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Колонка редактора

QTS Gateway – a ready-to-use solution for the Industrial Internet of Things

The article presents a solution used to create a private industrial cloud service based on IEI IPC integrated QTS Gateway operating system (OS). This system offers big data storage and processing and provides a secure connection between devices and cloud services. This solution saves money on the development of automation and control systems and ensures independence from any other service providers.

Embedded Systems

Bringing 16-core server grade support and 10 GbE to COM Express

With advances in IoT and cloud services, embedded compact server platforms are becoming increasingly popular. The new COM.0 Revision 3.0 Type 7 specification offers the possibility to build a computer-on-module with support for 16-core server grade processors and 10 GbE ports. The article discusses the features and benefits of the new standard illustrated by the example of ADLINK products.

AdvantiX embedded computer family

The industry is facing increased demand for robust and functional embedded solutions. Consequently, the market has plenty to offer, but not all offers are equally good. The article provides a review of AdvantiX embedded computer family whose specific feature is a good balance between performance, extensibility and operation safety.

Industrial Networks

Defense-in-Depth security for industrial network perimeter

The article describes a design version of industrial Ethernet-network security applying a Defense-in-Depth principle, a specific multi-layered approach that makes it possible to arrange an efficient network perimeter protection for an industrial facility.

Defense-in-Depth in use. Level 1: network boundary protection

The article examines a design version of industrial Ethernet-network boundary protection applying a Defense-in-Depth approach. The Hirschmann industrial Ethernet firewall EAGLE One is described as a potential tool.


Meet APLEX Technology

The article gives an overview of the products manufactured by APLEX Technology (Taiwan). This relatively young and fast-growing company has been able to gain a foothold in the market due to a coherent strategy for innovation technologies as well as the high quality products such as hardware computing platforms for industrial automation solutions, including panel and embedded computers, human-machine interfaces, industrial monitors and much more.

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System Integration
Buildings Automation

Evolution of BMS: smart buildings are becoming even smarter

The article identifies trends in evolution of modern building management systems (BMS) which integrate such features as advanced intuitive graphical interfaces, capability to process large data volumes and a distributed management model. For illustration purposes, the article contains a description of a hotel automation project employing ICONICS GENESIS64 SCADA.

Primorsky Aquarium – a smart home to sea life

The article discusses the development of a dispatching system for Russia's unique facility - the Primorsky Aquarium, a research-educational complex. The specific technologies, a vast area and a large daily flow of visitors are only some of the characteristics of this facility. Using the state-of-the-art software tools from the ICONICS GENESIS64 suite, the design team succeeded in satisfying all the project requirements, and the complex was successfully put into operation.

Oil & Gas Industry

Practical aspects of integration between MES and automated process control system at petrochemical plants

The extremely competitive petrochemicals market requires greater transparency in production. To accomplish this, MES-systems should be integrated with existing process control systems. The article covers the practical experience of integration between MES and automated process control system that has been gained at some petrochemical plants in Russia.

Power Engineering

Automated power consumption management system of high-octane gasoline compounds production complex at KINEF

The article provides the solutions obtained during the design and commissioning of the automated control system for the electric facilities of the high-octane gasoline compounds production complex at KINEF LLC as well as when upgrading the existing control system of electric facilities. These solutions have been implemented using SIEMENS SICAM PAS software and hardware complex.


Video surveillance systems for transport: challenges and capabilities

The article addresses the key challenges that video surveillance systems face in various types of transportation, both public (buses, trolleybuses, tram cars, subway trains) and commercial (taxis, heavy vehicles). Also included is a description of the capabilities of modern video surveillance and analytics systems for use in transport.

Integrating video surveillance with GENESIS64 SCADA

Recent trends in the industrial automation market raise a question about the integration of video surveillance and SCADA. The article provides the most important criteria for choosing video equipment, special aspects of the use of VMS ProVisor software as well as an example of how the video surveillance system is integrated into GENESIS64 SCADA.

Information Display

Interactive displays in automation and not only that

The article focuses on interactive displays, their features and applications in various spheres of human activity. Also included is a description of the benefits that can be employed after their implementation.

Contactless switching devices in automation and electric drive systems

Contactless switching devices are actuators commonly used in modern industrial automation and electric drive systems. The article discusses three key aspects of their application: the features of active-inductive loads switching, the methods and means of protection against abnormal conditions and the possibility of integration into the structure of the automated complexes.

Object-oriented programming in IEC 61131-3 standard

The article describes the features of object-oriented programming using the languages defined in the third edition of IEC 61131-3 and shows how classes and objects can be created in software suite for programming PLCs and embedded CODESYS V3 controllers.