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Industrial PCs in the light of the new technologies

The article gives an overview of the main trends at the market of the industrial computers and its components. The new technologies and standards that have found use in the advanced models from the leading manufactures of the motherboards and processor boards as well as the chassis for the industrial PCs and servers are described here.

PC/104 processor boards: new goals, new standards, new capabilities

The article discusses the design of the high-performance embedded computer systems based on the PC/104 standard. The arrangement of the efficient heat removal and use of various interfaces including PCI Express to provide data exchange between the processor boards and the application boards are outlined here.

AdvantiX industrial computers: order it. it’s just not impossible to refuse

This article describes the Fastwel AdvantiX line, production technology and advantages of the use of the mass assembled industrial computers and servers. Also, a detailed description of each Fastwel AdvantiX model is provided.

Basic principles of design of the high-performance and highly reliable CompactPCI systems

The article examines the specific features of the design of the high-performance and highly reliable control systems utilizing the CompactPCI-standard products. The characteristics of the PCI bus which is the basis of the CompactPCI-based module bus system specification are briefly covered. Also discussed in detail are the implementation of a multiprocessing system on one CompactPCI bus segment and more as well as the logical arrangement of the passive integrated backplanes supporting the PICMG 2.16 specification. The article offers the basic recommendations as to the design of the CompactPCI-systems enabling the maximum use of the benefits of this dynamically emerging standard. Examples of the state-of-the-art CompactPCI-based hardware, both foreign and Russian are given here.

A Multiprocessing computer system for the hard real-time tasks

The article reviews the design principles for the hard real-time computing systems. The basic data on the multiprocessor computer system developed by NPP Aviation and Marine Electronics and the use of this computer for building the cluster high-performance computing systems are presented here.

Marine Equipment

An Ethernet-based multichannel distributed system for the synchronous hard real-time data acquisition

The article discusses the design principles for the multichannel distributed system for the synchronous data acquisition utilizing the Ethernet technologies in the hard real-time conditions, with emphasis on the methods for compensating the time delay and synchronizing the data takeoff from a great many sources. The system is intended for use as a part of the marine equipment, but its design principles are universal, and they can be employed in variety of industrial applications.


TV monitoring system

The article describes the television system for monitoring the facilities of various applications. This system provides continuous monitoring of the scene, thus enabling the timely detection of the contingencies and reduction of time for their correction.

An automated system for maintaining the set conditions for transporting the space vehicles to a launch site

The article focuses on the purpose and functions of the automated control and monitoring system (ACMS) for the temperature and moisture parameters when transporting the space vehicles to a launch site. The architecture of the ACMS implemented on the MicroPC hardware is presented here. The article shows the results of testing this system together with the the space vehicle.

An instrumental complex for the design of the embedded real-time control systems

The article covers the issues concerning the design of an instrumental complex for designing the embedded real-time systems. The complex supports a full development cycle enabling the high-speed simulation of the systems and the algorithms running. Also included are the descriptions of the aviation, marine and train systems as well as the energy accounting and the subway facilities control systems designed by means of this instrumental complex.

Industrial Controllers

Fastwel I/O inside. Part 3

The structure and operation of the basic components of a Fastwel I/O hardware-software complex intended for designing automated data acquisition and control systems are considered, and design approaches are discussed. FBUS module-communicating internal bus, an adapted environment for CoDeSys application programs, network protocol services, and interaction between the complex's basic components are described in detail.


Advanced automation technologies. The LEXIUM servosystems

Flash Memory

The solid-state disks are the reliable solution for the mission-critical applications. Part 1

The article provides a comparative analysis of the efficiency of data storage on the solid-state and hard disks and offers an overview of the existing formats of the solid-state disks. The article investigates the problems typical for the NAND-memory and shows how these problems can be handled utilizing the TrueFFS® software thus making the NAND-memory advantages as to capacity, efficiency, reliability and cost available to the users.

Real-time Operating Systems

Secure real-time operating system

The article reveals the secret of success of the QNX secure hard real-time operating system, tells the story of its creation and certification to meet the Russian requirements for the information security and technological independence.

The procedural issues of application of the electronic devices in the defense technology: the legislative basis and the realities of life

The article discusses the existing legislative basis in the field of application of both foreign and Russian "civilian" electronics in the defense equipment, licensing of the developments and manufacturing of products for the defense needs as well as the problems of practical application of the established procedures and vision of the ways for their solution. The article is primarily intended for the customers of the defense products, chief designers and management of the enterprises working or having intention to work at the electronic market of the defense industry.

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Specific features of the ADAM-5510E/TCP controller programming

The article unveils some peculiarities of the control system programming on ADAM-5510 and ADAM I/O modules.

ISA District 12 conference

Parade of the ICONICS technologies: summing-up