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Tools for developing human-machine interface for hazardous areas

Provision of reliable and cost-efficient tools for developing human-machine interface for hazardous environment is a challenge in elaborating process control systems. This article helps in tackling this problem. It presents Pepperl+Fuchs EXTEC Gmbh intrinsically safe terminals that allow the operator to visualize process data and control the process, correcting its parameters. In part I of the article, emphasis is on the TERMEX (TERM) family of compact operator's terminals that are connected to a programmable controller through a serial interface. The performance specifications, designs, software, configuration features, commutation, and application of the terminals are described.

Intel Pentium M-based solutions: made in Russia for Russia

This article presents a review of Intel® Pentium® M-based single-board computers, a most important product of Fastwel Company. Advanced high-performance computers with long-term accessibility may serve as building blocks for domestic embedded system makers in the foreseeable future.

Unified approach to designing VARISTAR general-purpose cabinets for electronic equipment

Application of a unified approach to designing Schroff VARISTAR cabinets is described. The seismic stability and electromagnetic radiation protection of the cabinets, as well as associated test procedures, are considered in detail.

System Integration
Coalmining Industry

Process control system for mine's concentration plant

Process control system for mine's concentration plant is developed and Implemented. Automated control of the power-station coal concentration process is accomplished using a distributed network comprising a control industrial computer and several Advantech IBM-compatible programmable controllers. The UltraLogik and GENESIS32 packages are used as the software environment.

Oil & Gas Industry

Corrosion-monitoring system for oil primary refining plant

An automated corrosion-monitoring system installed on the AVT oil refining facility at the OOO Lukoil-Volgogradneftepererabotka oil refining plant is described. The system is intended for prevention of corrosion processes via automatically controlling the delivery of anticorrodants to the interior of the AVT facility.

Oil & Gas Industry

Kanal Kvant software-hardware complex for estimating the composition and flow rate of the oil-well fluid

To determine the water content in and the flow rate of oil being recovered from a well is a technological challenge. A Kanal Kvant hardware-software complex, a part of oil-field equipment automation facility, is designed to serve this purpose. The article gives an idea of its hardware and describes in detail the functionality and components of its software. Pilot operational tests show the reliability and a sufficient accuracy of measurements.

Voice information system for passengers of electric trains

The system described in this article transmits information from the automatic control system of an electric train to the station's loudspeaker and, in the case of a double train, to the automatic control system of the other electric train through a radio channel. In this way, passengers at the stations automatically gain information about an incoming train and a double train is controlled by one crew. The configuration of the system and the functionality of its basic components are described.

Monitoring and Measuring Systems

Computerized flow lines: goals achieved

Updating of the computerized nickel-cutting flow lines at the Severonikel concern is described.


New products from Prosoft-Systems for nondestructive check

New developments intended for solving the topical problem of nondestructive check are presented. The performance specifications of the new devices, as well as their functionality, commutation, and design features, are described. The advantages of the new devices over the earlier versions are emphasized. The potential and domain of applicability of the devices are exemplified.

Industrial Controllers

TeSyS U smart starter from Schneider Electric

Emergency protection systems built on BAZIS Controllers from Ekoresurs

The article presents a review of BAZIS series multifunctional Zener-barriers protected controllers. Their potential, performance specifications, and applications, as well as related I/O devices, are described.


New player at the Russian market of industrial communications

A product line from Korenix, an industrial information network equipment manufacturer, is described.


Kernel level drivers for Windows 2000/XP/XP Embedded

The article considers practical issues concerning the development of kernel level drivers in Windows NT operating systems (Windows 2000/XP/Embedded XP). For gaining insight into the operation of the I/O subsystem of which the drivers are basic components, the configuration of the operating system as a whole is synopsized. The simplest example of the kernel level driver is given.

On integrated safety of machines

The reader is introduced to harmonized international standards of safety and to the grounds for creating the convincing "compliance" base as an efficient competitive industrial policy tool. He will also become aware of what is meant by the term "compliance" how is safety of products for the life and health of users provided, what is the role of European Community directions, what does the mark "CE" indicate, etc.

Climate systems for cabinets

The article will help engineers to choose equipment providing a necessary microclimate in an electrical cabinet. Different ways of extra heat removal are discussed, and the thermal balance in the cabinet is analyzed. An adequate selection of equipment is exemplified, and practical recommendations for equipping the cabinet with a cooler are given.

Object-oriented extensions of IEC 61131-3 standard

The extension of IEC 61131-3 standard is being extensively discussed at all conferences on industrial automation worldwide. The author of the article has put forward a number of ideas, which either have been already introduced into the standards or are the subject of hot discussion of IEC working groups. Here, the author presents CoDeSys as a platform for testing new software products.

Grounding in industrial automation systems

The issue at hand is grounding used in industrial automation systems for provision of their reliable functioning and protection of personnel against electric current shock.

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