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Hybrid DC/DC-converters withstand space ionizing radiation

The tolerance of radio-electronic equipment to complex ionizing radiation plays a significant role in its long and non-failure operation in space conditions. Space-borne usage of electro and radio equipment unspecified as radiation-resistant, allows to essentially lower the project cost, however demands evaluation tests carrying out for their steadiness to ionizing radiation influence acknowledgement. One may find such screening methods and reports, performed for Interpoint (USA) hybrid DC/DC-converters presented in the article. The article also contains the answer on the live issue of how to make the guaranteed resistance of components to radiation possible. This topic was stated on the seminar "Aviation and rocket-and space industries element base supply" organized by the Russian Aerospace Agency in 2002.

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Octagon Systems: achievement of perfection

The developers of mission critical systems are offered an article about new serial equipment from Octagon Systems Company. Octagon Systems products are known worldwide due to their wide application in industrial automation, avionics, on-board and special systems. The company is not going to rest on its achievements and offers new solutions of the 21st century tasks.

System Integration

Automated control system for jet thruster stand test-firing

The article reports on automated control system development for jet thruster stand test-firing. The system is MicroPC solutions based and supported by MAIS-2000 software. The described solutions allow to raise the quality of performed tests and to increase the precision of measurements by means of highly reliable hardware application. The system is being implemented at the NIIMash test base (Nizhnaya Salda city, Sverdlovsk region).

IBM PC compatible controllers’ tolerance to Single Event Upset (SEU) on spacecraft orbits

In the following article the problem of on-board IBM PC compatible controllers failures, caused by the influence of high-energy charged space particles (protons, nucleuses, and chemical elements ions) is discussed. Having used calculation methods for some orbits of a spacecraft, there was an Octagon Systems 2133 CPU board memory failures forecast performed. One may also find recommendations for central on-board computer protection from such failures influence consequences.


On-board spacecraft retransmitter digital equipment testing complex

The article reports on the stages of on-board spacecraft retransmitter digital equipment testing complex creation based on ADAM-4000 modules. The principles of testing complex creation as well as its engineering data are presented. The modular approach applied by the author allows to reduce time and expenses on required tests of equipment.

Oil & Gas Industry

Teleautomatic complex SupeRTU-4

Power Supplies

Low-profile programmable power supplies from Nemic-Lambda: combination of power and intelligence

The article reports on Genesys programmable power supplies from Nemic-Lambda (Israel), defined for their high energy features, reliability, precision, weight and sizes. Devices are remotely programmable and can be easily connected to serial line communication interfaces. The possibility of connection with universal interface bus GPIB allows easy products integration into the test systems' equipment.

UPS optimum choice

The purpose of the article is to help engineer in finding an optimum solution for equipment protection depending on its type and function. The devices for protecting equipment from power supply interference are reviewed as well as the recommendations on power supplies choice and configuration.

Creating user DLL access to universal OPC server from Fastwel

The article is dedicated to the assembler user library (DLL) created for Fastwel universal OPC server. The general principles of assembler programming in Windows as well as the recommendations on compiler and integrated development environment (IDE) selection guideline are given. The practical example of writing test DLL is illustrated.

The efficiency of using variable-frequency electric drive at sewage pumping stations

The purpose of the article is an attempt to define the estimation criteria of efficiency for the variable-frequency method applying.

Working with GENESIS32 SCADA. Part 3

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