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New-generation Schroff Cabinets

The trends in designing cabinets produced by Schroff, a leading cabinet manufacture, are considered.

System Integration
Railway Transport

Unified software/hardware for electric energy consumption automatic accounting at a railway junction and network project implementation

The design of automated systems intended for electric energy consumption commercial accounting at railway junctions, power-hungry objects distributed over a vast area, is considered. Criteria for selecting unified software/ hardware are presented, and the networking principles are described.

Chemical Industry

Control system for a coking plant complex

A process control system for a coking plant complex is described. The system covers a number of independent networked production areas involved in a production cycle. Some of the basic objectives of the system are accomplished by GENESIS32 SCADA tools.

Food Industry

Complex approach to designing a process control system used in alcohol mash production

The need for a complex approach to updating production objects is demonstrated. The approach described in this paper was applied at the Kozlov distillery to incorporate the control system used in alcohol mash production into the general alcohol-production-controlling system. The alcohol production technology; the software/hardware, structure, and functions of the control system; and the potentiality of the operator interface are described. The final part of the article shows the efficiency of the approaches implemented in practice.

Buildings Automation

Building management systems: comfort and economic benefits

Burning issues concerning building automation, such as hardware platform selection, networking, and optimization of ventilation- and heating-controlling algorithms are touched upon. Experience on introducing automated ventilator units into the Olimp automobile center (St. Petersburg) is described.

Buildings Automation

How buildings become smart

Modern buildings have many rooms and areas requiring different illumination, safety, and climatic conditions, as well as different levels of information service. This article describes a smart control system that has become a constituent element of high-class buildings.

Oil & Gas Industry

On-spot loading rack rated at 3 million tons of petroleum products a year

The article describes an automated clock filling plant that has been put into operation in the oil refinery at OAO Salavatnefteorgsintez. The plant is designed for direct weighing of petroleum products and filling of tank cars through two telescopic filling pipes, as well as for removal of vapors from the filling area or their recuperation.

Automated systems controlling gas, oil, and water heating

The systems described in this article are intended to control various gas jets, keep a product being heated at a desired temperature, meet safety requirements, and detect malfunction. Remote control is also provided. The heater-controlling systems allow designers to unify circuit, hardware, and software solutions and also simplify the equipment adjustment during operation and updating.

Automated system for controlling a flow gauge calibration bench

An automated system for controlling a flow gauge calibration bench is described. Hardware and software tools constituting a basis for this process control system are presented, and the operation of the bench is outlined.

Power Engineering

Projects of mechanical-draft cooling tower automation

Modern water-rotation equipment-cooling systems based on mechanical-draft cooling towers are considered. Factors crucial for the service life, reliability, and efficiency of the cooling towers are analyzed. Appropriate circuit-design and algorithmic approaches to automation are suggested. The results of modeling and operation of automated ventilator cooling towers are presented.

Monitoring and Measuring Systems

Automated system for determining mechanical properties of materials

The system described in this article is intended for controlling the loading parameters of general-purpose testing machines determining the strength characteristics of materials. The system is built on an industrial computer.

Industrial Controllers

Fastwel I/O inside. Part 2

The structure and operation of the basic components of a Fastwel I/O hardware-software complex intended for designing automated data acquisition and control systems are considered, and design approaches are discussed. FBUS module-communicating internal bus, an adapted environment for CoDeSys application programs, network protocol services, and interaction between the complex's basic components are described in detail.

Portable device driver for embedded systems

It is hard to imagine a more pleasant moment for a programmer than when he sees that a program on which he has worked hard for several days, months, or even years operates exactly as it must: rapidly and correctly. The article touches upon special programs - drivers. The reader will get to know program design and debugging tools aimed at making a driver flexible and portable as applied to the Windows, Linux, and QNX operational systems.

PTA – St. Petersburg 2007: new approaches to automation

“Modern Energy-Saving Technologies and All-Round Automation from Siemens” conference