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Embedded Systems

ADLINK Technology CompactPCI hardware. Part 2

The second part of the review is devoted to ADLINK platforms and processor modules for 6U CompactPCI systems. The article provides the brief characteristics of the PICMG 2.16 specification intended to build robust redundant systems.


Wind River Linux and VxWorks real-time capabilities: a comparison

The article introduces a classification of real-time application requirements which enables the selection of an OS capable of implementing them. Two contrasting approaches to providing real-time determinism in an OS are spotlighted: adding real-time functionality to a general-purpose OS, and extending the application programming capabilities of a real-time OS. As examples of the above approaches, Wind River Linux and Wind River VxWorks embedded OSes are considered.

System Integration

Dome shutter control system of a ground-based optical-laser center

The article reviews a technical solution for a dome shutter control system of a ground-based optical-laser center located in the Altai Territory. Also discussed are the problems and the main principles used to select an element base of the domestic producer (FASTWEL) to build this system.

Railway Transport

Integrated control system for the ports and railway transport of the industrial enterprises

The article presents an integrated train control system for the ports and railway transport of industrial enterprises. This system is designed for monitoring and control of the points/switches, traffic lights, sections of tracks, rail car retarders, yard communications system, uninterruptable power supply system and other facilities of railway stations. Also included are the architecture and structure of the system, its operation, special design features and future development considerations. The article discusses projects to upgrade and build automation systems of sidings for coal terminals in the Port of Ust-Luga (Kingisepp) and Port of Vostochny (Nakhodka).

Modern underwater sound imaging equipment

The article offers an overview of the modern state of sound imaging devices as the hydroacoustic equipment for underwater monitoring. Also included are examples of the representation of an acoustic image of various objects by using the experimental models of the 2D and 3D sound imaging devices made at the Acoustic Institute. The article determines the optimum operating frequencies depending on the required range coverage and analyzes trends in further development of the sound imaging devices.

МКS624М/ МКS624МК modular switching system

The article presents a high performance environmentally resistant switching system that combines high port density and availability of all modern services. The system features high reliability. The modularization principle, adherence to the industry standards and a number of ingenious solutions offered by the designers all contribute to its scalability, upgrade ability and adaptability to various applications for the needs of fleet and its support structures.

Digital Signal Processing

High speed telemetry system for an optical-electronic complex

The article covers various options for building a high-speed video/image recording and processing telemetry system for an optical-electronic complex. The article demonstrates the proven option for creating a PC-based system employing the ADLINK digital signal I/O card. This option offers the shortest period of implementation, a relatively low cost and versatility of the solution. Also discussed are the peculiarities of the system operation and a possibility for improvement based on the new ADLINK products.

Power Supplies

Radiation hardened linear ultra low voltage dropout regulators for rocket and space equipment

The article describes the new RUH3301 series radiation hardened linear regulators from International Rectifier (a division of High Reliability Products - HiRel). The integrated hybrid regulators feature an ultra low voltage dropout of 0.4V with a load current of 3A. They are designed for use in the distributed power architecture (DPA) of the space vehicles and transport spacecrafts as the point-of-load regulators as well as for an additional regulation of voltage after the DC/DC converters.

Schaefer versatile power supply

The article presents products from Schaefer, who specialize in the design and manufacture of power supplies for critical applications. Also included are options of comprehensive tailor-made solutions for secondary power supply systems developed using standard Schaefer products and intended for implementation of an uninterruptible power supply of various loads. The article considers a topology for building modern Schaefer power supplies.

Software Tools

Tool system for scheduling of data exchange through a channel with centralized control

The article discusses a tool system supporting an automatic scheduling of data exchange through a channel with centralized control (MIL STD-1553B). Also included are a list of the system requirements, description of the system functionality and technology for its use. The article gives examples of industrial applications of the system, including the development of marine onboard systems.

Military electronics: “paper” frontline report

The progress in the development of electronics generally and military electronics specifically depends not only on the talents of the R&D staff and the highly proficient manufacturers of the industry. The "rules of the game" are important. They either give them a free hand or tie them up in the process of creation and hence have an impact on results. This is already the third article on the same subject published in the journal two years apart.

CompactPCI future is presented in Saint Petersburg