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Unified system architecture

The article shows how to reduce costs and increase flexibility by specifying an open automation system for a building.

Computer modules: standards, specifications and basic principles of utilization. Part 1

The aim of the article is to familiarize the designers of the systems employing the embedded computers with the basic principles of the task implementation model using the computer modules. The review of the most popular standards and specifications of the computer modules includes the specific proposals from various companies. The article discusses the basic concept of the use of the computer modules both from the technical and administrative standpoints. The review provides the specific examples of the system implementation.


Modular compact HPC-systems and ATCA servers for telecommunications and industry. Part 2

The paper offers an analysis of the high capacity modular systems and ATCA standard servers for telecommunications and computer systems of the industrial automation. Particular emphasis is given to the new parallelpipeline systems with the convergent switched environment of communication providing the simultaneous transmission of the large data flows at the gigabyte data rate.

Thermokon in the light of the LON technology. Part 2

The objective of the article is to show in the light of the LON technology the strengths of the Thermokon equipment, cover a range of the Thermokon products for the automation of the residential and commercial buildings, the equipment for the socalled "intellectual home", specify the features of the equipment, promising technologies and innovations and demonstrate a wide variety of the LON products for choice from one specialized supplier.

Heavy Industry

Use of the Fastwel I/O controller in the gas treatment control systems at the by-product coking plants

The article deals with the practical aspects of the development of an automatic control system for the SAU FRIR 800х2 double bag filter for the dust free-coke discharge units of the coke-furnace batteries nos. 5 and 6 at the OJSC Alchevskkoks. The system is based on the Fastwel I/O controller employingthe HMI5056T operator panel from Maple Systems as a workstation.

Monitoring and Measuring Systems

Automated control system for the pneumatic tire dynamic test stand

The article describes the control system of the testrun stand for the dynamic tests of the pneumatic tires. An asynchronous servodrive is used to control the chassis dynamometer speed, and an electro hydraulic servodrive is employed to load the test tire. This ensures a high accuracy of the regulation of the setpoint speed of the chassis dynamometer and load on the test tire.

Information Display

New ruggedized LCD displays from i-sft for industrial applications

I-sft GmbH develops and manufactures the TFTdisplays for industrial applications and is one of the leading European producers of the modern TFTdisplays for the extreme conditions. In 2008, isft GmbH considerably renovated its product line. The company offered to the consumers the displays designed for the extended temperature ranges. They are environment resistant and feature a long MTBF andhigh brightness of the screen.

Industrial Controllers

Redundant controllers System Q for continuous process automation

The article describes the advantages of the redundant control systems of different architectures based on Mitsubishi Electric System Q controllers.

On the new possibilities of LOGO! modules

The possibilities of a new series of LOGO! 0BA6 modules and some examples of their application are shown in the article. Their technical characteristics and innovative solutions are described. Automation of different small systems can be implemented with LOGO! modules using PIregulator, analog calculations and many other functions.

Software Tools

Multimedia alarms in ICONICS GENESIS32 SCADA

The article familiarizes the readers with the AlarmWorX32 MMX software from ICONICS which enables the multimedia management of the alarms and events. In addition to the description, the article presents the practical work which gives an idea of the AlarmWorX32 MMX interface.

Sharp Corporation: sincerity and creativity

The article presents Sharp Corporation as a global leader in the LCD technologies, particularly, in the area of the liquid crystal displays for the industrial and embedded applications. The historical facts, the corporate philosophy provisions, business statistics, information on the partners, production capacities and plans as well as the description of the new products given in the article aim at demonstrating the innovating activity of Sharp Corporation and the foundations of the high quality of its products.

Integrated safety levels in compliance with the IEC 61508 and 61511 and analysis of its connection with maintenance

The article provides the basic parameters of the functional safety of the systems associated with safety of the production processes in the processing industries. Also shown are the examples of their assessment in accordance with the recommendations of the IEC 61508 and 61511 standards. The article analyses its dependence on the organization of maintenance and diagnostics of these systems.

Application of the PMBOK® standard recommendations to the process control system projects

The article describes the experience in using the PMBOK® standard recommendations for the implementation of a small project in the area of the process control. Also discussed are some features of the use of this standard, as applied to the work assessment, in the domestic conditions.

Configuration of the VIPA modules with the STEP 7 Simatic Manager

The article gives some recommendations on the work with the VIPA programmable logic controller using the STEP 7 Simatic Manager software from Siemens.

Wireless local area networks. Part 1

The article offers an analytical review of literature on the wireless data networks which are used in the automation of the production processes. A simple solution of a number of the tasks -- whose solution was extremely difficult and expensive in the past -- was made available due to the wireless networks.