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Industrial Networks

Industrial network architectures. New Pepperl+Fuchs products

The article covers the changes in regulations for building the automation systems in petrochemical, chemical and gas industries, which have had an impact on the model lineup of the equipment manufacturers. Also discussed are the latest Pepperl+Fuchs solutions based on the FOUNDATION Fieldbus H1 and PROFIBUS PA industrial networks where such changes have been taken into account.


Modern Digitizers. Handbook. Part 1

Founded in 1989 in Germany, Spectrum has made significant contribution in developing the modular high-performance digitizer technologies. The tool applications today are practically unimaginable without these devices. Starting with this issue of the magazine, we would publish The Spectrum Digitizer Handbook, which helps readers understand the characteristics of the digitizers and use a wide variety of the functional capabilities that these powerful devices open to us.


Building a software quality model for space applications

This article discusses the concept of building a quality model to design and verify software for space applications based on the current ISO/IEC 25010 and ECSS-Q-80-03 standards.

System Integration
Power Engineering

Use of SCADA ICONICS GENESIS32 at JSC Gazprom power plants

The article provides examples of how ICONICS GENESIS32 software can be used to create the visualization system of the automatic process control system at power plants at some Gazprom gas compressor stations. Also included is a description of the software inner structure and the organization of data exchange between the SCADA components.

Electric Power Industry

Implementation of remote control system for 330 kV Vasileostrovskaya substation equipment

This article is about the implementation of the first phase of the pilot project on remote control system for 330 kV Vasileostrovskaya substation equipment based on the NPT Expert software and hardware complex. Also included is a description of the engineering implementation and its impact on the quality of power plant equipment and power grid mode control, bench and field tests and evaluation of task significance.


Multi-purpose helicopter flight research test bench Berezina

The article presents the multi-purpose helicopter flight research test bench Berezina and shows its principles of operation. This test bench is the basic structural component during the development and research of algorithms of the automatic control systems and helicopter flight simulators.

Oil & Gas Industry

System to automatically control the methane number at a gas treating unit

There has been increasing attention for the necessity to utilize associated petroleum gas, e.g. via power generation, due to the higher fees paid for emissions from gas flaring. But the poor gas quality requires special gas treating units which ensure a high level of monitoring and control. This article presents one such facility, and it describes the control system designed for this unit.

Extractive Industry

Shaft alarm system for a mine

The article offers a brief description of the design concept, properties and performance characteristics of standard commercial shaft alarm system for mines. The arguments given in the article show the importance of building such systems. Also discussed are the requirements for these systems, examples of implementation, the software used, functionality and the further development of the system.

Automation technology for the equipment of nonmetallic mineral quarries

The article focuses on automation engineering solutions for crushing and screening plants at nonmetallic mineral deposits – the most important sector in construction industry. Also included are recommendations on how to upgrade the control system of the processing line at such plants and an example of implementation of control hardware & software for the equipment.

Buildings Automation

ICONICS – return to youth recipe for an old building

The article describes a dispatch control system project using the ICONICS software implemented for a sports club building. The project demonstrates the benefits of employing the ICONICS technologies and ability to achieve significantly more energy savings.

Imtech Arena Stadium: record-breaking energy efficiency results

The article describes the low level system for maintaining the microclimate in premises and the sports field at the Imtech Arena, the home ground of Hamburger HSV football club. The project uses a state-of-the-art Thermokon wireless solution based on the EnOcean standard.

Integrating the SCADA-systems with the enterprise control systems

It is hard to imagine any modern industrial enterprise that can do without a computer-aided control system for utilities as well as process control systems. But how can these types of systems "become friends"? What questions might the integrators have? Are there any typical solutions? This article provides answers to some questions and helps the engineers implement this integration.