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Internet of Things and cloud technologies from Eurotech

The article describes an innovative information technology known as the Internet of Things (IoT). Also discussed are its potentialities and applications as well as the Eurotech cloud services and their place in the concept of the Internet of Things. The article provides some examples of practical solutions for the distributed automation tasks.

Architects of the smart cities

Contemporary civilization is rapidly developing. This is evident from the changes occurring in the rhythm and quality of life in big cities whose size and population density increase steadily. These changes go hand in hand with multiple problems such as the scarcity of various resources, transport collapses, environmental pollution, etc. In most cases, these are the comprehensive problems emerging at the crossroads of many factors which seem unrelated at first glance. Effective problem solving requires coordination and optimization of all aspects of city life. The technologies that form the foundation for smart cities are already under development. Read about some of them in this article.

Smart City – city of the future

Rapidly growing cities become economic and cultural centers which encourage changes in the global economy and environment. The integration of technologies, government and public institutions helps people to build safe, environmentally friendly and economically competitive cities. This article describes current trends in the construction of urban infrastructure collectively known as the Smart City.

Communication technologies of a smart enterprise within the concept of Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things

The article discusses the advent of the fourth stage of the industrial revolution associated with use of the cyber-physical systems. A gradual transition toward a new concept of technological process automation will have a significant impact on the traditional approach to the functionality of process equipment, process control and interaction of all elements of the system. The communications infrastructure will be one of the key components of the system and hence, will undergo drastic changes. This article focuses on the evolution of communication technologies at the industrial enterprises in a new era of the Internet of Things.


AdvancedTCA platform from Schroff: the development trends

The article outlines the major trends in the development of Advanced TCA form factors. Also discussed are the key features of the system, customer requirements, advanced technical solutions and the necessary measures to ensure the performance efficiency and compatibility of the platform components.

Getac B300 rugged notebook evolution

The article describes the milestones in the history of Getac B300 fully rugged notebook, reviews its technical specifications, capabilities and advantages over the competitors and conventional mobile PCs. Traditionally, we give an example of the efficient use of the notebook with specialized software, and this example illustrates the benefits of the device.


Software safety, security and certification. Part 3. Certification costs and approaches to cutting them

Article provides an overview of up-to-date software safety and security standards, along with uncovering common associated terminology issues. Fundamental software quality concerns are discussed and linked to the regulatory base. Examples of certified and certifiable COTS software products are provided, and some practical approaches to achieving compliance are considered. Part 3 details applicable approaches to cutting certification costs.

Oil & Gas Industry

Automation of the oil product loading/unloading rail rack

The article describes an automated control system for loading the oil products into the rail tank cars at the oil product loading/unloading rail facility of Ilsky Oil Refinery LLC (a partner of KNGK-Group Investment and Engineering Holding). Also discussed are the actuality of the system, its purpose and functions. The article presents the system architecture, shows the hardware and software used, offers a detailed description of the automated process control system as well as the process of the operation through an example of fuel oil loading process, and covers the results of introduction.

Railway Transport

Passenger comfort and safety – the benefits of a smart train

The article discusses the advanced technologies in the design of embedded computers for transportation. This is illustrated using an example of the flagship model of railway PC from AAEON, one of the market leaders. Particular emphasis has been placed on the engineering design philosophy of fanless cooling systems for the compact computing platforms meeting EN 50155 requirements. Besides, the article shows the variety of potential applications of the embedded computers for rail transport.

SIBAS PN railway automation system

This article covers the history, purpose and functions of the SIBAS railway automation system developed by SIEMENS AG in order to optimize the performance and communication of the distributed control on-board devices. Particular emphasis is given to the latest generation of the SIBAS PN system specifically designed for ICx high-speed trains.

Power Engineering

Automated control system for the utilities at LLC ZGPN KINEF

The article presents an automated control system for the utilities at LLC KINEF deep oil conversion plant. The system is based on the SICAM PAS software-hardware complex. The general concept includes a wide range of issues related to the supervisory control and data acquisition system at the refinery utilities.


Automated control system for vacuum process equipment

The article focuses on the automation of the Irida vacuum process equipment series from ESTO-Vacuum. This equipment is used for the spraying, etching and deposition of various materials. Also discussed is the software concept that allows the scale-up of the equipment for almost any automated process control project.

Upgrade of control system for hydraulic machines

The article offers an engineering solution to upgrade the control system of a KuASY injection molding machine made in Germany in the 1990s. Such solution significantly improves the efficiency of its use for small-scale production. An example given in the article demonstrates the use of the most popular device of man-machine interface (operator panel) in order to achieve one of the primary objectives of modernization - the visualization of the injection molding process.

Automation of the endless cardboard folding

The article presents a system for automating the folding of the endless cardboard. It is implemented on the basis of state-of-the-art equipment using the advanced industrial automation technologies.

MobileHMI software from ICONICS: help for the mobile users

The article is dedicated to the MobileHMI software component which helps the ICONICS users to stay informed anytime anywhere. The article will be useful for those who often travel on business.