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Cloud technologies in automation: Eurotech’s integrated approach

The article discusses specific Internet of Things (IoT) applications for automation tasks through Eurotech's integrated approach. Such an approach covers both hardware and software as well as cloud services that enable customers to reduce project development costs and timing. Eurotech's proposal includes IoT/M2M gateways with pre-installed software for acquisition, processing and transmission of data into the cloud services.

Embedded Systems

New embedded modules with Intel Atom E38xx processors

Intel Atom processors have already shown good results in embedded solutions, and their development continues. The article describes the key benefits and features of the Intel Atom E38xx processors as well as this processor familybased products from FASTWEL, a domestic manufacturer.


Modern Digitizers. Part 4

We are finishing the publication of articles on Spectrum modular digitizers. The fourth part places an emphasis on Spectrum's SBench 6 professional version software that supports the digitizers. The waveform imaging, Fast Fourier Transform (FFT), various signal processing functions including digital filtering, waveform arithmetic, histogram creation and many other functions of SBench 6 software package significantly improve the qualitative characteristics of captured analog signals and determine its spectral components. Also discussed are the advantages of digitizers over oscilloscopes.

Russia’s electronics is moving forward

The article focuses on the typical CJSC NPF DOLOMANT's approach to the customized developments of high-tech electronics and describes the most interesting projects over the last few years as well as an import substitution plan for hardware components.

Import substitution for industrial computers: localization and cooperation through the example of AdvantiX ER-DS200

The article shows how industrial computers have been built from scratch. This is illustrated by the example of the AdvantiX ER-DS200 computer. Also discussed in detail are all stages of the product development process - from the preparation of Design Specifications to the finished product output.

A new look at medical mobile computers

Getac is an acknowledged leader in the rugged computer market. Their two new RX10 tablet PCs are a vivid example of how a well-proven concept can be renewed through the use of technological innovations. The article provides information on the benefits and features of Getac Mobile Clinical Assistant tablet PCs.


Unusual compilers for unusual environments

The need for the process migration from old foreign controllers to new domestic ones required the developers to study the configuration of industrial programming language compilers and programming environments for them. The article gives an insight into the structure and design concept of these components and suggests ways to optimize the migration processes.

System Integration
Railway Transport

Integrated automatic dispatch control system of the Yekaterinburg Metro

The article covers the special features of the arrangement of the dispatching control system at the Ekaterinburg Metro, the structure of the facilities which are controlled and monitored as well as the design principles of the integrated automatic dispatch control system.


Industrial hot steel markers

The article describes the components of the automated process control system for commercial marking machines for stamping on the surface of hot rolled products. Such elements are based on the SIEMENS equipment - the FM 352-5 Boolean coprocessor.

Buildings Automation

The dispatching system of Omsk Regional Dispatcher Office, RAO UES of Russia

The article covers all steps in building an integrated dispatch system based on the SIEMENS equipment for power facilities. Also discussed are the special aspects and features, advantages and disadvantages of the design solutions that have been implemented.


Video analytics: possibilities and solutions

The vigorous growth of video surveillance systems has driven the need for an increased security service staff to control a constantly increasing stream of information. But sooner or later the increased staff would no longer be able to keep pace with vast amounts of information, and the personnel would be unable to respond quickly to emerging events. The introduction of intelligent video analytics is one way to minimize human error and improve security.

Networking Equipment

Hirschmann managed switches: safety first

The article discusses the key features of managed switches used to provide network security. This is illustrated by the example of Hirschmann products. The functions and usage of the managed switches described in the article will help operators of industrial enterprises to protect the industrial IT-system more efficiently.

Specifics of information security for industrial automation systems as per FSTEK order No. 31

The article covers specific features of information security for industrial automation systems as well as issues related to the practical application of Russia's FSTEK [the Federal Service of Technical and Export Control] Order No. 31 in circumstances where appropriate methodological guidelines do not exist. Also included are the specific provisions of Russia's FSTEK Order No. 31 as applied to a particular type of automation object.

Generation of daily emergency reports in ReportWorX

The article describes the implementation of a system generating daily reports on emergencies that occur in process systems at controlled facilities and sending reports by email. The system has been implemented utilizing the ReportWorX component from the ICONICS BizViz package. This system uses information from the ICONICS AlarmWorX64 Logger database.