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DART Fieldbus: intrinsic safety without power limits

The article offers a new DART Fieldbus solution - a FieldConnex DART fieldbus. It describes the advantages of the DART intrinsically safe technology which features the capability to supply more power to the hazardous area, use the long-distance communication lines and more field devices in the industrial network segment. The article shows that with the said benefits, the DART Fieldbus is simple and reliable and has the required components for use in the PROFIBUS PA and FOUNDATION Fieldbus H1 industrial networks.

Industrial Networks

Hirschmann: news from communications front

The article is dedicated to the Hirschmann industrial communications equipment. Also included are a review of the new products based on the state-of-the-art trends and a description of the new capabilities of the equipment to ensure network reliability. In the end, the article provides a forecast for further development of this famous German brand.


Spectrum: solutions for high-speed data acquisition

The article familiarizes readers with Spectrum - a manufacturer of high-speed data acquisition cards. The article offers an overview of the main product trends, gives brief specifications of the devices and discusses the potential options and basic benefits of the solutions used.

NOVASTAR – a new star on the horizon of SCHROFF cabinets

The article provides a detailed description of the design and main characteristics of a new Schroff cabinet for use in laboratory or office environment.


Smart data storage systems for process control system

The article covers state-of-the-art data archiving in process control systems, the most popular database management systems and the associated hardware platforms. Also discussed is the design concept of the multi-level data acquisition and archiving, aggregation and hot redundancy system.

The Device Software Migration Tipping Point

When is it time to migrate to new device software? A best practices decision framework helps device manufacturers to make an informed, carefully considered decision about whether and when to migrate to a new operating system and development environment.

System Integration

Automated control system for the process equipment of the Soyuz spacecraft launch pad at Guiana Space Centre

The automation of the launch pad is an example of the innovation solutions in modern space industry. The article describes the newest control system for the ground process equipment of the launch pad implementing the basic principles of integration of hardware and software complexes into a common information space.

Municipal Economy

Arrangement of the reliable communication channels for transmission of process data

The article discusses a software solution to control data transmission channels in a distributed control system. The program is able to provide simplex or duplex exchange between two or more remote points with wireless communications. Also included is a description of a reliable data exchange mechanism between two remote objects over unreliable communication channels. The article takes a look at a real water pump station automation project which verified the required validity and reliability of this program when transmitting the process data for synchronization of two SCADA-systems.

Buildings Automation

Development and implementation of the automated complex monitoring system for a hypermarket

The article describes the experience in adopting the basic solution of automated complex monitoring system "Hypermarket" to the specific conditions of an automation object. Also, the article examines some project implementation issues and ways to tackle them.

Extractive Industry

Separator for concentration of diamond-bearing material based on QNX RTOS software

The article covers the principle of the operation of the X-ray fluorescence separators. Also included is a description of the process of development of the XRF separator control system based on QNX Neutrino RTOS. The starting point is a review of the prototype solution with an analysis of its major disadvantages.

Electrical Industry

Resistance spot welding machine

The resistance spot welding machine is designed for welding the structural components and parts of electronic devices. The welding operations can be carried out with the welding head, weld gun and welding stick. The unit is used for resistance spot welding of ferrous/ non-ferrous metals and its alloys.

Industrial Controllers

EtherCAT I/O: a new era of automation

The article gives a brief overview of history and development of the modular Beckhoff I/O systems based on K-bus and E-bus. Particular emphasis is put on a comparative review of characteristics and advantages of EtherCAT - the leader among the I/O systems based on the real time Ethernet.


TELEOFIS wireless data transfer systems

Modern technologies offer a wide range of wireless data transfer solutions. The commercial systems covering vast areas widely use the GSM/3G modems as well as radio modems.

COM/104 – new capabilities in the known form-factor

The article reviews the main advantages and application of a new COM/104 standard submitted to the PC/104 Consortium. Also discussed are the basic design concept and the specific features of the embedded systems based on COM/104 stack for operation in harsh environments and use in critical applications.

Iron key to control the IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n wireless networks

The article addresses an issue related to the control of network based on the 802.11a/b/g/n wireless access points. The article offers a solution for integrated management and configuration of equipment and analyzes its operational characteristics and benefits.

Expectations of the domestic ship-building industry at IMDS-2011