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System Integration
Railway Transport

Complex automated system of supervisory control for the first line of Kazan underground: up-to-date solutions to standard problems

The article describes an automated system providing the functioning of Kazan metro objects - a complex automated system of supervisory control of electromechanical facilities and energy supply objects.


Process control system for the foundry equipment of Revda non-ferrous metals processing works

The system described here makes possible monitoring of process parameters, on-line display of sample analysis results, generation of databases, and equipment failure prevention; thereby, it serves to improve the product quality. The features of the technological process, as well as hardware/software solutions used in designing the system, are described.

Control of ingot cutting on a blooming

A system of ingot cutting control on a blooming is described. It uses image correlation velocimeters to trace the ingot position before cutting. The possibility of integrating the system into a network consisting also of accounting and process monitoring systems is discussed.


Laser Doppler meters in a hot-rolled metal accounting system

General information about laser Doppler meters of the rolled-metal velocity and length is given. Updating of LI803M meters and the operation of the hot-rolled metal accounting system using these meters at the Nizhnii Tagil metallurgical works (OAO NTMK) are described.

Process control system for the copper concentrating mill at Almalyk mining-and-smelting works

Problems and experience in designing a selective flotation control system are described. The system is equipped with advanced sensors of process parameter and a reliable programmable controller. Algorithms for calculating the density, solid consumption, and other parameters of the pulp flow using signals from the sensors are presented.

Railway Transport

Application of ADAM-5000/TCP modular microcontrollers for diagnostics of Trakt complex equipment

The article describes application of ADAM-5000/TCP microcontroller in assembly-line production for diagnostics of the equipment of Trakt complex, which is used in centralized traffic control systems in railway transport. The choice of ADAM-5000/TCP is based on the fact that it meets design requirements. The hardware and software of the diagnostic complex are described.

Automotive Industry

Control system for a bench testing the brake system of GAZ-3310 Valdai car for tightness

Application of advanced industrial controllers in control electronics for measuring and adjusting benches used to test motor transport is described.


Hardware-software complex for studying algorithms of multiaxis electric drive trajectory interpolation

A single-computer implementation of a numerical control system is considered. The approach is based on software adapted to Windows XP that was developed in Delphi 7 environment using servodrive control algorithms developed by the authors.


Industrial Controllers

Fastwel I/O inside

The structure and operation of the basic components of a Fastwel I/O hardware-software complex intended for designing automated data acquisition and control systems are considered, and design approaches are discussed. FBUS module-communicating internal bus, an adapted environment for CoDeSys application programs, network protocol services, and interaction between the complex's basic components are described in detail.

Software Tools

New approaches of operation with OPC data

Basic advantages of operation of SCADA systems with OPC data are outlined, and features and disadvantages of the existing data communication protocols are considered. The potential of this approach and available solutions are demonstrated using a new version of Iconics GENESIS32 V9 HMI/SCADA.

Real-time Operating Systems

Cheapening of industrial control system design by using adaptive decomposition of system resources

As the complexity and volume of codes increase, so does the probability of processor time shortage at the final stage of system development: the process of debugging and integration of the system becomes more sophisticated, and detection and removal of faults become more time-consuming and expensive. The risk that the processor resources will be spent on executing failure-inducing programs is eliminated by using a patented adaptive decomposition technology that assures real-time processor resource allocation between applications. Debugging expenses due to processor resource shortage are cut, and the final product becomes more reliable and protected and comes into the market faster.

PID controllers: design philosophy and modifications. Part 2

The article considers the philosophy of designing PID controllers, which have found wide application in process automation. Attention is also given to controllers for transport-delay systems, as well as to fuzzy and neuronet PID controllers.

Technique for testing the operation of Fastwel processor boards under QNX operating system

A technique for testing the compatibility of various versions of QNX operating system with application-specific Fastwel processor boards is described. The algorithms and scripts of test programs are presented. An example of stepwise assembling the image of QNX Momentics operating system and an embedded file system along with Photon graphic shell is given.