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Industrial Networks

Industrial networks amid increased cyber threats

The security for critical industrial facilities is not only the use of high fences with barbed wire and ID cards for the employees. Under circumstances where the automated process control systems are integrated with the Ethernet local area networks and Internet, issues such as the network security, resilience of enterprise networks against the possible cyber attacks and penetration of malicious software are becoming increasingly important. The article discusses the need to ensure cybersecurity and shows steps to achieve it.


LXI – a future instrumentation standard

Today the developers of instrumentation systems have a wide variety of modern instruments that allow for automation of experiments and performance of comprehensive testing. These are powerful PCs, traditional and special measurement devices, highperformance modular platforms using the PXI, VXI, AXI standards. However, technological progress never stops, and many new solutions appear. One of these is the LXI standard (LAN eXtensions for Instrumentation).

A8 – next-generation AdvantiX single platform industrial computers

The article covers next-generation AdvantiX industrial computers based on modern ATX mainboard. Also included is a detailed description of the system capabilities and ways to build solutions for various computer market segments using the same platform, but different form-factors of PC cases.

Getac S400: a rugged notebook can be affordable

Readers of CTA magazine are familiar with the fully rugged notebooks built for use in the harshest environments. This article is intended for specialists for whom the use of semi-rugged mobile PCs is sufficient to solve tasks. The article presents a modest model of the Getac S400 notebook for engineers.


Software safety, security and certification. Part 1. Difficulties of translation

The article offers an overview of the current terminology and regulatory base of functional safety and information security for software. Also discussed are some fundamental software quality issues linked to the regulatory base. The article provides the examples of software products meeting modern certification requirements as well as practical approaches to validation. Part 1 describes historical differences in terminology.

Extractive Industry

An automatic system for monitoring and recording the performance parameters of mine winding units

The article presents a solution for building an infrastructure for the collection of data on the operational parameters of mine winding units. This is illustrated with an example of the project implemented at the JSC MMC Norilsk Nickel mines. The system offers a single tool to monitor and analyze the operating parameters of mine winding units for the specialists of all levels of management of the mining operations at JSC MMC Norilsk Nickel.

Electric Power Industry

Upgrade of an automatic control system for turbine generating unit

The article describes an experience in upgrading an automatic process control system of turbine generating unit at No. 11 station at AES Ust-Kamenogorsk CHPP in Ust-Kamenogorsk, the East Kazakhstan Region. The upgrade was performed by Syntetic LLC (Ust-Kamenogorsk). Particular emphasis is placed on the issues related to a high level of reliability and the required security.

How digital is an ARIS EM meter?

The article discusses the results of an independent evaluation of ARIS EM multifunction digital energy meter developed by PROSOFT-Systems. This assessment was obtained through testing conducted by the Digital Substation magazine.

Monitoring and Measuring Systems

Experimental study of pneumatic actuator operation. Part 2

To accurately position the robot end-effector and hold it at the desired position under perturbation conditions, a pneumatic cylinder-positioner can be used provided that adequate control algorithms are available. The second part of the article is devoted to an experimental study of such a pneumatic actuator's operation and the development of control algorithms ensuring the positioning of a pneumatic cylinder-positioner piston rod with an accuracy of no more than 1 mm, even when a relatively slow position measuring device is available.

Examples of implementation of the Panasonic rugged computers. Part 2

This continues a series of articles covering examples of successful implementation and use of Panasonic rugged notebooks and tablet PCs. This article describes various situations occurring during the operation of mobile rugged computers at plants or in the field and presents solutions offered by the manufacturer of the rugged equipment.

Buildings Automation

Wireless automation: the imperatives of our era

There are situations where the installation of cable lines at automation objects is not only economically unjustified, but also not technically feasible. In such cases, wireless communication devices can be very helpful. State-of-the-art technologies endow them with properties that were previously unavailable such as ultra-low power consumption, high communication reliability and extraordinary compactness. This article discusses a successful experience in upgrading the room climate control system using the EnOcean protocol.

Industrial Controllers

FASTWEL I/O: the product line development. Part 2. Communication capabilities

The article focuses on the specific features of implementation and use of the MODBUS and MODBUS TCP communication protocols in FASTWEL I/O controllers.


Pepperl+Fuchs Factory Automation products. Overview of the models based on the PRT technology

The article presents a brief history of Pepperl+Fuchs. Also included is a description of the achievements of Factory Automation Division specializing in the design and development of sensor systems for monitoring as well as the new products employing the Pulse Ranging Technology (PRT) for measuring distance using the impulse signal travel time.

Power Supplies

Comparison between transformer-based UPS vs transformer-less UPS

Currently there is growing interest in using transformer-free UPS systems. However, many users have no clear idea what UPS architecture (transformer-based or transformer-free) is best suited for the particular tasks. This article describes the advantages and disadvantages of each technology and the possible applications. Also discussed are the factors to consider when determining which one to choose.

Real-time Operating Systems

Features of mathematical support of hybrid co-processors using the QNX Neutrino real-time operating system

This article is devoted to the current issues of supportability of the latest scientific achievements in the field of memory management units and mechanisms as well as hybrid technologies using the QNX Neutrino real-time operating system. The authors examine the most interesting approaches to solving tasks both in the world practice and domestic industry. They also demonstrate the achievements in this area and unveil the features of their implementation.

Energetics will be smarter with Energy AnalytiX

The article discusses the Energy AnalytiX software suite expanding the possibilities of modern technologies of the ICONICS application software. We hope that the article will be helpful not just for beginners but also for advanced users.