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Industrial Networks

Improving industrial wireless reliability with PRP

The article describes the techniques for improving the stability, reliability and availability of wireless connections by using a standards-based redundancy protocol such as PRP (Parallel Redundancy Protocol). Also discussed are the principles of operation, conditions and scenarios for the application of the PRP technology in wireless networks.

Embedded Systems

Functional safety in CompactPCI 3U standard

The article proposes a new approach to building the functionally safe systems based on the MEN F75P processor card comprising three processors. This card meets the criteria of the highest safety integrity level - SIL 4, and it comes with a full set of documentation required for the certification of the finished system. This approach reduces the cost and time taken to bring ready-made solutions to the market.


Software safety, security and certification. Part 2. Regulatory base

The article provides an overview of up-to-date software safety and security standards, as well as uncovering common associated terminology issues. Fundamental software quality concerns are discussed and linked to the regulatory base. Examples of certified and certifiable COTS software products are provided, and some practical approaches to achieving compliance are considered. Part 2 focuses on modern software safety and security regulatory base.

System Integration
Municipal Economy

Smart grid water

The global trends in developing the industrial automation for the next five-ten years show the transition from the traditional/ classical control systems to a new level of smart solutions in industry. Such changes are visible in many areas. This article covers the smart water networks. First of all these smart solutions open up huge opportunities for public utility companies to improve productivity and efficiency as well as quality of services to consumers.

Railway Transport

Parameter monitoring system for track maintenance machines

The article discusses an onboard system for monitoring the parameters of mechanisms used in the RPB-01 track machine. The system performs the following functions: data acquisition, processing and display, and control. The application of modern digital control techniques coupled with reliable hardware components as an element base and software helped to build a state-of-the-art parameter monitoring system for specialized rolling stock.

Automotive Industry

Use of image processing technology for precision welding in the automotive industry

A fuel tank welding system from BF-Maschinen meets the most stringent welding quality criteria in the automotive industry due to the use of an optical stereo image processing system developed by FRAMOS. The image processing system ensures optimum positioning of the details to be connected during the welding process.

Extractive Industry

Experience in developing the multithreaded QNX software for diamond separators

The article describes the use of QNX RTOS for the implementation of pattern recognition (machine vision) system on the X-ray-absorption (transmission) diamond separators in a hard real-time environment at NPP "Burevestnik" JSC.

Monitoring and Measuring Systems

Practice of using rugged mobile PCs in Russia

We have previously described the foreign experience in using the Panasonic rugged products, and now we discuss a successful experience with the rugged tablet PCs and laptops in Russian companies. The article focuses on the practical use of these computers in the well-developed sectors of the Russian economy: petroleum, railroad, machine-building and other industries.


Research Institute of Computing Systems named after M.A. Kartsev

JSC NIIVK named after M.A. Kartsev has been working in the field of digital techniques and information technologies for several decades. Modern trends of scientific and engineering activities of the Institute and their subject matter, the circle of the Institute's partners and customers, the main results and prospects of future development are described.

Industrial Controllers

FASTWEL I/O: the product line development. Part 3. NIM745-02 – a compact MODBUS TCP slave node

This article provides a description of the functionality of probably the smallest non-programmable controller of the MODBUS TCP NIM745-02 slave node as well as application features for integration of FASTWEL I/O modules into the automated data acquisition and control system.


Stereoscopic vision technology for accurately counting numbers of people

The article deals with the applications of the Eurotech DynaPCN 10-20 smart counter designed to measure the number of people in public transport vehicles and public places. The use of this counter offers the radical new possibilities for the developers of the automated control systems to ensure efficient savings in energy, material and human resources.

Connection of an incremental encoder to PLC

The article explains how to connect an incremental encoder to PLC using the SIEMENS S7-1200 PLC and the TIA Portal programming tool as an example. High-speed counters are used to process the signals from the encoder. This allows for counting the pulses from the encoder at the high output frequency (1000 pulses per revolution and over). The article provides a summary of information on the types of the encoder output signals, the signal processing techniques and calculation of the measurable rotation speed.

Human-oriented approach towards the design of automated object visualization systems

This article covers the advantages and the key principles of a human-oriented approach in designing the visualization systems for the automated processes. Also discussed are some principles of usability improving interaction between a user and human-machine interface (HMI). The paper describes three levels of operator situation awareness associated with the operators' ability to assess the current state of the system.

NSI trackballs: quality enhanced by innovations

In this article, the NSI trackballs are used as an example to describe the data input devices, their design features and principles of operation. Also discussed are the types of sensors employed in trackballs as well as the pointing device and keyboard operation schemes. The article presents an overview of the new NSI products and evaluates the benefits associated with the use of the devices in various applications.

SLIO VIPA PLC configuration with SIMATIC Manager from SIEMENS

This article describes how to configure the VIPA SLIO CPU 015-CEFPR00 processor module with the SIEMENS SIMATIC Manager software. This covers the configuration of the PROFIBUS and PROFINET networks as well as the use of VSC memory cards (VIPA Set Card) to activate the functionality of the PROFIBUS network and increase the working memory capacity. The guidelines focus primarily on specialists who have practical experience with SIEMENS PLCs and traditionally use the engineering software in their work.