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Modern Digitizers. Handbook. Part 2

In this issue we continue to publish the Spectrum Modular Digitizer Handbook. This is the second part of the Handbook which covers the digitizer operation modes, characteristics and special aspects of building external interfaces. Also, the article offers recommendations for the use of the digitizer to capture and process various signal sources.

Technical basis for the Stratus ftServer fault tolerant concept

The article reviews the technical features of Stratus ftServer fault tolerant systems. Also discussed are the fault tolerance solution concept and mechanisms.

Low cost MicroTCA systems for special applications

MicroTCA represents a versatile technological standard that meets a wide range of various application requirements. Due to the trade-offs made when considering the requirements of the system when it comes to power, cooling, backplane routing and maintenance and by carefully selecting the components, the designers can get the entire functionality of AMC modules and avoid expenditure for the system that makes maximum use of the MicroTCA architecture.

System Integration
Railway Transport

ICONICS-based automated dispatch control system for subway

The article describes the milestones and specific features of building a dispatch system for a facility with a large number of systems and signals to be monitored. Also discussed is the architecture of the implemented project employing GENESIS64 64-bit SCADA, Hyper Historian archive server as well as some know-how used by LIGHTON, an engineering company (Moscow) when developing this system.


The article is about PROSOFT's business today. PROSOFT is a market leader in industrial automation in Russia. The company celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2016. The new lines of business, expansion of production, implemented projects and innovations all add up to PROSOFT's stability and huge growth prospects.

Oil & Gas Industry

Smart wireless system to control process variables using the WirelessHART Protocol

The article investigates an optimal and cost-effective solution during the automation of AkCPPN in Electric Desalter-2 at Bashneft-Dobycha LLC. The economic analysis of the project based on the wired and wireless technologies shows that the wired systems are more expensive than the wireless ones. The complexity of installation, time input and maintenance costs of the entire system have been taken into account.

Extractive Industry

Control and protection system for the mine hoisting unit ZKDR.4

The article presents the design concept and features of the commercial off-the-shelf automated system for control, integrated protection, registration and visualization of the operating modes of the mine hoisting unit (ZKDR system). This system is designed for use in the mining industry. Also discussed is the importance of creating an additional modification of ZKDR.4 system. This modification is intended for use as a ZKDR system. A backup control and protection system of the mine hoisting unit can also be built on its base.


Cost savings through machinery modernization

The article demonstrates how to optimize the costs at a machine-building plant while maintaining the technological capabilities in circumstances where there is a severe shortage of funds. This is illustrated by the example of modernization of electrical equipment and controls of the 2A656RF11 horizontal boring machine.


State-of-the-art video surveillance systems

The security systems industry has been steadily growing over the past 20 years, and it constantly presents new challenges for manufacturers and solution suppliers. One of the professional solutions to such challenges is a variety of products under the ProVS brand name. The article gives a brief overview of these products.


Governing principles in the development of computing technologies

The article covers the governing principles and trends in the development of computing technologies in such areas as improvement and miniaturization of the hardware components, supercomputer architectures, limitations of the proportional miniaturization of microelectronics, supercomputer architecture trends as well as technology cooperation between the leading companies of the Russian Federation.

Food Industry

Introduction of palletizers at food plant

It is impossible to imagine a modern conveyor belt plant without automatic packaging machines. This is particularly significant for the food industry, because the misuse of packaging technology considerably shortens the shelf life of the finished products. The article provides a description of such palletizing equipment which places each layer of the finished product on a pallet.

Medical Equipment

Upgrade and validation tests of hardware-software complex of ethylene oxide sterilizer

The article focuses on the upgrade and preparation for validation testing of an automated control system of the ethylene oxide sterilizer manufactured by the Production Association DELRUS CJSC. Also discussed are solutions to problems occurring during the upgrade of the system and subsequent validation tests.

Power Supplies

Network protection module SZM-AS-3.0-220

The article presents the network protection module SZM-AS-3.0-220. This module limits the high-energy surge voltages of 220V and 50Hz power supply network in line-to-neutral, neutral-to-casing circuits within the specified levels. It disconnects the network from loads under maximum pulse and sustained overvoltage conditions. The module is intended for use in critical systems and computer and communications equipment.

ERP/MES integration: a bird’s eye view

The article addresses issues related to the integration between the ERP and MES systems to create an integrated management control system for an enterprise. Also included are an analysis of the automation levels and systems, a determination of systems integration tasks and their solutions and a conclusion regarding the practicability of building an enterprise information environment employing the various types of automated systems used according to their intended functionality.

Implementation of Modbus RTU server using FASTWEL interface module and CoDeSys programming software

The article examines an integration between FASTWEL CPM713 Modbus TCP PLC and a Weintek operator panel that supports the Modbus protocol in Serial Modbus (RTU/ASCII) using the NIM742 interface module and ready-to-use library in CoDeSys environment adapted for FASTWEL.

Smart rack solutions for data centers

The article offers AIC's innovative approach to building computer complexes and data storage systems and reviews a new range of SMART RACK solutions.