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LON technology

Building automation is a specific area of automation that combines technological advances with architectural features. Among the currently available approaches to designing control systems, many are dedicated for building automation, the LON technology being one of them.

System Integration
Buildings Automation

Automated system for supervisory control of engineering services and communications in trade-and-entertainment complex

The automated system for supervisory control presented in this article is intended for monitoring the state of life-supporting systems of trade-and-entertainment complex. The components and configuration of the system, as well as its performance capabilities, functionality, and communicativeness, are described.

“Smart” villages

This article generalizes experience in constructing an intelligent system for controlling engineering services and intrusion alarm complexes of the Greenfield village and gives recommendations concerning the design of such systems and basics of appropriate software-hardware solutions. These recommendations could also be useful in municipal housing and communal services.

Buildings Automation

Biometrical access control systems: a stride to the future

The advantages of biometrical access control systems over conventional ones using magnetic cards and electronic switches are described. The BioSmart access control systems based on dactyloscopic identification is presented. The system offers wide functionality due to a flexible software and unique fingerprint readers with a capacitive scanner.

Electric Power Industry

Conservation of 300-MW power units using automated chemical control

The results obtained at the conservation of heat-and-power engineering equipment of 300-MW units by using octadecylamine are reported. The associated system for chemical control of heat carrier parameters is described, and a method of determining the conservation completion time is suggested.

Railway Transport

Automated system for controlling a bench for full-scale testing railways transport units

The article describes a system for controlling loading parameters of 12-channel electrohydraulic bench intended for full-scale testing of railway transport units. The control system is based on an industrial computer and is equipped with highly reliable devices providing a desired accuracy of measurements.

Multifunctional microprocessor-based system for transscooter control

A control system for a Kenguru transscooter -- a terrestrial transport vehicle for people with limited physical abilities -- is described. The system satisfies the multifunctionality and design flexibility of the transscooter. The advantages of the PC/104-based hardware implementation are shown


Ob automated detonation complex for applying powered coatings

The article exemplifies an automated industrial detonation technology. A computerized detonation complex intended for applying powdered coatings is described that allows for programmable processing of a variety of machine parts and mechanisms, while automatically preventing hazardous situations and controlling process conditions.

Industrial Controllers

Inexpensive and small-sized controllers for building automation systems

The basic characteristics and potential of DirectLOGIC programmable logic controllers widely used in building automation systems are considered.

Software Tools

HOMAG woodworking machines: the result of adherence to IEC 61131-3 and CoDeSys

In the past, integration of automation components from various producers was a difficult and even dangerous deed. Only those companies ready for much debugging were able to automate their sophisticated equipment using programmable components from various producers. The activity of HOMAG AG, a German machine-building company, is an excellent example of using the idea of platform-independent design based on IEC 61131-3, which offers new prospects for equipment unification. With IEC 61131-3 and the CoDeSys complex, machine-building companies become free in selecting programmable devices without bewaring of their integration.

VXI-11 Server on the QNX Neutrino platform

The client-server architecture is discussed as applied to distributed measuring systems. The role of VXI-11 specification in developing an embedded software for instrumentation is demonstrated. A manual for creating a software making it possible to control instrumentation via Ethernet by meeting a special standard is given.

PID controllers: design philosophy and modifications. Part 1

The article considers the philosophy of designing PID controllers, which have found wide application in process automation. Attention is also given to controllers for transport-delay systems, as well as to fuzzy and neuronet PID controllers.

Application of fieldbus systems in hazardous areas

The article synopsizes the present-day concept of designing distributed networks to be used in hazardous areas and describes a method of estimating the intrinsic safety of the RS-485 interface.

Working with GENESIS32 SCADA. Part 4

PTA-2006 trade fair in view of national projects

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