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What is Digital Signage?

The subject of the article is a review of the modern systems displaying informationfor advertising and informational purposes. Particular emphasis is placed on theinnovative solutions in the sphere of the Indoor/Outdoor Digital Signage networks.


Switching equipment for the Digital Signage networks

The article provides a brief review of the switching equipment for the analogue anddigital audio and video signals. Much attention is given to the solutions for thewireless transmission of the audio/video signals over long distances.

Computer modules: standards, specifications and basic principles of utilization. Part 2

The aim of the article is to familiarize the designers of the systems employing theembedded computers with the basic principles of the task implementation model usingthe computer modules. The review of the most popular standards and specifications ofthe computer modules includes the specific proposals from various companies. Thearticle discusses the basic concept of the use of the computer modules both from thetechnical and administrative standpoints. The review provides the specific examples ofthe system implementation.

Embedded Systems

CompactPCI and PXI: they do not compete, they complement each other. Part 1

The article is based on the materials of the regular seminars "Embedded Systems:Promising Solutions for the Critical Tasks and Harsh Operating Conditions" and isdedicated to the CompactPCI and PXI systems. Also discussed are the fundamentalprinciples of construction and architecture of the systems of these standards. Thearticle offers, as an example, a brief overview of the relevant products from ADLINKspecifying their potential applications. Particular attention focuses on the 3U formatproducts.

Strategy and development of Windows XP Embedded in Russia

The operating systems of the Windows Embedded platform have proved themselvesreliable in various embedded applications. Microsoft continues developing theplatform expanding the capabilities of the new operating systems and improvingtheir advantages. Along with the dedicated ОS Windows Embedded NavReady andPOSReady which have already been released in the market, the similar applicationsof the Ready products might appear for the automatic process control systems.

Industrial Networks

FieldConnex® concept for the FOUNDATION Fieldbus H1 and PROFIBIS-PA industrial networks: performance increase and cost reduction

The article presents FieldConnex® concept from Pepperl+Fuchs for the constructionof the industrial networks in the hazardous areas. They combine various intrinsicallysafe types and provide communication with the control systems located in a safearea. Also included is the brief description of the main components of theFieldConnex® system: field barrier modules, segment protectors and discreteinput/output modules.

Introduction to the Modbus protocol. Part 1

The article describes the Modbus protocol: ASCII and RTU modes, message format, character framing, register map and function codes.

System Integration
Atomic Energy

Information and analytical system to control the liquid radioactive waste treatment complex at Kola nuclear power plant

A unique project for the automation of the liquid radioactive waste treatment complex(LRWTC) was implemented at the Kola NPP within the program of the internationalcooperation on nuclear safety. The state-of-the-art treatment technologies which haveno analogs in the world are designed to recover the liquid radioactive waste from thestorage tanks and remove the radionuclides. In accordance with the adopted FederalTarget Program, the development of the industry involves the distribution of the similarprojects within the framework of international cooperation on increase in safety andreliable operation of the nuclear power plants. Due to the LRWTC, the Kola NPP will beable, within ten years, to fully get rid of the liquid radioactive waste accumulated fromthe beginning of the plant operation.

System of the Energoatom Concern OJSC process data interchange with the automated system of the System operator: construction features

The article presents a brief technical description of the system of the EnergoatomConcern OJSC process data interchange with the automated system of the Systemoperator. It also covers the basic functions of the system, its architecture, constructionprinciples and benefits.


Control systems and cyber security

The article discusses the ways of solving the problems concerning the securitythreats and vulnerabilities of the monitoring and control system of an enterprise. Thearticle offers the approaches and principles of construction of a multilevel securitysystem providing the safe operation of the network control systems.

Oil & Gas Industry

Automation system for the city gas-distribution network based on the Kaskad-SAU software-hardware complex

The article describes the supervisory control system for the telemechanics facilitiesof the city gasdistribution network. Also discussed are the technical characteristics,hardware architecture, composition and functional capabilities of the systemsoftware. Particular attention is given to the data display and backup tools as well asthe embedded diagnostic and supplied development tools.

Oil & Gas Industry

Gas compressor units control: problems occurred and solutions

The article covers the problems occurred when designing the control systems forthe gas compressor units. GTK104 control block for a gas compressor unitdeveloped by NPK LENPROMAVTOMATIKA is presented here as one of the solutions.

Software Tools

Use of VCRWorX32 tool in GENESIS32 V9

The article examines the possibilities of time backoff of the operator's graphicsscreen created by GraphWorX32 tools available in the GENESIS32 suite andpresentation of all screen form data starting from the time chosen.

Design of the operator interface for the FASTWEL I/O distributed control system based on the Maple Systems panels

The article describes an example of designing the system based on the operator'spanel with the Maple Systems Series HMI5000 touch screen and FASTWEL I/O PLCwhich exchange data via the Modbus RTU and Modbus TCP/IP protocols.

Wireless local area networks. Part 2

The article offers an analytical review of literature on the wireless data networkswhich are used in the automation of the production processes. A simple solution ofa number of the tasks -- whose solution was extremely difficult and expensive inthe past -- was made available due to the wireless networks.

PTA trade fair was held in Siberia for the first time