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System Integration
Power Engineering

Automated control system for makeup unit of VAZ heating and power plant

This article describes the development of the chemical water treatment process automated control system at VAZ heat and power plant in Togliatti City. The objectives of the control process are formulated on the basis of the detailed description of the workflow and are targeted on improvement of its reliability, effectiveness and quality of water purification. The structure, characteristics and main features of hardware and software of the system are presented.

Implementation of a water-chemical conditions monitoring system

The article presents the description of the automation object, defines project requirements taking into account the features of the information systems in use at JSC "Permskaya GRES" (Permskaya thermal power plant).The structure diagram of the water-chemical conditions chemical-engineering monitoring system as well as the utilized equipment are presented in the article. The project special features are described, which the specialists faced during implementation. The article includes the description of the project results and their analysis along with the chemical site specialists' reports and opinions on the implemented system.

Automated heat-transfer materials accounting system for Naberezhnochelninskaya heat and power plant

The article describes the automated heat-transfer materials accounting system, introduced at Naberezhnochelninskaya heat and power plant (Tatarstan Republic, RF). In the system development process the designers not only aimed at affordable and reliable solution, but at the same time tried to create a universal, user-friendly and scalable system.

Small-scale automation of electric power units based on “NIPS” software-and-hardware complex

The article describes application of "NIPS" complex in development of small-scale automation systems using the process control system for 200 MW electric power units of Surgutskaya thermal power plant (GRES-1) as an example.

Buildings Automation

Buildings automation: from theory to practice

The development of modern building supervisory control and automation systems is becoming an actual and wide-spread objective. Its solution leads to operational costs reduction, to improvement of reliability and quality in access to various resources. The automation project of the 12-story Bank of Russia building is described in this article as an example, various aspects of such systems development are considered, practical advices and recommendations are given based on its implementation experience.

Water supply control system of the administrative-industrial buildings

The article describes the actual buildings water supply control system automation project accomplished on the basis of PLC and industrial network with AS-interface. The capabilities and advantages of AS-interface networks are mentioned. The basic aspects of unified approach to various life-support systems development are addressed, the approach aimed at optimization of subsequent integration of these subsystems into a united intellectual building automation system.


Automated heat shields control system

Installation of heat shields at the intermediate mill table is an efficient energy saving measure at hot rolling mills. This article describes such equipment, its features and modes of operation. The main consideration is given to the heat shields control system based on SIMATIC hardware/software platform. System performance capabilities submitted to the user are shown as well as system efficiency data based on its implementation results.


Dry charge dosing automated system in electrode products manufacturing

The system described in this article was developed without manufacturing process suspension. Its implementation allowed to considerably increase the dosing accuracy and productivity due to application of modern automation equipment, frequency controlled drives and construction modifications. The project completion also improved the manufacturing process information support and its controllability.

Process variables automated monitoring system for the main electric drives of a continuous billet mill

The article describes the automated monitoring system for the main electric drives of a continuous billet mill. This system provides persistent milling process monitoring in common timescale and stores the logged process characteristics. This allows to detect deviations in the course of the technological process, to select the most efficient rolling schedule in case of technology changes, to recall the preceding history of emergency situations, to reduce the faults tracing time in case of a failure in electric circuits of the main electric drives.

Monitoring and Measuring Systems

Corrugated paperboard production line control

You can find the description of modern automation equipment implementation in the following article. Corrugated paperboard production line control is set as an example.

Terminal Blocks

Wiring without a screwdriver

The article describes the evolution of the spring-loaded Cage Clamp terminal connectors invented by WAGO company. It shows the examples of engineering solutions of this company, which allowed it to take up and hold the leading positions among the largest terminal clamps manufacturers.

Software Tools

BridgeWorX: automatic data exchange server

The article represents the functional capabilities of the BridgeWorX universal data server, which is a part of Iconics BizViz software package. The article gives practical exercises, which allow to become familiar with this software quickly.

Selection of hardware automation facilities for hazardous industrial projects

The article reports on important practical questions, which the processes control system integrators face during automation of hazardous industrial objects.

Russian Industrial Automation Market Realities

PTA: first time in Ural region

CTA magazine at the summer trade fairs