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Industrial Networks

Smart grids at stake

The article raises a question about vulnerability of Ethernet networks to the harmful effect of computer viruses at power facilities. Also included are the real-life examples that illustrate this problem and review of software and hardware that improve the cyber security of the Ethernet networks.

Stages of building an efficient automated systemfor substation

This article is the first in a series of articles on Smart Grids to be published. It offers the first two parts out of the planned five.The first part discusses the general structure of a communication network of an electrical substation and specifies the basic data communication protocols, their functions and advantages. Also included is an analysis of the impact and nature of the impact of major environmental factors on active network equipment. The second part provides the general principles and requirements for the network infrastructure of electrical substations, describes the hardware level of connection implementation and touches on general issues related to facility monitoring and control system.

PXI Express: a substitute or a new member in PXI team?

PXI which is currently a dominant standard in the market of virtual instrument solutions has not stopped, and the new technological trends have been already implemented in PXI Express. What is PXI Express? Is it a successor improving the existing solutions or an "outsider" which has come to take their place and fully replace them? The article writer tries to answer this question and also familiarizes the readers with the new off-the shelf ADLINK developments.


Conduction-cooled on-board computer complexesas an example of design implementation based on VPX REDI specification

The article discusses the conduction cooling techniques used in the on-board radio-electronic equipment installed in various types of mobile objects employing the state-of-the-art engineering solutions offered by Schroff. Also included is a detailed description of implementation of a conduction-cooled system chassis for the on-board computer complex that meets the VITA 48.2 - VPX REDI specifications.

System Integration

Automated process control system for gas exhaust duct of converter

The article presents an automated system to control a wet gas scrubbing process in the revamped gas exhaust duct of no. 2 converter in oxygen-converter shop at Enakievo Metallurgical Plant. This system was developed, manufactured and commissioned by SE UkrRTC Energostal.

Power Engineering

Automation of power supply system at “Nadezhda” metallurgy plant

When this article was being prepared, the works on implementation of the automated operational-dispatch control system for power supply at "Nadezhda" metallurgy plant were almost complete. Some of the main features of this system are the territorial remoteness of the monitoring and control points, the use of various interfaces as data transfer channels and collection of data from electric meters via Modbus serial channel.

Dispatch system for modular boiler houses at Torzhok Wagon Works

The article takes a look at an example of implementation of dispatch system using Siemens S7-200 Series PLC. The said system serves 18 modular boiler houses at Torzhok Wagon Works. Also included is a brief description of an option of this system based on the Omron hardware for another facility.

Buildings Automation

Skolkovo Smart City: engineering innovations in use

The article describes the high-technology solutions in infrastructure engineering developed for the Skolkovo Innovation Center. Particular attention is given to the design of smart power distribution network and DESIGO Insight integrated automation and dispatch system installed in Hypercube, the first building in the Center.

Buildings Automation

Use of modular solutions for automation of utility systems

The article describes the modular solutions for the lighting control system and integrated utilities consumption monitoring. Also, it provides justification of a modular approach to automation of utility systems, discusses the functions of modules and considers some aspects of their operation.


Automated facility for testing the control systemsof space-rocket launch complexes

The article discusses experience in building an automated facility for testing the control systems of the space-rocket launch complexes. Also included is a description of the typical structural elements, arhitecture and functions as well as the capabilities of the facility's hardware and software.

Construction Materials Industry

Automation system for autoclave treatmentof sand-lime brick

The article presents the results of development and operation of the automation system for autoclave treatment of sand-lime bricks. The autoclave treatment process is controlled by a PC via RS-485 interface utilizing the ADAM-4000 modules. The Advantech ADAMView program is used as supervisory software.

Industrial Controllers

A new ET200SP distributed high-speed peripheral station

The article describes a new Siemens ET200SP distributed peripheral station. Also discussed are the design features, functions of advanced diagnostics and network capabilities. Particular emphasis is placed on the increased data transfer rate and possibility of readjusting the equipment during operation.

ESMexpress standard: adaptation of COM conceptfor industrial applications

The article familiarizes the embedded computing system designers with the advantages of type ESMexpress and ESMini computer modules. Both module types have been designed according to ANSI/VITA 59 standard recommendations and are intended for use in transport and industry in hostile mechanical and electromagnetic environment in a wide range of ambient temperatures.

Getting the most out of your vendor's tech support

The article reveals some hidden aspects of tech support workflow, knowledge of which can help customers dramatically speed up the issue resolution process. Also, practical recommendations on the tech support requests format are made, to enable maximum issue resolution efficiency.

PTA-2012 Exhibition: results and outlook