovation economy

Advantech has long been known in the Russian automation market. The review offers some interesting infrastructure projects that have been implemented involving the company’s equipment and specialists. All these examples show a forward-looking view of the future when life will be more comfortable and safe, and the environment will be significantly improved due to energy-saving clean technologies.


Various biometric person authentication techniques

Biometric technologies for personality identification have long been in use in our world. The article describes a fairly new identification method through a unique hand-vein pattern which continues to grow in popularity throughout the world. This is illustrated with the example of Prosoft-Biometrics equipment.

Urban Transport

Automated fare collection and ticket inspection systems for public transport

Automated fare collection and ticket inspection systems (AFCTIS) are an integral part of transport infrastructure in large cities. The modern AFCTIS system is not only a means of fare collection in certain types of transport; it is also a multi-purpose complex that analyzes the passenger traffic and provides flexible tariff plans as well as other transport-related services. The article discusses some specific features of the state-of-the-art AFCTIS system using Moscow’s transport system as an example.

Industrial Controllers

WAGO 750-880 programmable controller in Master mode

The Modbus protocol has been in use for many years. However, the Modbus protocol, while old, is still widely used in many modern PLCs. The article shows how to arrange data exchange between WAGO 750-880 controllers through the Modbus TCP protocol employing a special WAGO ModbusEthernet_04.lib library.

Information Display

Litemax: LCD displays and LCD monitors

The article describes Litemax liquid-crystal displays and monitors. Also discussed are the key features of DURApixel high brightness displays, ultra-wide SPANpixel displays and NAVpixel marine monitors. The article gives a brief overview of technologies improving the perceived quality of images (high brightness, color and contrast enhancement). It also contains the description of a form to order Litemax monitors specifying all items.

Data center cooling technologies: the search for best practices

An increasing number of data centers results in rapid growth in their computing capacity and power consumption, and a significant portion of power consumed by data centers is spent on cooling equipment rather than computation. The arrangement of data center cooling is the most important consideration to boost energy efficiency. The article analyzes various cooling schemes for equipment.

Fuzzy system to control power consumption for the industrial equipment

The article covers the concepts for design and implementation of a fuzzy system to control power consumption for the industrial process equipment. Also included is an example of the arrangement of efficient power consumption for the existing electric drive of a hydro power plant.

Business continuity and financial losses caused by downtime

The article examines the key concepts of information availability and business continuity. Also discussed is the assessment of IT operational risks, including systems, applications and data. The article shows how to calculate the potential losses incurred by a company due to IT system downtime.