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Current trends in building safe and secure cities

The article addresses the organizational and technical issues related to an increase in the efficiency of systems within a safe city ecosystem. Also discussed are the basic lines of development of public safety and security in megacities, the principles for improving smart city technology solutions, systems approach and comprehensive integration of the distributed security, video storage and processing subsystems in the unified systemically important situation centers.

Embedded Systems

Stack Rack PC – a general-purpose onboard computer for harsh operational environments

Perfectron's Stack Rack (SR) series embedded computers (Taiwan) are designed for use in extreme environments, including defense applications. The article provides an overview and a comparative analysis of the most interesting products of this lineup. Also discussed are their design features.

Customized embedded systems ex warehouse

The article examines on the example of MEN, a new trend in the embedded and industrial systems market – customized systems ex warehouse. The clients can order an embedded computer customized for solving the particular client's tasks using a website configuration tool and receive it in two weeks. Such an approach will minimize the project's time-to-market (TTM) and save both time and money of the clients.

Modern Digitizers. Part 3

In this issue we continue to publish the materials on Spectrum modular digitizers. This is the third part, which covers the digitizer operation aspects associated with different start-up and synchronization modes, characteristics and functionality of the top-level drivers and software to support the digitizers. The article places an emphasis on Spectrum SBench 6 software as one of the most successful examples of this type of software.

Panel computers: a brief market overview. Part 1

Industrial panel computers are finding increased usage in production, transport, housing and communal services sector and even in the defense industry. The compact and ergonomic design, high moisture and dust resistance rating, vibration and freeze-thaw resistance all contribute to the popularity of these devices. This article offers an overview of the current state of the panel PC market.

Monitoring and Measuring Systems

Innovative solutions for PLC from WAGO

The article describes a lineup of WAGO (Germany) industrial programmable logic controllers which support Ethernet. Also included are examples of using this equipment in construction material enterprises, petroleum production and refining industries and transportation infrastructure facilities.

Electric Power Industry

An integrated utility metering system of an enterprise – the foundation of energy efficiency

The article focuses on the automation of an integrated utility metering system of an industrial enterprise using Energosfera 8 software package developed by PROSOFT-Systems. Also discussed are the operating principles of this software package and examples of implementation.


Review of GeoVision CCTV products and solutions

The market for security systems is swamped with various video surveillance devices offered by manufacturers from all over the world. Such a variety of security devices often perplexes even specialists. The article presents the GeoVision CCTV systems and shows how to build a video surveillance system, avoid overpaying and get exactly what you want.

Industrial Controllers

Next-generation REGUL RX00 PLC

The article is about the new developments of PROSOFT-Systems, an engineering company, in the field of industrial automation. They are the Series R400 and R200 REGUL programmable logic controllers, which are part of the REGUL RX00 PLC family.

Power Supplies

Power supplies for next-generation CompactPCI systems

Over the 15-year history of CompactPCI standard, it has proven itself as an ideal platform for building the embedded computer systems. It also retains its popularity because the parallel bus architecture has been changed to high-speed serial buses. However, an increase in capacity and computing power has resulted in the increased power supply requirements. The article covers the issues related to the arrangement of power supply in CompactPCI systems.


Pepperl+Fuchs transducers. Lineup update in 2016

The article presents the brand new products of two Pepperl+Fuchs divisions: series LVL vibration sensors and the proximity sensors using Industry 4.0 technology.

Flash Memory

A developing trend in the solid state drive market

The article focuses on the main trends in development of the industrial solid state drive (SSD) market and technologies. This is illustrated through an example of products from Apacer Technology, one of the leading SSD manufacturers in the industry. Also included is an analysis of the key differences between the industrial and household solid state drives.

End-of-life: how the components of the automated process control system complete their life cycle

Occasionally, the hardware manufacturers "scare" customers and integrators by the term "end-of-life", which is hard to understand. But what actually happens to the components of automation systems when their life cycle ends? Do different manufacturers use different processes? The article provides the answers to these and other questions and helps specialists to make the right choice.

Implementation of SMS text message announcement system for personnel using ScriptWorX64

The article shows how to arrange the SMS text messaging system for communicating information to the operators using ScriptWorX64, a component in ICONICS GENESIS64 suite. Also discussed are the development milestones and the source codes for the scripts that have been developed.

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