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IoT technology for a smart city

The article focuses on the aspects and perspectives of M2M technologies to tackle smart city challenges within the IoT concept. Also included are the examples of how to deal with such real-life challenges.

Embedded Systems

Made in Russia. FASTWEL rugged embedded computers

The article discusses embedded systems, presents basic types of industrial embedded computers, provides examples of products from FASTWEL, a Russian-based manufacturer, and offers recommendations on the use of embedded systems.

GRIFON platform to meet challenges of special purpose embedded systems

The article provides some basic information about GRIFON, a domestic multiple-purpose high-performance heterogeneous computing platform in association with general approaches to building high performance embedded computing systems.

Embedded systems for transport related issues

The article contains information about the use of embedded computers in transportation. Also discussed are the MEN's rugged compact solutions, their key advantages for motor vehicle driving and their functions.


Key factors for choosing electronic equipment cabinets through an example of Schroff products

The selection of a reliable protective enclosure or cabinet is essential for smooth operation of electronic equipment. Such an enclosure or cabinet should meet both equipment and environmental requirements. This will ensure the continuous operation of the equipment and minimize the risk of downtime caused by operational failures. The aim of the article is to help users choose a cabinet that would satisfy the requirements of the tasks to be performed to the maximum extent practicable.

Getac X 500 full-size ultra-rugged notebook

The article is about a unique Getac X500 full-size ultra-rugged notebook, which practically has no competition in the rugged mobile computer market due to its almost unlimited capabilities for modification and extension.


Panasonic in the air

The indispensability of mobile and tablet rugged PCs is vividly demonstrated by their use in aviation, which requires a high level of protection from vibrations, falls and shocks, and an ability properly to fix laptops and tablet PCs using docking stations in cockpits and other places. The article will describe the practical application of the Panasonic devices in aviation.

Electric Power Industry

Technological data exchange system at Novo-Salavat PGU-410T

A designed system for technological data exchange with an automated system of System operator was implemented at a power generation facility in the Republic of Bashkortostan, the Novo-Salavat Combined Cycle Gas Turbine Unit. In the building this system, equipment of the leading Russian manufacturers was used.

Automated diagnostic system for hydraulic facilities at the Bureiskaya HPP

The article presents the design, hardware and software solutions which have been developed when designing and commissioning an automated diagnostic system for the hydraulic facilities at the Bureyskaya HPP. Such solutions ensure the reliable monitoring of the operation of the hydraulic facilities. This project offers a solution that can resolve the current issues related to the diagnostics section at the hydraulic facilities.


Automation for wastewater treatment system at JSC Mayak paper factory

The article discusses the automatic control system of the wastewater treatment facilities at a paper factory using flotation units. Also included is a description of the wastewater treatment technology, architecture of the control system and functionalities of the developed automation and dispatching system.

Buildings Automation

Automated system for monitoring utility systems

The article describes a solution for the protection of electrical equipment from the consequences of the accidents based on analysis of the air temperature and humidity on premises. The solution has been implemented within an automated monitoring system project for the utility systems of a building.

Flash Memory

Innodisk industrial flash storage: special technologies and related services

The article explains the key differences between industrial solid state storage drives and flash storage devices for the consumer market. Their functionality, data security methods and customization flexibility are shown through the example of Innodisk products.

Russian computers quality recipes, or AdvantiX from within

The article is devoted to the analysis of industrial PC market development trends in Russia. Also discussed are the pros and cons of two different approaches to building a computer of a required configuration: an order of ready-made solutions, and self-assembly. The article provides examples of how to build sophisticated and unique PCs in accordance with the client's technical specification.

Creating a user interface – evolution from visible to invisible

The article describes the evolution of the user interface - from visible to invisible. Also discussed are the importance of the user requirements traceability and prototyping. The article examines possibilities in user interface development such as voice and gesture control and gives examples of how to use new types of interface to control complex technical facilities.

iKey – an expert in data input

This article presents some iKey models of keyboards and pointing devices optimized for use in specific markets. Also discussed are the benefits of using the company's products in various applications.

Automatic regulators and advanced functions devices

Creating more sophisticated control systems for various technological processes and facilities requires controllers and devices with advanced functionality. The article describes the operating principles of such controllers: smooth switching of the controller when changing from remote (manual) to automatic control mode or vice versa as well as from external to internal task with supervisory control; limitation of the individual components of the controller output signal for the upper and lower limits and their protection against overloading. The use of these controllers and devices in the existing systems enhances product quality and reduces production costs.