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Industrial Networks

Real-Time Ethernet networks: from theory to practice

The article discusses the future use of the Real-Time Ethernet standards for real-time data transmission and highlights the benefits of using the Ethernet networks over traditional fieldbus networks. Also included is a review of the basic Real-Time Ethernet standards, specific features of their use and capabilities. The article shows the examples of controllers and gateways for real-time networks and describes their technical features. The last part of the article focuses on the use of the Ethernet switches and their specific operation in real-time mode. A review of the dedicated switches for the Real-Time Ethernet is also provided.

From classic fieldbus to EtherCAT

The article provides general aspects of the industrial Ethernet-based EtherCAT technology. Also discussed are specific features of this technology such as openness, high speed, and flexibility which allow the effective use of the EtherCAT as an industrial bus capable of functioning in real-time mode as well as the use of this technology for vertical integration.


Applying multi-core and virtualization to industrial and safety-related applications

Multi-core and virtualization provide the opportunity to improve device performance, reduce costs through hardware consolidation and upgrade applications more cost effectively throughout the product lifecycle.


We are unique: data input devices for industrial applications

The article covers the main types of the industrial data input devices and offers a brief history of the production technology. Also included is a review of the popular product series from the three leading keyboard manufacturers: InduKey (Germany), iKey (USA) and NSI (Belgium).

System Integration
Power Engineering

Automated control system of the power complex comprising the PS-110/10/6kV substation and Series Enegromash GT TETs-009 gas-turbine heat and power plant

The article describes software and hardware tools, architecture features, algorithms, application software, visualization and control features of the automated control system of the power complex comprising the PS-110/10/6kV electric substation and Series Energomash GT TETs-009 gas turbine heat and power plant located in Krymsk. The power complex has an electrical capacity of 18 MW and heat capacity of 40 Gcal/hr. Some practical issues related to the operating experience are covered in the article. Also discussed are the prospects for the development of the automated control systems of the power complexes.

Municipal Economy

System for acquiring and processing data from the heat energy metering units at SKAUT-Teplo Company

The article describes the system for acquisition and analyzing the data from the heat metering devices and shows the system architecture, the equipment used and the developed software. Also, the article analyses the experience of introduction and operation of the system in several managing companies in Kaluga Region.

Monitoring and Measuring Systems

Automated control system for a unit testing the parts by internal pressure

The article presents an industrial computer-based control system for a unit testing the casing structures by the internal liquid pressure up to 125 MPa. Also discussed are the basic features and technical capabilities of the unit and a description of the interaction between the components under the control of the system.

Robotized magnetic diagnostics complex for the rolls

The robotized complex for the magnetic diagnostics of the sheet mill rolls was developed and prepared for fullscale production. The complex is installed on the unwork side of a rollgrinding machine and can work with machines of any model. The measurement of coercive force allows for evaluating the nonuniformity of the roll surface. The use of coercive force measurement adds more information to the other diagnostics methods and substantially improves the reliability of assessment of the roll surface condition.

Oil & Gas Industry

Use of the modern hardware-software solutions by example of the process control system for the automobile gas-filling compressor station at LLC Gazprom Transgaz St. Petersburg

The article is dedicated to the control system of the automobile gasfilling compressor station developed by LLC Krona. The system employs highperformance and highly reliable MicroPC controllers from FASTWEL (ОС Linux 2.6) and the universal, IEC 61131-3 compatible software ISaGRAF 5.

Flash Memory

Flash technologies attack hard disk drives

The article describes the types of data storage in the modern computer systems. Also discussed are the advantages and disadvantages of both hard disks and NAND Flash-drives.

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Software Tools

OPC Unified Architecture: changes in popular data exchange technology from an engineer's point of view

The article provides the basic principles and specific features of a new unified architecture – OPC UA. This technology allows the use of benefits of the universal interface for interaction between the hardware and the upper level of automation at the enterprises.

Method of evaluation of mean time between failures based on the results of relay protection and automatic equipment operation

The article discusses the use of an experimental method – as recommended by the standards – for evaluating MTBF of the digital relay protection and automatic equipment based on the results of undercontrol operation. Also included are the calculated and actual values of the MTBF for the blocks of various types.

HART-protocol: general information and design concept of the HART-protocol based networks

The article offers an analytical review of literature and current HART-protocol standards and industrial HART-protocol based networks.

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FASTWEL Solutions Day in Saint Petersburg: full house again

Perspectives of QNX embedded technologies were discussed in Moscow