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Solution to ensure the continuous availability of information systems

The article provides an overview of the information system availability levels and the ways to achieve the continuous availability. Also discussed is a general method of determining the required level of fault tolerance. The article offers AdvantiX solution to ensure continuous availability and describes its architecture and the key benefits.


High resolution broad-band digitizers

Real-time information processing has been made possible due to the advent of affordable high-performance computers. This has opened up tremendous opportunities for work with a digital representation of analog signals. But a computer needs an interface to the analog world, and this function is performed by analog-to-digital converters. They comprise a part of digital testers and oscilloscopes, audio and video players, video cameras, tomographic scanners, radars and many other devices, to name but a few. Modern apps are becoming a lot more demanding in regard to speed and accuracy of analog data processing. This encourages manufacturers to develop signal digitization technologies.

Oil & Gas Industry

ABB frequency drivers in oil and gas industry

The article focuses on the basic systems of an oil and gas complex where the use of frequency drivers is suitable. Also discussed in detail are the ABB frequency drivers' models which are most appropriate for use in industrial applications. The article offers some examples of the use of this equipment in real projects.

Communication Facilities

Hardware and software complex for control of an antenna post of a correlation phase direction finder

The article addresses issues regarding the control system for an antenna post of a correlation phase direction finder. The paper gives reasons for preference of hardware. Also discussed is the structure of a software complex that runs QNX RTOS.

Monitoring and Measuring Systems

Examples of solutions based on Weintek touch panels for automatic process control and embedded systems

The article provides a brief review of Weintek human-machine interface devices as well as examples of automation projects implemented using these devices in petrochemical and electric power industries, construction, education and science.

Experimental study of pneumatic actuator operation. Part 1

Smooth motion of the actuators of the robotic system is one of the tasks that can be solved by using a pneumatic actuator. The results of the experimental study of the actuator operation based on the Festo pneumatic cylinders described in the article allowed for defining the conditions necessary to provide a smooth motion of the rod of the pneumatic cylinder.

Examples of implementation of the Panasonic rugged computers. Part 1

This article launches a series of publications which will provide the examples of successful implementation and use of the rugged laptops and tablet PCs through the example of Panasonic products. The first article will focus on a fully ruggedized convertible laptop/tablet CF-19 - the flagship of the Panasonic Toughbooks. This form factor allows for using it as a laptop as well as a tablet PC. It is essential for many professionals working in the field facilities and engineering. You would be able to evaluate the reliability of these laptops and their stability in harsh environments.

Municipal Economy

The control system for highway lighting in Imereti lowland

The article presents the lighting control system within the framework of infrastructure development project for the XXII Olympic Winter Games. Also included is a brief description of the system, its hardware and software components. The article discusses new approaches to the implementation of the operator interface using the modern services.

Industrial Controllers

FASTWEL I/O: the product line development. Part 1

This article discusses the evolution of the FASTWEL I/O programmable controllers from the date of a series of articles "FASTWEL I/O Inside" published in 2007-2008 up to the present date. Also included is a detailed description of some functionalities to see the difference between the FASTWEL I/O controllers and the controllers of other manufacturers.

ARIS C303 controller test drive

The article sums up the results of ARIS C303 controller testing performed by the Digital Substation magazine staff. The controller was designed by PROSOFT-Systems, an engineering company. During the test, the following parameters were evaluated: appearance and design of the device, its functional features and the technical specifications, IEC 61850 standard implementation and ease of parameter adjustment.

VIPA SLIO PLC. A new approach to PLC functionality control. Part 3

The third part of the article is devoted to the new SLIO processor modules which transform the distributed input-output system into a fully programmable controller.

Lighting control standards

There is currently a tendency to integrate the controls of all building utility systems into one platform. It is convenient for everyone: from the designers to the end users of automation systems. However, there are no universal solutions at the level of busbars and automation protocols. Each has found its own niche making them unrivaled. This article contains a brief review of the most common lighting control standards.

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