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Modern visualization tools as an instrument for business

The subject of the article is a review of modern information display tools and their applications. Special emphasis is placed on visualization solutions and tools most commonly used in Russia.

Embedded Systems

AdvancedTCA for building systems in defense and aerospace industries

Many defense and security tasks involve high-performance embedded processors of server-based architecture. Radar data processing, encrypt/decrypt server, system that aids the decision-making process based on the analysis of graphic information in real-time mode, automation of the situation center - this is an incomplete list of tasks which can be successfully solved using the systems based on the modular ATCA platforms.

Industrial Networks

The concept of parallel and ring redundancy

The article discusses the new principles of redundancy for the industrial Ethernet networks, their features, advantages over existing technologies and prospects for use in real network devices.

Radiation-tolerant film hybrid DC/DC-converters – the standard components of power supply systems of space vehicles

The article describes the design features of the film hybrid DC/DC-converters offered by International Rectifier (USA), various methods for building the power supply systems of the space vehicles and effect of the system requirements on technical parameters of the power modules. Particular emphasis is given to the radiation resistance and quality control requirements when manufacturing such modules. The article presents some popular models of DC/DC-converters and promising products of this class.


Not drowned in water, nor burnt in fire. Dear field friends. Part 2

The article covers the technologies protecting the structural elements of industrial notebooks from moisture, dust and vibration. It also explains when it makes sense to replace a commercial notebook with its industrial version. Also included are examples of using protected notebooks on railway vehicles and during combat operations.

System Integration

Experience of using Schroff cabinets based on Varistar platform when developing automated test systems

The article discusses the design concept and experience in developing automated test systems to control complex high-tech facilities based on the Schroff's Varistar cabinet platforms. It is demonstrated that the use of these cabinets is justified from the point of view of their reliability and failure-free operation.

Distributed control system for antenna complex

The article presents a hardware-software complex to control a multi-channel radio complex in real-time mode. Also included is a description of the hardware and software architecture and specifics of implementation.


Automatic control systems for gas carburizing processes

The article examines the metal surface impregnation processes, particularly gas carburizing. Also discussed are methods and instruments for measuring the carbon potential of the furnace atmosphere as applied to the development of an automatic control system for the gas carburizing processes. The article presents the hardware of the automatic control system and basic elements of software. The examples are provided to illustrate practical implementation of the automatic control system for gas carburizing processes.


Automated dispatch control system for the industrial wastewater treatment processes

The article addresses the issues related to the development of an automated dispatch and control system for a biological treatment station at Segezha Pulp and Paper Plant. It also describes practical experience in introducing the Advantech equipment and building the SCADA-based GeniDAQ data acquisition system for 1600 points. The article shows details of the project implementation and the hardware/software solutions used to achieve the required accuracy and reliability of the system operation.


Compact onboard measuring system for flight tests of small aircraft

The SibNIA specialists developed a working model of an automated compact onboard measuring system for the small aircraft in order to eliminate the defects and operating constraints of the onboard measuring systems used earlier. The system allows for shortening time required for flight test preparation, performance and test data processing. Also, this system makes it possible to analyze flight data during an experiment and present the current information immediately in test modes.

Construction Materials Industry

Automated control system for wet thermal treatment of silica bricks

The automated control system discussed in the article is designed to monitor, regulate and control the wet thermal treatment of silica bricks in autoclaves. The hardware of the automated control system is based on the SIMATIC S7-300 controller with the ET200S distributed I/O stations.

Software Tools

Integration of devices using the non-standard protocol into SCADA GENESIS32

The article examines the traditional methods for integrating the devices into OPC-compatible SCADA and the problems occurred during implementation. The article offers an alternative option to connect the devices with the non-standard protocol to SCADA GENESIS32.

Summation of measurement errors in automation systems

Process variables measurement error is normally calculated knowing the metrological characteristics of the gages, transducers, analog input modules and the software error. This raises the question of how to calculate the said error components correctly. The article discusses methods for solving this question based on the analysis of the nature of errors and implementation of the regulatory documents on metrology.