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Колонка редактора

Cloud technologies: development trends and examples of implementation

The article addresses the issues concerning the systematization of terms and concepts used in cloud technologies. Also discussed are an economic benefits assessment and cloud technology development predictions, including those for the Russian IT market. The article provides examples of the equipment under AdvantiX trademark for building cloud-based systems.

Embedded Systems

Advantech MI/O interface extension system and its benefits

The article gives a brief overview of a new concept for building embedded systems based on the Advantech MI/O extension bus interface. Also included is a description of the technical aspects and new features which would interest designers of small-size computers.

Industrial Networks

Stages of building an efficient automated system for substation

This part of the article discusses various redundancy protocols and schemes as well as the possibilities of its use for substation automation. Also, the article provides comparisons and analyzes an efficient use of some protocols at different network levels.

System Integration

DUO-850 reversing hot rolling mill automation

During the upgrade of the hot rolling mill, the specialists of the Kiev Institute of Automation built an automated process control system employing their own developments and the state-of-the-art hardware-software from Siemens, Advantech, Rittal, Balluff, Bosch Rexroth, SKB IS, etc. The article contains a description of the structure and the basic functions of the automated control system and movable hydraulic roll, the strip thickness control schemes and an analysis of the results achieved by the automated process control system.

Electric arc furnace control complex

The article describes the control complex for the equipment of the modern super power electric arc furnace. This complex is automatically adapted for operation with scrap metal of different quality levels, and this is particularly important now as the quality continuously goes down.

Description of silicon steel normalizing annealing line upgrade

The article discusses the development of an automation system for a project to modernize overall equipment and provide the possibility to implement heat treatment of transformer and dynamo steel. The goal of the development is to upgrade the control system and improve its parameters as well as providing automatic reports on the performance of silicon steel normalizing annealing line.

Electric Power Industry

TPP efficiency improvement with the help of ICONICS analytics

The article presents a description of the experience of R.V.S, a Russian engineering company, in the MES -level solutions for the Thermal Power Plants (TPP) in Russia. Also included is a detailed review of a technical model based on ICONICS software which is able to improve power generation tracking, identify and minimize the effects of fuel overconsumption and production efficiency loss, optimize the TPP operation modes on a fast-response interval and increase the marginal revenue of energy companies as a whole.

Chemical Industry

Process control system for lacquers and resins production

The article focuses on an automated control system for batch processes to produce high-temperature lacquers and resins introduced at Khimpostavshchik, a private scientific production enterprise (Rubezhnoye, Ukraine).

Glassmaking Industry

Automatic control system for trolleys supplying the assembled pallets to wrapping machine

To optimize the major process equipment load is always one of the key problems at any plant. In our case, it was combined with the need to ensure careful supply of unstable finished products placed on a pallet for further packaging with polyethylene heat shrink film. The article offers a simultaneous solution of both tasks and demonstrates our method of automation of the corresponding processes at one of the glass bottle plants in the Tver Region.

Municipal Economy

SINVIK energy efficient hardware/software complex for pumping stations

The article presents the SINVIK hardware/software complex designed by SINETIK CJSC. The SINVIK complex significantly reduces energy consumption, increases the equipment turnaround cycle and decreases the fault rate at the networks of water supply and water discharge facilities in public utilities. Also included is a description of the structure of hardware solutions and examples of implementation. The article gives the actual data on the recoupment of the SINVIK complex through example specific projects.

Railway Transport

Successful use of Panasonic technologies in rail flaw detection

The article addresses the vital issues regarding the control of laid rails using movable flaw detector trolleys in a severe environment. New tasks in rail inspection and requirements for modern flaw detectors are determined. Also included is a description of new approaches to build AVIKON flaw detectors based on Panasonic rugged tablet notebooks.

Assessment of storability of protective relaying digital devices

The article provides information on storability parameters of digital devices of relay protection and automatics, shows the possibility of using standard methods for determining the chosen parameter with minimum costs and presents the results of practical definition of storability parameters by the methods described in current standards.

AdvantiX inside and outside: IPC-ATX-7220-A7/W7 operator workstation

The article discusses an AdvantiX commercial products-IPC-ATX-7220-A7/W7 operator workstation produced at NPF DOLOMANT CJSC. Also included is a description of an industrial computer, its design features and specific characteristics which make it possible to use this product for industrial applications.