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Industrial Networks

Migration from CCTV to IP: cable issue

The article discusses the upgrade of video surveillance networks and shows the basic preconditions for switching from CCTV to IP platform. Also included are examples of a "smooth" upgrade of the networks while making maximum use of the existing cabling architecture and utilizing the longdistance data transmission devices not involving the use of an optical cable. The article offers an overview of the equipment.


LITEMAX high brightness displays for harsh working environment

The article provides a review of a series of housed displays from LITEMAX, a Taiwan manufacturer. The LCD monitors have the improved operational and functional characteristics due to the use of the advanced LED backlight technology.

System Integration
Municipal Economy

Energy-saving automated control system for outdoor and art lighting

The article provides a description of the supervisor control system designed for the geographically distributed facilities. Examples of real projects demonstrate the functional capabilities of the system in various applications. The described benefits of the system - energy savings and energy efficiency improvements - show its applicability for outdoor lighting control systems.


Automatic control system for the rolling mill stopping

The article describes an automatic control system for the rolling mill stopping. An optical camera is used to determine the position of the rolled metal. The controllers employ a special algorithm for the control the driven rolling tables. Also, the article discusses the principles of determination of the rolled metal position and drive control.

Specific features of the automated control system for a two-strand billet continuous casting machine at the Omutninsky Steel Plant

When revamping the twostrand billet continuous casting machine for the Omutninsky Steel Plant, the CJSC NKMZ engineers upgraded and partially replaced the mechanical equipment, made modifications in the casting process and designed and implemented the automatic process control system employing powerful industrial automation equipment, highspeed and safeguarded network solutions and new motor drives. The article describes the architecture of the process control system and shows its extensibility and software features. Also discussed are the key functions, modes of operation and functionality of the individual subsystems.


The software complex for the control of industrial facilities

The article provides a description of the software complex designed by the Research and Development Center Privodnaya Tekhnika (Chelyabinsk) for the industrial facilities control systems. Also included in the article is a review of the hardware used when implementing the complex at the steel works in the Chelyabinsk Region.

Implementation of the digital radio signal receiving and processing system of the passive monopulse radar

The article describes the implementation of the digital radio signal receiving and processing system based on the Signatec modules for operating as a part of the passive monopulse radar designed for detection, location and characterization of the radiofrequency source movement.


P-714B plywood press upgrade

In this article, the author describes a plywood press upgrade project utilizing imported and domestic components in an effort to achieve the maximum efficiency of the upgraded equipment operation while minimizing the automation system costs. The article provides a brief overview of the proposals available on the electrical product market and offers an interesting approach for selecting the components for this project.

Development hardware–software complex based on real-time systems

The article discusses the use of the On Time Informatik RTOS 32 real time operating system when designing a numerical control system. The basis for the article is the ООО NPO RubikonInnovatsiya's experience gained when developing the Phoenix numerical control system.


Use of LED lights for greenhouses: reality and prospects

The article presents the concept of the use of lightemitting diodes (LEDs) in agriculture and demonstrates the possibility of its implementation for lighting the greenhouse plants. Also discussed are the results of the experiments using the LED lights to grow the plants in laboratory environment. The article evaluates the economic efficiency of LED use compared with the traditional light sources at the agricultural facilities.

Networking Equipment

HART Loop Converter as a bridge between the digital and analog world

Maintaining a safe production process often depends on the right information at the right time. The new HART Loop Converter from Pepperl+Fuchs uses the full potential of HART enabled field devices. It serves as a bridge between the digital and analog world and provides access to vital process data, which were not available until now.

Thermokon – a reasonable choice for a modern house

The purpose of this article is to describe Thermokon Sensortechnik GmbH both in technical and humanitarian aspects by covering the company's history, social programs, economics, partnership policy and environmental issues. The information presented in the article gives readers the full pictureof a successful and reliable business partner and a fastgrowing company realizing its potential on the basis of the LON and EnOcean innovating wireless and energy saving technologies and the highquality products for the building automation systems.

Development of the project for the VIPA Touch Panels using Movicon 11 software

The article describes recommendations and examples of configuring VIPA Touch Panels using Progea Movicon 11 software.