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Modular compact HPC-systems and ATCA servers for telecommunications and industry. Part 1

The paper offers an analysis of the high capacity modular systems and ATCA-standard servers for telecommunications and computer systems of the industrial automation. Particular emphasis is given to the new parallelpipeline systems with the convergent switched environment of communication providing the simultaneous transmission of the large data flows at the gigabyte data rate.

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Thermokon in the light of the LON technology. Part 1

The objective of the article is to show - in the light of the LON technology - the strengths of the Thermokon equipment, cover a range of the Thermokon products for the automation of the residential and commercial buildings, the equipment for the so-called «intellectual home», specify the features of the equipment, promising technologies and innovations and demonstrate a wide variety of the LONproducts for choice from one specialized supplier.

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System Integration
Extractive Industry

Coal mine personnel monitoring and warning system

The article describes a coal mine personnel monitoring and warning system (SNiOP) for emergencies. The system was developed by the Design and Technological Institute of the Computer Engineering, the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (KTI VT SO RAN, Novosibirsk). The basic tasks of the system are the continuous monitoring of the location of the coal mine personnel and prompt search in the rockfalls in case of an accident.

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Mine hoist monitoring system

The article presents a mine hoist monitoring system based on the Fastwel and Pepperl+Fuchs industrial equipment. Also discussed are the architecture of the system, its capabilities and principles of operation. The experience of implementation and operation is analyzed. The article covers the prospects for modernization and development of the system.

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Automation of the ore reduction and flotation product density monitoring

The article reviews various densimeter designs, their advantages and disadvantages as well as experience of development and implementation of the density monitoring system featuring a reliable operation and accuracy of measurement. The system employs the stateoftheart transducers and a highly reliable logical programmable controller.

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Urban Transport

SCADA RTEC control system for the traction substations of the municipal electric transport

The article describes the SCADA RTEC system developed by SoftCom S.A. This system is a comprehensive solution offering an advanced automatic process control system for the municipal public electric transport enterprise RTEC (Kishinev).

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Vehicle-borne information and computing system for a tramcar

The article describes an information and computing system providing the acquisition of data from the vehicle-borne measuring devices installed in a modernized tramcar 71-605, data processing and data presentation in the form of a virtual panel of the instruments and data saving in a file.

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Railway Transport

Expansion of the functionality of the MPTs-MZ-F microprocessor centralization system based on the universal modular data acquisition and control systems

The article presents the MPTs-MZ-F microprocessor centralization system designed to control the facilities of the railway stations. The functions and the architecture of the system are described. The article covers the trends of the expansion of its functional capabilities based on the integration of the relatively inexpensive additional modular devices into the system. This offers the conditions for the optimization of the distribution and substantial increase in the data acquisition and control resources.

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Buildings Automation

LonWorks technology and Series 750 WAGO I/O equipment as the basis for the implementation of the engineering system dispatching and automation projects

The article shows the examples of implementation of the dispatching and automation systems based on the openart LonWorks technology and the distributed input/output system WAGO I/O built on the WAGO Series 750 modules. The article provides a brief discussion of the specific features of the configuration of the 750-319 and 750-819 controllers of this Series, supporting the LonTalk Protocol.

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Chemical Industry

Automation of a liquid ammonia railway loading rack

The article examines an option for building an automation system consisting of the independent safety and automated control subsystems. Also included are the functional capabilities of the system, technical characteristics, architecture and service of hardware and software. The operator interface is briefly described.

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Monitoring and Measuring Systems

Smart Wireless solutions from Emerson Process Management for the process control

The article presents Smart Wireless solutions from Emerson Process Management, which are the first industrial solutions using technology of the selforganizing wireless networks for the process control.

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Power Supplies

Use of the LXI standard for the control of the programmable power supplies

The LXI standard-based Ethernet technology continues to grow in popularity when solving the tasks of control of the secondary power supply sources. The use of this standard in the Gegesys series programmable power supplies from Lambda provides some additional competitive advantages such as an easy control and configuration, possibility of integration via LAN, and reduction in the modernization costs.

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Information Display

New players in the Magelis XBT graphic terminal family

The article describes a few series of the graphic terminals from Schneider Electric: an early version – Magelis XBT GT and two recent versions – Magelis XBT GK and Magelis XBT GTW. The fundamental difference between the early version of the product and those newly launched is that they have been built on a new technological platform.

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Performance Technologies – a guide to the world of the embedded modular communication systems

It is the aim of this article to familiarize the readers with the businessmodel and products from Performance Technologies (USA). The article shows the historical milestones in the development of the company, its achievements and the key economic figures. Also included is an overview of the products and examples of its use in telecommunications, industry and safety systems.

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Hardware redundancy in industrial automation. Part 3

Redundancy is practically the only way for providing failsafe operation or functional safety of the automatic systems. The article gives an overview of the well-known «hot» and «warm» redundancy methods as well as the voting method performed well in the industrial automation systems.

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