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Embedded Systems

Safety: make software a part of the solution

The cost and complexity of safety compliance continue to spiral upward. The list of safety regulations, standards, and government mandates is growing, and the result is more pressure on already tight schedules and budgets, and less time to add new functionality to equipment and devices. This article describes three steps manufacturers of control and process automation systems can take to leverage the power of new embedded software solutions to reduce costs, remain compliant with safety requirements, and gain a new source of competitive advantage.


Modular FASTWEL I/O PLC – from idea to implementation

The article discusses the FASTWEL I/O system development stages, presents the design concept of the system based on FBUS, discusses the current state of the FASTWEL I/O product range. Particular emphasis is given to the universal industrial controllers and modular computers. Also shown are the new products as well as the capabilities of the application programmer set - FBUS SDK Version 2.2.

Review and comparison of rugged notebooks

The article discusses some models of the rugged notebooks which are very popular in the Russian market. Also included is a comparison of the performance and price parameters of notebooks from such producers as Getac, Panasonic, EVOС and NPO Tekhnika-Servis.

System Integration

Use of QNX 4 in bench test automation projects at UMPO JSC

The article describes an automated information and measuring system functioning at the stands of UMPO JSC (Ufa). The system is designed to adjust and test the SU-family aircraft engines.

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Railway Transport

Locomotive movement control system based on GLONASS/GPS

The article presents a system for precise determination of locomotive location using the GLONASS /GPS satellite navigation system developed by MDB Compas JSC within the Federal Target Program "Global Navigation Satellite System". The system can be used in the JSC RZD main railway transport as well as in the industrial railway transport facilities with their own locomotive fleet and track infrastructure.

Buildings Automation

Automatic microclimate control system at Stage III of Shopping and Leisure Center Greenwich

The article describes a utility automation system at Stage III of Shopping and Leisure Center Greenwich (Ekaterinburg). The building automation system includes the following: ventilation, central heating, cooling system and the pump stations.

Electric Power Industry

Automated control system for general plant systems of the Pravoberezhny Heat and Power Plant-5

The article offers the design, hardware and software solutions adopted when developing and commissioning an automated process control system for the general plant systems of the Heat and Power Plant-5 of the Nevsky Branch at JSC TGK-1. These ensure the reliable operation of gas distributing unit, central pumping station, heating plant, pumping equipment and tankage of the main building. The project implementation presents the current solution of thermal power tasks for the facilities 112 to be built and revamped.

Power Engineering

Automated control system for E50 steam boiler

The article describes an automation system of a 50-ton steam boiler E50 employing the Siemens S7-300 controller and MP 377 operator panel based on which the process visualization system offering a wide range of features has been built.

Automated measuring system for TP-35 boiler

The article addresses one of the ways to enhance efficiency and reliability of major equipment which has been in operation for many years without upgrade. Also included are technical solutions and software approaches to the TP-35 boiler automation under the limited funding conditions. It is shown that many solutions have been implemented due to the use of Omron Series CJ1G controller.


Development of automated control system for line-type vacuum process equipment

The article describes the development of an automated control system for line-type vacuum process equipment. The article covers the features of the process based on such equipment as well as the client's specific requirements. It is shown what impact it has on the control system architecture, operator interface and choice of hardware-software equipment.

Marine Equipment

Integrated automation system to record the parameters of ship’s hull behavior in sea waves

The article is dedicated to the description of an integrated automation system to record the parameters of ship behavior in sea waves. The system is designed to record the sea waves parameters using an ultrasonic sounding of water surface on board a moving ship and the ship hull responses to sea waves. The article shows the rationale for building the system, its functionality, prospects for development and practical application.

CompactPCI Serial within open specifications to build modular embedded computer systems

The article introduces readers to a new basic specification adopted in 2011 in the family of popular specifications to build the CompactPCI Serial modular embedded computer systems. The article discusses the key innovations - connectors, interconnectors, power, mechanical design and cooling. Also included are the issues of compatibility with the previous versions of CompactPCI specifications - 2.0, 2.16 and 2.30 and comparison of the described СompactPCI Serial specification with the competing specifications - VPX/OpenVPX and MicroTCA as to their capabilities to build systems.

Thermocouples: principles of application, types, measurement errors

The article provides a brief overview of publications and standards on thermocouples used in industrial automation. Also included is a table showing the measurement range for the thermocouples of various types. The article also discusses the sources of measurement errors.

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