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Embedded Systems

CompactPCI conduction-cooled modules for defense-related applications

The strict requirements that military customers place on control systems determine the use of special solutions when building military computing complexes. The article describes the ADLINK conduction-cooled CompactPCI processor modules and offers examples of their use in defense systems.

Five Steps to Improving Security in Embedded Systems

In today's increasingly interconnected world, security issues are becoming more prevalent with escalating complexity challenges. This paper outlines five steps for building additional security assurance into embedded devices by considering the whole product life cycle - from design and inception, through development and testing, to delivery and maintenance.

Industrial Networks

Stages of building an efficient automated system for substation

These are the fourth and the fifth parts of a series of articles on Smart Grids. The article discusses the necessity of Ethernet time synchronization in an electrical substation, provides a list of the main protocols solving this task and describes their principle of operation, advantages and disadvantages. This article raises an issue concerning the vulnerability of computer networks of modern substations to the cyber threats and hacker attacks. Also included are safety standards improving the security of networks as well as the description of technology, protocols and means to enhance the security against virtual threats.


Getac rugged computers: examples of implementation

The article offers the examples of implementation and use of the Getac rugged notebooks and tablet PCs designed for public safety, military, marine and aviation applications. Also, the article demonstrates the reliability of these products and their resistance to external climatic and destabilizing factors. The main technical specifications of the mobile computing devices mentioned in the article are provided.

NSI protected data input devices

The article presents NSI as a developer of customized products according to customer requirements. Also included are examples of the development of protected computer data input devices designed for use in naval and ground-based military applications.

System Integration
Monitoring and Measuring Systems

Automated system for continuous monitoring of nuclear- and radiation hazardous facilities and cargo

The article covers the basic characteristics of an automated system for continuous monitoring of the nuclear- and radiation-hazardous facilities and cargo built at FGUP PO Mayak from 2008 through 2012 and continuing to develop today. Also discussed are the main functions, hardware structure and key results of implementation.

Oil & Gas Industry

Automated control system of the special state primary standard GET 195-2011

The article covers an automated process control system of the special state primary standard of gas/liquid mixture mass flow rate GET 195-2011. Also discussed is the necessity of establishing the standard, service, structure and functions of the control system. The article shows the requirements for the equipment used when creating the standard and describes the system architecture, hardware and software.


Control system for the equipment of umbilical tower of the Angara versatile launch complex

The article presents the fundamentals determining the specific requirements for a new launch complex which, for the first time in world practice, carries out the launch of a family of boosters from one launch facility. Also discussed is the rationale for choosing the hardware base. The article includes the description of the general scheme and principles of building the control system for the umbilical tower of the Angara versatile launch complex.


Power supply system for testing the electronic equipment of rocket and space complexes

This publication presents the results of work on building a few options of a standard power system simulator for testing and qualification of electronic equipment as well as rocket and space equipment.

Controllers correlating the measurable parameters with the universal time

The article presents an experience of development of hardware and software complex of a world time server based on the FASTWEL CPC30401/LNX processor module. Also included is a description of the purpose, a block schematic diagram, the principles of operating the equipment and the performance features of the processor module.

Digital Signal Processing

High-performance multiprocessor computer for special purposes

This article focuses on a new joint development of JSC Research Institute of Computing Systems [NIIVK] named after M.A. Kartsev and NPF DOLOMANT CJSC – a specialized computer for use in advanced hydroacoustic complexes, which is able to operate in harsh environments.


High performance computing systems with FPGA-based reconfigurable architecture

The article describes the features of high-performance systems based on the latest generation of FPGAs. Also discussed in detail are organization issues of complex architecture which notably outperforms domestic and foreign analogs and significantly expands the range of tasks.

Monitoring and Measuring Systems

Automated control systems for aiming and stabilizing drives

The automated control systems are used by JSC VNII Signal at all stages of the life cycle of the aiming and stabilizing drives. The article covers the key principles that the designers of the automatic control systems follow when developing the control systems. Also discussed are the functionality and the operating features of the control systems with the drives.

Underwater Equipment

Hydroacoustic visualization tools for unmanned underwater vehicles

The article provides a description of the characteristics of a typical series of sonars, which are developed by the Acoustics Institute and designed for illuminating the underwater scene using remotely operated or autonomous unmanned underwater vehicles. When developing the sonars, considerable attention is given to minimization of the volume of equipment which is basically limited by the size of the antenna which in turn is determined by the requirements for the area of coverage and resolution. All sonars have a unified Ethernet interface and this significantly simplifies their integration into the common data system of underwater vehicles. Also included is an example of incorporation of the developed sonars into a multifunctional sonar system for surveying, navigation and search purposes.

Networking Equipment

Security concepts based on EAGLE system

The article discusses the advantages and the operating features of the Hirschmann EAGLE family of hardware and software. Also included are examples of typical schemes of EAGLE equipment connection into the existing network of an enterprise. The main functions, modes of operation and nuances of adjustment are described.

Power Supplies

CRANE Electronics DC/DC-converters: radiation test results – an exam is passed

One of the most important tasks of building spacecraft with a long active life is to ensure the required resistance of the on-board equipment to ionizing radiation effects. The article addresses general issues on the development of the converters for space use, gives a brief overview of the results of a test of the radiation-hardened DC/DCconverters commercially available from CRANE Aerospace & Electronics (Interpoint™) for their resistance to single event effects. Such tests were held when preparing the modules for use in the onboard equipment of the Mars Science Lab, Curiosity. Also included are the results of tests for resistance to ionizing dose effects when exposed to low-dose-rate and low-intensity gamma radiation which are present in some components of DC/DC-converters with a two-switch structure. The article is based on information provided by CRANE Aerospace & Electronics.


Use of unified simulation complexes when creating information management systems in shipbuilding

This article describes the experience in developing and using unified hardware and software simulation complexes when creating the information management systems for shipbuilding. Also discussed is a simulation complex providing the adjustment, testing and support of the Trebovanie-M combat information management system.

Military electronics: Brownian motion in paper labyrinths, or to live the thug life

This article is about bureaucracy, which always and necessarily has a hand in every aspect of our life, including electronics, even military electronics. It is already the fourth article in CTA magazine on this subject, which the creative people find unpleasant and is a continuation of a series of reviews launched by Dmitriy Kobzar as far back as in 2007. What changes have occurred in the military electronics field in the last two years? Do defense electronics engineers have a better life and more fun?