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Embedded Systems

Halfway to the future, or PICMG 2.30 CompactPCI PlusIO specification

The article provides a brief discussion of the progress trends in the architecture of the system bus of the trunkmodular systems based on the CompactPCI specifications. Taking into account the current state of development of high speed serial interfaces and the demand for intensive exchange of large data streams between modules in the system which should be provided in industrial applications, it becomes evident that modern technologies and timeproven standards should be integrated. The adopted PICMG 2.30 CompactPCI PlusIO standard allows for a smooth transition from classical PICMG parallel bus systems to hybrid systems, where the possibility exists of involving the available arsenal of developments based on high speed serial interfaces.

Industrial computers for embedded systems

The article describes industrial computer systems and industrial computers based on singleboard computers in standard form factors. There is an attempt to classify industrial computers by type of system architecture as well as applications. The article details embedded panel and rugged computers for industrial and transportation use, operation in harsh environments and which support the possibility of expansion of functionality.

PC/104 – standard for harsh operating conditions

The article describes basic PC/104 form factors and presents the key benefits of the standard for operation in harsh environments and critical applications. Also discussed are the most interesting brand new PC/104 products from leading manufacturers.

Industrial Networks

EtherWAN for Ethernet

The article offers an overview of the EtherWAN communication hardware designed for the Ethernet industrial networks. The article looks at the history and innovations of the company. It analyzes the specific features of the products and provides a table containing information on the most popular series. Also included are schemes with examples illustrating a potential application of the company's products, including those for designing the redundant network architecture.


Not drowned in water, nor burnt in fire. Dear field friends

The article describes specific features of field application of rugged mobile computers and presents their distinctive design features compared to their commercial analogs. Also reviewed are the most interesting - from a technical point of view - rugged mobile computers from Getac.

System Integration
Power Engineering

Automation and the alternative energetics: a promising alliance

The article shows world experience in using renewable energy sources. Also included is a comparative analysis between traditional and alternative methods of energy generation and a review of modern analytical systems and portals in energetics as well as methods of integration with SCADA and GIS.

Oil & Gas Industry

Design of process control system employing the partition function concept

The article discusses specific design features of a process control system for field oil treatment units based on the function partition principle. The implementation of this principle allows for reducing time of design, installation and startup of facilities. The article provides a list of requirements for designing automation sections and describes the softwarehardware for typical sections for various applications. Also shown are operator interface capabilities. The article demonstrates the use of products from Rittal, Siemens, VIPA as basic equipment.

Distributed Control Systems

Topology with foresight: data transmission via Ethernet in the process industry

Until now, the opportunities to use PCs or remote solutions in the process industry were extremely limited for technical reasons. One of the interesting alternatives to the solutions used to date is to transfer data via Ethernet. Unlike classic visualization concepts, the maximum transfer distances are greater and the topology is simpler and more flexible because the visualization platform becomes just another normal network component.

Atomic Energy

Control system for the experimental multipurpose test chamber

The article describes the control system for an experimental multipurpose test chamber for developing the basic MOXfuel production processes. The challenge faced by the developers was to find a modern and reliable solution ensuring personnel safety and high accuracy of mechanism positioning.

Monitoring and Measuring Systems

Automated control system for a standard force measuring machine

The article describes an industrial computerbased control system for the Type OSM2-200-10 Class 2 force measuring machine used in the state system for ensuring uniform measurements when transmitting the size of the unit of force from the reference devices to the standard and operation measuring devices. The implemented control system enhanced the objectivity in the assessment of results and labor productivity when carrying out the metrological certification of the Class 3 dynamometers used for checking the working force measuring devices, including test machines and presses.


Automated control of the dividing shear section in the 2800 rolling mill at JSC Uralskaya Stal

The article provides a description of the dividing shear section in the 2800 rolling mill, covers automated control tasks, shows the structure of the hardwaresoftware control complex and discusses hardware implementation based on Siemens equipment. The implementation of the said control system allowed for provision of the required capacity of the section within the rolling mill revamping project.

Mechanical structures of the 19" series: Schroff plug-in units

The article discusses the design features of plugin units offered by Schroff - one of the leading European manufacturers of the enclosures for the electronics and electrical industry.

Fieldbus controllers and Fieldbus-Ethernet converters: from capturing attention to practical use

The article is intended to serve as a practical guide to build Fieldbus and RealTime Ethernet networks based on Hilscher equipment. As exemplified by the PROFIBUS and Modbus protocols, the equipment adjustment process employing, a universal system configuration tool, is illustrated.

Basic trends in the RF automation market in 2010 based on statistics of PTA trade fairs and conferences