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Machine Vision and Digital Image Processing

Currently, the computer processing of visual information has gained a new impulse for development and wide acceptance in various industries. The purpose of this article is to attract the reader's attention to the fundamentals and standards of the digital image processing and present software and hardware used. A significant part of the article is dedicated to an overview of the ADLINK video capture boards which represent a good reflection of the modern trends, advanced technologies and the research results and findings on the subject under discussion.


The real cost of "roll-your-own" Linux

The article provides a detailed description of how to build a specialized embedded Linux distribution in the crossplatform environment. Also discussed are the unob vious sources of risks and hidden costs when using a "rollyourown" approach to build the inhouse Linuxplatform. The article compares the "rollyourown" and commercial approaches based on the example of the Wind River Linux platform.

System Integration

System for measuring temperature and oxidation and melt sampling in an electric steel furnace through the working door

The article describes one of the options for designing an automation system which is intended for contact measurements and melt sampling and replicated for various process facilities at the Cherepovets Iron and Steel Plant. Also discussed are the special features of the manipulator control system. The article gives reasons for preference of the SIMATIC controller, discusses the operating principles of the measuring instruments, shows the software capabilities and specifies the development tools.

Oil & Gas Industry

Problems and solutions on the upgrade of Sputnik and Mera AGMU in the oil industry

The current stage of the technology development in the oil industry is characterized by working out the ways to upgrade the automatic group measuring units now in operation and the new ones by using moisture meters. The article describes the architecture, operation algorithm and evaluation of the accuracy of measuring the flowrate and relative content of crude oil in the products from the oil producing wells by means of Satel RVVL radiowave moisture meter specifically designed for this purpose. Also included are the performance characteristics and the results of the certification tests.

Electric Power Industry

Process control system of the Yumaguzinskaya Hydropower Plant

The Republic of Bashkortostan, the Bashkiria National Park in the Kugarchinsky District here, in this place, the hydrologists decided to realize their dreams and implement their "hydro thoughts". That is how an idea to implement the high technologies and in future, the process automation equipment for power generation came into being and finally, the Yumaguzinskaya Hydropower Plant was built at the bottom of the hydro engineering complex on the Belaya River.

Municipal Economy

Efficient use of resources and safety during the local arrangement of an intelligent process control system of the water pumping station

The article describes an integrated automated system of GUP Vodokanal-St. Petersburg based on the example of process control system of the Volkhonskaya Booster Water Pumping Station. The system offers adequate solutions in terms of the efficient use of the resources as well as process safety in operation of the water pumping stations.

Food Industry

New approach to the automation of the spirit brew production

The article describes a new method of diluting starch to produce spirit brew. The company and industrial experience is summed up, and various methods are compared. The article provides and justifies solutions on how to upgrade the existing process control system in order to introduce and implement a new method based on this system. The special features of the upgraded system operation are shown by describing the tasks that the system performs. In conclusion, the article presents the factors which determine the efficiency of implementation of the approaches described in the article as well as some data which allow an understanding of potential economy.

Universal server using the cPCI bus hardware for the shipboard information systems

The article describes an universal server developed by Sea Project CJSC. This server utilizes the modern commercial structural components and computing facilities with cPCI bus and is designed for use as a part of the marine and coastal information systems. Also discussed are the capabilities of the server, its features and advantages. The article provides a structure chart of the universal server and implementation chart of the serverbased information system.

Railway Transport

LOGO!-based automatic control system for the sliding gate

The article presents an automatic control system for the sliding gates at the railway transport maintenance facility. The system is based on LOGO! module and employs the remote radio control principle. Also discussed in detail is the system operation algorithm under various situations and at different inputs.


Explosion protection of the non-electrical parts of the equipment based on the sliding monitoring

The current international standards specify the explosion protection of the non-electrical parts of the equipment. A risk of explosion can occur when the drive and the output device of the system are interlocked. The article analyses the potential consequences of such interlock and evaluates the potential ignition sources. Also discussed are the explosion protection solutions based on the rotational speed monitoring in order to identify the signs of sliding, an indicator of occurrence of a dangerous situation. The article covers the commercial modules for implementation of such solutions.


Buoy or guided wave radar?

Today the buoy level gages are one of the most common devices that can be used to measure levels of any liquids in industry. When using these devices, the instrument engineers face the maintenance problems. What is an alternative solution to reduce costs and optimize the measurement process?

MEN Mikro Elektronik: solutions for critical applications

The article presents MEN Mikro Elektronik Gmbh as one of the leaders in manufacturing the reliable systems and components for harsh environments. The business indicators given in the article, information on the partners as well as description of the recent developments and unique solutions are provided to show the innovative activity of MEN Mikro Elektronik Gmbh, fundamentals of manufacturing high quality and reliable products, and a comprehensive approach to developing the reliable control systems for critical applications.

Modbus and Modbus TCP protocols and networks

The article provides an analytical review of literature on the Modbus and Modbus TCP protocols and networks.

Serial interface servers: step-by-step instruction

The articles discusses a specific class of communication devices known as "serial interface servers", their characteristics, tasks solved with the aid of these servers, adjustment and application examples.