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Industrial Networks

Using ANSI/ISA-99 standards to enhance industrial control system security

There are currently two trends in industrial control systems: a gradual shift to the Ethernet-based control and the occurrence of a specific industrial malware targeting particular types of industrial control systems. These are two sides of the same coin. On the one hand, the Ethernet network that permeates all levels of an enterprise is a flexible and convenient information space taking the automation processes to the next level; on the other hand, now a new type of malicious software can interfere with the production process and cause a large damage to enterprise activities. This article describes the principles of counteraction to the existing and potential threats and protection of industrial networks against such threats according to ANSI/ISA-99 standards.

Embedded Systems

Computer-on-modules – a new era in the field of embedded solutions

There are many excellent standards and form factors available for embedded computers. They offer fast and efficient solutions for different applications in virtually all industries, telecommunications, security, transportation, medicine, etc. The article discusses the development of COM-solutions particularly, through the example of ADLINK equipment.


Trends in ruggedized handheld and tablet PC market

The article covers the trends in the ruggedized handheld and tablet computer market. Also discussed are the possibilities of the use of ruggedized computers for quick access to mobile and cloud applications. The article provides a technical description of various computers which meet the mobility and security requirements.

Small size, big impact – Advantech computers-on-module

The article presents the modern formats of computers-on-module. Also included are examples of Advantech computer-on-modules and a description of supplementary services provided by the manufacturer in order to simplify the design of end-user devices.

Improving energy efficiency by means of improving quality of power supply

A rise in global utilities prices, growth in power consumption and the ever-rising requirements for the reliability of power supply systems set up a task to find technical solutions aimed at improving the energy efficiency of the entire process, from power generation to consumption. One possible way to reduce losses is to improve the quality of the power supply. The article addresses the issues associated with quality of power supply and methods of solution.

Digital explosion-proof vibration monitoring equipment “TsVA”

The article presents the digital explosion-proof vibration monitoring equipment "TsVA" manufactured by PROSOFT-Systems LLC. The equipment is designed for vibration monitoring and vibration protection of hardware used in explosion hazardous areas.


The control system of the MRK-47BT mobile robotic complex for military applications

The article describes a multi-level hierarchical control system of mobile robotic complex for military applications. The top-level control system (operator control station) was implemented as a virtual control panel on a Getac CA-35 touchscreen tablet PC. The functions of a smart controller are performed by ADAM-5510M. The low-level control system comprises 8200 Motec frequency inverter controllers and a distributed system based on a PIC microcontroller.

Power Engineering

Automated process control system for a multi-fuel boiler

The article presents an automated process control system for E-16-21-350 GMDV multi-fuel boiler with a vortex firebox with a horizontal axis of rotation. The developed system is based on a FASTWEL CPM713 controller. Also included is a description of CPM71X FASTWEL I/O controller programming features as well as the use of frequency inverters in the boiler's automated process control system.

Construction Materials Industry

Automated control system for dolomite powder manufacturing process

This article describes an automated control system for the mineral (dolomite) powder manufacturing process using a tangential hammer mill produced by TYAZHMASH JSC and the closed internal aerodynamic complex. The automated process control system was implemented by CompAS LLC. The proposed solution has no analogues in Russia and allowed the customer to make significant gains.

Buildings Automation

Control system for an individual heating station of an apartment building

The article contains a description of an option for implementing an automation system for an individual heating station with a dispatching control subsystem.

Industrial Controllers

VIPA SLIO PLC. A new approach to PLC functionality control. Part 1

The article is devoted to the new VIPA SLIO programmable logic controllers. The first part offers a description of a distributed input/output system of the same series. This system is one of the design and technological fundamentals for the new products.

Industrial measurement systems

This article is about SCAIME, one of the leaders in the field of strain gauge measurement and measurement of weight, force and torque. The SCAIME products manufactured near the Mont Blanc, France are widely known in more than 60 countries of the world. Recently the company expanded its product line by adding a range of sensors and data acquisition systems based on fiber-optic technology.

About technological protection

The author suggests improvement of understanding and formation of a technological protection subsystem (TP) based on the structural scheme and rules of its construction. He gives a new name to the subsystem - a technological alarm and protection system (TAPS) with clearly defined terminology. It is advisable to develop normative documents based of TAPS for prevention of accidents, which can increase safety of dangerous production facilities.

Resistive temperature transducers

The article gives an overview of resistive temperature transducers wiring schemes, presents calculation formulas and comparison of characteristics.