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Panel computers: a brief market overview. Part 2

The last part of the review focuses the reader's attention on the current situation in the industrial panel PC market. The panel PCs are now being used in a wide range of applications including industry, transport, medicine and urban infrastructure.

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Getac S410: lighter, more powerful and more autonomous

The article provides a brief technical overview of the all-new Getac S410 compact semi-rugged notebook. Also discussed are its major competitive features and advantages.

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CompactPCI – standard for building computers for space applications

The CompactPCI Serial-based computer systems have already proved themselves in space technologies, particularly, in the Mars exploration program. However, the technological advances and new research programs require further development of the standard. The article describes a new Space CompactPCI Serial standard and the core features of the CompactPCI Serial incorporated into the new standard.

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Oil & Gas Industry

Automated fuel and lubricant warehouse

The article provides a description of the automated process control system for the fuel and lubricant warehouse at the VPK-Oil LLC refinery located in the settlement of Kochenevo, Novosibirsk Region. Also discussed are the architecture and characteristics of the automated process control system, the basic functions and technical solutions that have been implemented in the system.

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Automated control system for the equipment of NGV-refueling compressor station

The article describes the development and implementation of the automated control system employing the domestic FASTWEL I/O PLC for the equipment of NGV-Refueling Compressor Station. Also discussed are the preconditions for the system's development, the major criteria for the selection of equipment, the system's structure and architecture. The article also contains a detailed description of the system's operation.

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Telemechanics system for valve stations of the external gas supply pipelines at Yakutsk State District Power Plant-2

The article reviews the implementation of the project for the telemechanics system for valve stations of the external gas supply pipelines at Yakutsk State District Power Plant-2, which is under construction. The article covers the specific features of the control systems for the pipelines as well as basic requirements for reliability and availability of the similar systems. Also discussed are its major technological solutions, the selection of software and hardware, its operation algorithm, visual display system and telemechanics system implementation issues.

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Burner management system for combustion of gas–liquid mixtures

The article discusses the use of FASTWEL I/O controllers in the automatic control system of the burner management system for the combustion of gas-liquid mixtures.

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Buildings Automation

Automated dispatch control system of the Kaliningrad football stadium

The article addresses the specific aspects of building an integrated dispatch system based on the SIEMENS equipment for a modern stadium. Also discussed are the special features of this type of sports facilities as well as the advantages and disadvantages of the design solutions that have been implemented.

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Medical Equipment

Practices and benefits of implementing GAMP

High-quality imported pharmaceuticals have become less affordable for people due to the economic crisis. To improve the situation, the government extensively supports import substitution projects, including those within the framework of the "Pharma 2020" program .The green light has been given, but most domestic pharmaceutical enterprises are now facing a serious problem: their production facilities do not comply with international quality standards (GAMP). This, in turn, deters foreign investors and customers. Readers will also learn about the successful experience in automation in accordance with the GAMP 5 standard.

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Сoncept of “green” technologies through the eyes of Advantech

The need to stop global warming and improve the efficiency of resource management has stimulated the emergence of public and private programs to implement energy-saving IT-equipment. Advantech actively supports and is involved in the development of such programs to offer energy-saving equipment. The article presents some products and their key features.

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Networking Equipment

ndustrial VDSL-modems for extending the industrial Ethernet boundaries

The extension of the Ethernet network is an essential task for many customers. The use of high-speed VDSL-modems is one of the ways to resolve this problem. The article provides an insight into the VDSL and Ethernet over VDSL technologies that allow data transmission over a copper two-conductor wire which is used as a transmission medium. Also discussed are the new EtherWAN solutions that offer an Ethernet line up to 2,600 m in length.

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Liquid cooling for high-end servers

The article examines in detail the stages of development of a special liquid cooling system for high-load servers using the CAE analysis. Also discussed are the test methods and a prototype system as well as a test bench specifically built for this purpose. The article compares the characteristics of a theoretical model and a physical working prototype.

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Import substitution in industry

The import substitution program defined by the government is reflected in a number of legislative acts, and it is actively being pursued. But at a practical level, businesses are facing some tough issues when implementing this program. The article covers such problems and shows possible ways to solve them. Also included are examples of products that meet the import substitution requirements. These are the products manufactured by FASTWEL, one of the leaders in the domestic market of automated process control systems.

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Keyboard evolution: from a typewriter to iKey

The article gives an overview of the technologies and products from iKey, a manufacturer of rugged keyboards and input devices from Texas. Particularly, the examples provided in the article include the new products-hybrid input devices. Also discussed is the forecast of development trends in human-machine interface industry.

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