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Dynamic detection and interruption of the electric discharge — the new concept of intrinsic safety

A new concept of explosion protection called DART (Dynamic Arc Recognition andTermination), offered by Pepperl+Fuchs (Germany) is presented in the article. DARTeliminates strict restrictions on energy levels in existing applications with explosionprotection class "intrinsically safe electric chain", allowing the transfer of effective power upto 50 W into the hazardous zone.In addition the new technology is an alternative in cases where explosion protectionwas realized only at great cost and compromise.

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Industrial Networks

Technology of IP device power supply through a network cable "Power over Ethernet" and its realization in the industrial network equipment

PoE technology providing power supply of terminal devices in the Ethernet directly throughthe network cable is described. Advantages and details of PoE use in industrial environmentare considered. A review of new hardware realizing the technology is made;examples of practical implementation are given.

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System Integration

Design and fulfillment features of converter gas escape channel process control system

Creation of mathematical model (MM) of technological processes is described. The MMis used for the design and fulfillment of converter gasescape channel (GOT) process controlsystem in the oxygenconverter unit of Nizhnetagilsky Metallurgical Industrial Complex.The thermodynamics and dynamics of processes, material and power balances, and phasetransformations of a working body (watersteam) are considered in the MM. The softwareof the system works with MM as if it were a real object of control and it allows detailedsoftware fulfillment in all GOT working conditions at UkrGNTTS "Energostal" test benchand the reduction of the process of control system startandadjustment cycle at the plant.

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Oil & Gas Industry

The automated control system for the associated gas preparation unit

The automated system controlling the basic processes of associated gas preparation unit isdescribed. Issues of field automation equipment choice, use of IBM PC compatible controllersin the hot sparing mode, as well compatibility with modern software are considered.

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Railway Transport

The automatic power consumption accounting and monitoring system at the Kazakhstan railway

Article is devoted to the automatic power consumption accounting and monitoring system(ASKUE) project introduced at the western Republic Kazakhstan railways. The presentedsystem is based on hardware and software of the wellknown manufacturers Advantechand ICONICS and performs automated account, acquisition and processing of informationon power consumption.

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Chemical Industry

Automation of PVC pitch manufacturing at "Kaprolaktam" plant

Process control system for polyvinylchloride manufacturing is considered. Functionalityof system, technical features, and structure and purposes of hardwaresoftware complexuse are described. The solutions presented are aimed at a decreased influenceof the human factor and increased manufacturing safety as well as main principlesof the multilevel hardware backup providing high reliability of the system in the whole.

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Construction Materials Industry

Experience of heat and humidity concrete processing automation

Experience of creating the automated system for the heat and humidity concrete productsprocess control at Spetszhelezobeton plant (Liski, Voronezh region) is described.

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Automotive Industry

VIPA controllers operate production lines at Volkswagen plant

ThyssenKrupp Krause GmbH used for the newest production lines highefficiency PLC on thebasis of SPEED7 technology from VIPA GmbH. Modern assembly lines have been recently setup at a Volkswagen plant in Kassel where the automobile concern manufactures doubleplateclutch transmissions for all the models of its cars. The control system for the product linesis based on the PLCs from VIPA using an integrated communication Ethernet processor.

Monitoring and Measuring Systems

Automated system for metrological certification of force converters for the monitoring a protective cover of the nuclear plant reactor

An etalon monitoring servo hydraulic system based on the industrial PC and assignedfor the metrological certification of the force converters controlling an effortof the reinforcing ropes tension, which are used for pressing out a protectivecover of the nuclear plant reactor for the preservation of its tightnessin operation and under forcemajeur circumstances, is described.

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Intelligent Ethernet I/O modules make PLC more effective

Modern PLCs are successfully applied in monitoring and measuring systems.However with a rapid acquisition of measurements and signal analysis the PLCs have mettheir limits in many cases. Using an example of a measuring system integratedin a crankshaft test bench, the following article describes how intelligent Ethernetand a standard protocol such as TCP/IP can be used to carry out complex "rapid"measuring tasks or signal processing simply, reliably and costeffectively via a PLC.

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Calibration complex for scanners and pressure sensors

The described complex is made for the calibration and verification of pressure sensorsand scanners having analogue or digital interface. The complex is developedand manufactured by Tritec Infosystems under the technical project of EPO "Signal"specializing in the production of pressure sensors for the airspace industry.

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Training Systems

Laboratory complex for studying the automatic control system for an electricity generating plant

The budgetary version of the laboratory bench for studying the automatic control systemfor electricity generating plant on the basis of modern microprocessor softwarehardwarecomplexes is considered with an example of managing the engine for the specific needsof the power station. The structure of the bench made on the basis of the controllerand data acquisition and processing modules from WAGO is presented,and suggested subjects for laboratory studies are given.

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Use of the modern software tools for the development of real time systems in academic course

Special features of the modern software tools for the development of realtime systemsin embedded systems and process control used in academic course at the Saratov statetechnical university are considered. Teaching is based on a modeldriven environmentfor software development Rhapsody and RTOS QNX for the mobile robots controlas well as for softwarehardware complexes on the basis of modern industrial controllersfor process control systems development.

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Criteria for choosing the SIL 3 level components for the distributed control systems and safety instrumented systems in accordance wit the IEC standards. Part 2

The article describes the selection criteria for the components to be used in the distributedcontrol systems and various safety systems for SIL 2 and SIL 3 applicationsas recommended in the IEC 61508 and 61511 standards. Also included are exampleson how these criteria are used.

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Methods of integration the image from IP video cameras into the screen shot of SCADA system

The problem of integrating an image from IPvideo cameras into the screen shot of SCADAsystem is considered. Features of IPvideo cameras are described, and methods of creationand use of ActiveX components in SCADA as well as the example of Web interfaceprogrammed by the author of the article, are presented.

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Increase of accuracy by means of multiple measurements. Part 1

The factors limiting an increase of accuracy by means of averaging the results of multiplemeasurements are analyzed. Formulas and graphs for estimating the limits of increaseof accuracy in the presence of typical sources of an error are given.

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IX International trade fair "Progressive Technologies in Automation. PTA 2009" was held in Moscow

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