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Current state and prospects of the automation systems at the concrete plants

The article addresses the basic approaches of the Russian designers to the development of the state-of-the-art automated control systems for the concrete mixing units at the concrete plants and gives the examples of their practical implementation, including those employing the digital microwave sensors for measuring moisture of the concrete mix.

System Integration
Municipal Economy

Automated system for monitoring quantity and quality of the municipal services provided to the urban population

The article describes the implementation of a system for monitoring quantity and quality of the municipal services furnished to the people of a small city near Moscow. The main objectives pursued when designing the system were to improve quality of the municipal services as well as provide a possibility for prompt response to various emergencies and a case study of the emergencies occurred based on the historical data on the behavior of an object before and during an accident in order to prevent the similar situations in the future.


Automation of a steel giant

The article provides an example of the efficient implementation of the state-of-the-art automated process control system at a steel foundry, with emphasis on the creation and development of the competitive smart enterprises of the industry. The article discusses the necessity for utilizing such systems in a vertical chain - from the ore processing to the transportation of the end products to the buyers.


Press control system based on ADAM-5510

The article illustrates a reliable and efficient solution for the low-budget automation projects by the example of the control system for the press employed in the production of the refractory bricks for the metallurgy applications.

A measuring probe for the automatic determination of the melting parameters in the converter

In circumstances where the converter steel production is intensified, the use of a probe with an automatic recharge of the replaceable blocks and hence a possibility of repeated measurements of the steel parameters allows the converter operation without turndown. The measuring probes installed at the converters at OJSC Severstal have successfully passed the tests. The tap-to-tap cycle was reduced by four minutes.

Buildings Automation

Intellectual world of the cottages

The article covers the individual components of the automated control system of a residential community. The experience of use of the modern equipment and advanced software technologies for the intellectual buildings described here will contribute to a pool of the successful solutions for cozy and comfortable housing.

Municipal Economy

Environmentally friendly car wash project

The article gives rationale for the necessity of a comprehensive approach to the development of a car wash project which is a mass-produced product meeting the environmental safety requirements while maintaining its efficiency as a business project. The article shows that the main component of such approach is the design of the centralized automatic car wash control system. The selected hardware for the system is described.


Implementing certified safety systems in the industrial enterprises of Russia

The increase in the production volumes in many enterprises of Russia is observed in the last decade, especially in the metallurgical and machine-building industries. It is accompanied by a high level of automation, a fast increase and intensity of machine utilization. The adoption of new technological processes considerably increased requirements for the safety of the equipment operation, because the issues of preventing the service personnel traumatism, protection the expensive equipment from the damages became topical.

Industrial Controllers

Fastwel I/O inside. Part 4

The structure and operation of the basic components of a Fastwel I/O hardware-software complex intended for designing automated data acquisition and control systems are considered, and design approaches are discussed. FBUS module-communicating internal bus, an adapted environment for CoDeSys application programs, network protocol services, and interaction between the complex's basic components are described in detail

Flash Memory

The solid-state disks are the reliable solution for the mission-critical applications. Part 2

The article provides a comparative analysis of the efficiency of data storage on the solid-state and hard disks and offers an overview of the existing formats of the solid-state disks. The article investigates the problems typical for the NAND-memory and shows how these problems can be handled utilizing the TrueFFS® software thus making the NAND-memory advantages as to capacity, efficiency, reliability and cost available to the users.

Real-time Operating Systems

Using resources integration technology to design the fault-tolerant military systems

The network military technologies depends to a great extent on the interconnected platforms, weaponry and communications as well as the sensor systems, each containing the smart capabilities and thus, making it vulnerable to the software errors, huckers' attacks and simply erroneous code. One of the methods for guaranteed protection of the global information network from the effect of the faults of its individual systems is to utilize the operating systems featuring the resources integration functions. Using patented QNX adaptive decomposition technology provides the guaranteed runtime for real time applications, neutralizes the threats and protects the system.

Fundamentals of the basic GOST R IEC Standards for the telememetering devices and systems. Part 1

The article presents the fundamentals of a number of the basic standards for the telemetering devices and systems developed by the International Electrotechnical Commission and introduced in our country so that the Russian developments in this field meet the international standards and show promise for the unification of the technical solutions.

PID controllers: issues of implementation. Part 1

The previous articles of the author devoted to the PID controllers described their design philosophy and modifications. This paper continues the discussion and gives an overview of the methods for the manual calculation of the parameters, automatic adjustment and adaptation of the PID controllers.

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