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System Integration
Distributed Control Systems

Automation of geographically distributed objects using MicroPC

The article suggests solutions on geographically distributed objects automation with signal transmission between the devices via radio channel and message generation according to IEC 870 series standards. These solutions are implemented using MicroPC hardware.

Food Industry

Production operations management tasks solution at different information structure levels of an enterprise

The consideration is given to enterprise information structure, its components' positioning and interaction, their place in management hierarchical structure, tasks and methods of their integration into industrial environment. Special attention is paid to ERP, MES and the integration of process control systems for production operations management.

Complex approach to the process control systems construction in alcohol production

The article presents the complex approach to the construction of the alcohol production process control system at Kozlovskiy distillery. The components of this approach are: hardware and software tools selection in accordance with the formulated tasks and requirements; control parameter optimization; functional and structural flexibility provision; real time administration; explosive environment consideration; user-friendly interface development, etc.The article presents quantitative indexes proving the effectiveness of the described system.

Electric Power Industry

Modernization of Dnepropetrovsk electric power grid automated dispatcher control system operational information complex

Modernization objectives are formulated; the new operational information complex structure appropriate to these objectives and the applied hardware and software description are presented. The applied high reliability measures are listed and the extended features of the improved complex and unified nature of the suggested solutions are shown.

Railway Transport

Safety and efficiency — main features of Kazan underground traffic control system

The architecture and composition of the Kazan underground traffic control system are considered. The system is characterized by a high level of passengers safety and effectiveness in operation. The latest scientific and practical achievements in the field of automated control and underground train traffic management are implemented in this system, which serves as a sample of innovation in domestic industry.


Electronics for railway traffic safety

The article is dedicated to the description of the Unified integrated railway traffic control and accident prevention system, the aims and objectives pursued during its development, and the tasks accomplished. The system's main functions, new advantages, structure, technical solutions and design features are described.

Automated rail flaw detection — 5 years later

This reference to the problems of automated rail flaw detection is dedicated to several fundamental issues, deriving from the need to comply with the new requirements of rail condition control and diagnostics. The article presents the appropriate solutions realized in the ADS-02 flaw detector, as well as the main trends in further system development aimed at raising the search system reliability, secondary inspection productivity, wireless data transmission capability and railway line certification.

TEM21 — 21st century locomotive

TEM21 is a new generation diesel-locomotive shunter with AC/AC electric transmission. The article describes its design features and microprocessor control system.

GTG-100K gas-turbine generator automatic control and regulation system

The article depicts a successful development of the shipboard 100 kW gas-turbine generator GTG-100K automatic control and regulation system based on MicroPC modules. System requirements are considered, as well as development stages and ways to achieve the required reliability and durability and to minimize time and financial expense. Developed within limited time frames, the automation system provided military quality and allowed engineering solutions common for any gas turbines.

Three hundred and fifty feet below the sea level

The nuclear submarine Kursk lay on the sea bed at a depth of 350 ft. In the bitterness of the tragedy, the technical aspects of the unique salvage operation paled into insignificance, but the unfortunate crew could not otherwise been buried with military honors. Little-known details of the operation are now made public.This article was received from Raster, a Dutch company which took part in the raising of the Kursk submarine. It describes the hoists' automated control system. One of the main tasks of this system was compensating for relative movement of the vessel in the sea swell.


Software component model for space vehicle onboard systems testing

The problems related to complex engineering systems testing are stated in this article. The tasks of presentation and processing information concerning the technological processes of testing such systems are described. The article includes tried and tested solutions to the above-mentioned difficulties.


Mixed fodder production process control system based on Fastwel RTU188-BS controller

The article describes the automated process control system for fodder mixing and dosing at the hog-raising farm of the Siberian Agrarian Group. The functional capabilities and hardware/software implementation of the control system are described. The performance and accuracy requirements of the customer were exceeded as a result of its implementation.

XP Power — power electronics expert

Sliding mode use in regulation

The article presents a description of sliding mode control algorithms for discrete control devices. Variations of such algorithms are discussed, from ideal object regulator basic algorithm, to real aperiodic object optimal regulation algorithm.

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