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McLean Cooling Technology – new solutions for cooling systems of active equipment at the Russian market

The article reviews the basic active cooling methods for electronic equipment in the enclosures. Also discussed in detail are the solutions offered by McLean (USA).

System Integration
Oil & Gas Industry

ICONICS software and Sintek solution – Transneft’s choice for a new oil pipeline

In October, 2011, Transneft JSC launched the oil pipeline Purpe - Samotlor. The article describes the basic software modules and technologies which provide a flexible and reliable solution to integrate the automated process control system of the new oil pipeline to the central dispatching system.

Automated process control system with additional functionality for gas treatment unit

The article describes the implementation of the automated process control system based on the Siemens hardware/software platform. Also included are the system design concept, architecture, operator interface and primary functions.

S7-400H fail-safe automation system for gas treatment unit

The article presents an automated system introduced and used in gas treatment unit at Severneft-Urengoy LLC gas-condensate field (Novy Urengoy). The automatic process control system utilizes modern hardware as well as Siemens S7-400H fail-safe automation system and WinCC 6.0 SCADA.

Atomic Energy

Upgrade of polar crane control systems at NPP

The article discusses the features of a project to upgrade the relay-contactor control systems of operating polar cranes at NPP reactor sections. One of the distinctive features of the project, which defines the scheme-technical solutions, the choice of components and work methodology, is the location of control cabinets at hermetic zone.


Distributed data collection and processing system for AVO-7 unit

The article describes the distributed data collection and processing system of the AVO-7 unit. This system is designed to collect and process the values of process variables and process events that occur during metal treatment at the straightening annealing unit (AVO-7). Also, this system transfers the integrated data to the control system of the cold-rolling shop - the MES solution from PSI Metals. The task facing the designers was to provide a modern, reliable and replicable solution ensuring high accuracy of metal accounting and tie-in of values of the process variables to the metal strip length.

Construction Materials Industry

Automated control system of pneumatic conveying system for bulk materials

The article describes the control system of a pneumatic conveying system for bulk materials in the construction industry. Also included are process diagrams of the automation object and schematic diagram of the control system. The article covers the scope of equipment, design concept and operating principles of the system.

Monitoring and Measuring Systems

Implementation of energy resources control systems for enterprises

The article covers the issues that determine - from the author's viewpoint - the necessity to develop automated systems of the technical accounting of electric power. The article demonstrates advantages and losses when using these systems at various facilities and discusses some requirements for the equipment and operators.


Educational environment to control lifecycle of mobile robots

An educational environment to control the lifecycle of mechatronics systems was developed at the faculty of electronics and instrument engineering of the Saratov State Technical University. Modern technical facilities were created for research in mechatronics. The educational environment allows the students to gain practical skills when building the complex technical systems. It also helped them to become prizewinners of many All-Russian and international contests in 2011.


First automatic digital computer М-1

The article is dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the commissioning of the first domestic mainframe computer. The article tells how the computer was designed and tested, who took part in it, what innovations that were ahead of their time were introduced and its impact - to some extent - on the shape and structure of modern computers.

Real-time Operating Systems

QNX Neutrino test results

The article shows the test results for QNX Neutrino real-time operating system efficiency on various hardware platforms and compares it with other operating systems. Also discussed are the delay in switching between threads, timer interrupt processing time, capacity of synchronization mechanisms, etc.

Commentary on ratings of hardware for process control system

The article describes the subjective nature of most of the ratings, and on this basis, it analyses the Control Design magazine ratings for hardware of industrial automation systems for the year 2011.

PTA trade fairs. System approach to sales

The 5th Voronezh industrial forum. The 11th specialized industrial trade fair “TECHNOEXPO. 2012”