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AdvantiX Intellect high availability solution

The article provides a general overview of high availability of the information systems, its importance for the systems which serve modern production processes, an impact on the total cost of ownership and methods of achievement. Also included is a description of a fail-safe system based on the AdvantiX Intellect solutions ensuring its high availability as well as the main features and benefits of this solution.

Industrial Networks

IT-security in industry. In-depth analysis of data packets for SCADA-systems

The article discusses the specific features of IT-security in industrial environments and gives examples of real threats. Also, the article presents DPI technology as the basic tool to detect malicious software and an example of hardware that implements this technology.

Protection of industrial networks in automation systems

Modern automation systems are built utilizing network technologies, but the information security of automated process control systems is not always given due care. The protection of Industrial Ethernet networks is an additional measure to secure the process against advanced information threats.


SIMATIC operator panels: current status and future trends

The purpose of this article is to give a brief description of the current status of the human-machine interface devices within the range of products manufactured by Siemens under the SIMATIC trademark. Due to the limit on size of a journal article, the information given in it cannot be regarded as complete, but this information makes it possible to classify and cover the model range of the operator panels for the year of 2013, describe the new products, the short-term outlook and the main issues that arise when working with these devices as well as to compare the operator panels against each other and with the SIMATIC panel computers.

Industrial video cameras for machine vision systems

The article offers the results of a survey conducted amongst the producers and consumers of video cameras for the industrial applications. Also discussed are the key components of the machine vision systems and examples of the specific products.

System Integration
Oil & Gas Industry

Training and laboratory complex for the use of automated systems to study transport phenomena in porous media

This article describes a training and laboratory complex for use of automated systems to study transport phenomena in porous media. This complex was built by the Department of Radioelectronics at the Kazan (Volga Region) Federal University. The complex is used to train automated process control system specialists for the oil industry. The basis of the complex is the modular FASTWEL I/O PLC and GENESIS32 SCADA.

Power Engineering

The electrical part of steam turbine regulation and protection system

The article describes the software-hardware complex of the electrical part of regulation and protection system designed to automate the functions of the regulation system for new or rebuilt steam turbines. Also included are the architecture, operating principles and special features of the system as well as a brief description of the simulation model of a steam turbine.


Modernization of the cylinder filling plant using RFID-technology

The article looks at the solution on automation of the oxygen cylinder filling and metering process in the No. 1 Oxygen Cylinder Filling Station at MMC Norilsk Nickel JSC. The article offers an approach that improves safety of cylinder filling and use, reduces the labor intensity of accounting the gas cylinders and provides control of their condition, relocation and operations performed.

Medical Equipment

Implementation of the redundant data acquisition and archiving systems at the industrial facilities

The redundant data acquisition and archiving system allows pharmaceutical companies to have a highly reliable system for tracking parameters in accordance with the GMP requirements. When necessary, the system is able to provide the interested persons with the documents confirming the compliance with the requirements of the technological processes and microclimate of the clean rooms.


Control system for electric mechanisms of the telescope dome

The article discusses the software-hardware complex of a new control system for the electric mechanisms of the G.A. Shain reflector dome as a subsystem of complex automated system under development. Also included are the basic requirements for the system and some results of the field tests.


Automated test bench to study the mass transfer and hydrodynamic processes

The article presents an automated test bench for scientific research developed on the basis of ADAM-5510EWK/TP PLC. This article can be helpful in finding a solution for control tasks in the automated process control system in shops.


Use of FPGA-based dedicated computers to solve information security tasks

The article provides an update on the information security issues in today's world. Also included are a review and analysis of foreign solutions on the FPGA to build supercomputers and the description of the domestic BVR-01 dedicated computer for use in hybrid cluster systems.


SINUS PENTA frequency inverter for industrial application

This article examines the SINUS PENTA industrial drive from Santerno, its main characteristics and application.

Estimating the probability of failure of relay protection and automatic system to operate, when requested

The article shows a practical example of estimating an indicator "an average probability of failure of a device to operate when requests occur (on a year period)" for the digital devices of relay protection and automation system based on information received from the operating companies.

Strain gauge transducers and principles of use in measurements

The article deals with the concept for design of strain gauges, various wiring schemes, sources of measurement errors and ways of reducing these errors.