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Industrial Networks

OPC security for the automated process control system

There is an opinion that industrial control systems are potentially non-vulnerable to the malware and/or hacking attacks. This is a wrong viewpoint: any mass produced system may become a target for hacking and virus attacks. The article describes OPC technology which is one of the main standards for building industrial control systems and covers prerequisites and possible solutions to ensure OPC data security. The practical aspects and the issues regarding testing of the said security facilities will be discussed in the next article.

Embedded Systems

Reliable hardware platforms – Advantech’s concept

This article highlights the fundamental principles and methods that Advantech follows when designing and manufacturing embedded systems for operation in harsh environments with an optimal price/performance ratio in the market.


Supercomputers: development, trends and application. Review of HPC solutions from Eurotech

The article describes the computers to which the prefix "super" is applied. Also included is a general overview of their applications as well as a description of Eurotech's new systems - office supercomputers.

Rugged computers: standards and technologies

Mobile computing devices have become ingrained in our everyday lives and professional activities. In most cases, the available level of their reliability and environment immunity is quite sufficient, but there are many activities that dictate rigid requirements for the portable computers. Using Getac products as an example, this review shows specifics of such requirements and offers some of the most promising technologies that provide unique features of rugged computers.

Using tablet PCs in special applications

The article focuses on the use of tablet PCs in special applications. Also discussed are the advantages and disadvantages of the existing models of tablet computers which are representatives of the post-PC era.

Interscale M – a universal enclosure for the single-board embedded applications from Schroff

The purpose of this article is the initial familiarization with the design, main functions and capabilities of the Schroff Interscale M enclosure modifications in accordance with the requirements of a particular application.


ADLINK software for building measurement and data acquisition systems

This article offers a brief overview of ADLINK hardware and software used to create virtual instruments based on computing platforms running the Windows operating system. There are two packages that form the basis for a vast variety of ADLINK software. They are xxx-DASK data acquisition software development kit and DAQPilot software kit. Both packages are kits of kernel level drivers for all ADLINK measurement hardware as well as the libraries of functions, classes, controls, and VI for the popular software development tools: Microsoft Visual C++/Visual Basic 6.0; Borland C++ Builder/Delphi, Microsoft Visual Basic .NET, Microsoft C# .NET, LabVIEW.

System Integration
Oil & Gas Industry

Remote monitoring and control system for wells and complex gas treatment unit

This article describes an information, measurement and monitoring system of the gas wells implemented by VOTUM LLC (Ivano-Frankovsk, Ukraine) upon request of Regal Petroleum Corporation Limited in one of the gas-condensate fields in the Poltava Region. The objective of the system development was to improve the efficiency of personnel actions in order to optimize gas withdrawal from each well.

Monitoring and Measuring Systems

The control system for the upper gates of a ship lock

A ship lock is a complex hydraulic engineering facility. Many of them were built in the last century. They have been in operation for decades, and are now obsolete both physically and morally. The imperfect and unreliable relay control logic does not allow the required speed and positioning accuracy of the lock gates. This article describes the experience in modernization of the control system for the upper gates of a ship lock in Balakovo. The new PLC-based system not only radically improved the synchronization accuracy and travel speed of the lock gates, but also added many brand new features which would not be possible without the use of modern automation devices.


Experience in using RTOS-32 in aircraft operation monitoring and emergency recording system

The article discusses the experience in using the RTOS- 32 operating system (OS) in the aircraft operation monitoring and emergency recording system (OMER). This article shows the conditions for building OMER air/ground systems as well as the special features of their software and hardware implementation. Also included are the principles of selection of software and hardware implementation of the systems as a whole and the operating system in particular in order to minimize the OMER life cycle cost. The new functional capabilities of RTOS-32 system implemented in type KARAT OMER are also covered.

Features of implementation of a processor module for a scalable crate

The article discusses the experience in designing a 3U VITA 46/48 processor module with PCI Express interface for use in a scalable crate. Also included is a description of the special features of implementation of the processor module with the PCI Express system bus bar based on the FASTWEL CPB906 COM mezzanine module with the PCI bus bar.

Industrial Controllers

VIPA SLIO PLC. A new approach to PLC functionality control. Part 2

The second part of the article contains a description of the SPEED7 technology developed by VIPA and first implemented in their own System 300S PLCs in 2004.

Automation product ratings – results for the year of 2013

The flows of information in today's world are rapid and superabundant, and no one can digest all of that information. The public information and analytical materials which are the quintessence of studying any issue help to determine the direction for a detailed analysis and save time and effort. This article is based on a review of materials published in Control Design - a highly respected journal for the automation professionals - and presents the results of automation product ratings for the year of 2013.

Using ICONICS software for building an efficient automated process control system

The article offers useful tips on how to operate a GENESIS64 system. The tips cover a wide range of issues such as licensing, connection of BACnet devices, generation of alarm signals for an unchanging value and creation of two-dimensional controls. The tips will be helpful for beginners as well as advanced users.