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Hirschmann style industrial Ethernet

Every day Ethernet based networks are more and more actively penetrating the field levels of industries providing an opportunity of uniform vertical network infrastructure creation, which, in return, bears a number of benefits comparing to traditional industrial networks. The article reports on most popular products for industrial Ethernet networks from German manufacturer Hirschmann and also HIPER-Ring technology, which has de-facto become industrial standard and allows to build failsafe cost-effective networks.

Sharp LCDs for industrial and special applications. Part 2

The following material completes the article placed in the previous issue of СТА magazine. One can find a short description of Sharp TFT LCD technology, which allows to achieve high performance characteristics of the manufactured equipment. There is also a special insertion highlighting DC/AC invertors' options for various models of LCDs.

DC/AC-invertors for LC display panels

TDK invertors described in the following article are recommended for application in Sharp LCDs. The article contains description of various invertors' models and series, indicating their purpose and ways of application. As a conclusion there is a description of different backlight lamp invertors for an exact LCD model multiple choice.

System Integration
Extractive Industry

Mine winding plant control and complex protection system

The article reports on the actuality of the control system creation and its principal description as well as mine winding plant complex protection, operating regime registration and visualization. On the basis of automation object features, there have been stated certain requirements to the system and given the reasons for basic software complex and technological tools preference for system development. The article also touches upon system's real-time operation architecture solution and rate calculation method. You can find hardware solutions description, the list of performed functions, technical characteristics, application and development experience for the purpose of its further modernization.

Oil & Gas Industry

Oil-field automation: from simplicity to complexity

The following article reports on modern oil-field control system, as well as its features and prospects. The automation of this industry is considered on a specific example of maximum complete borehole's automation. The GPRS usage for remote objects control is shortly touched upon.

Signal and data communication solutions for the linear part of cross-country gas pipe-lines

The article contains a description of problems with signal connection and data reports about the linear part of cross-country gas pipe-lines condition transmission. One can also find a short overview of existing systems, their application experience, as well as signal and data communication TeRaNet system application.

Oil & Gas Industry

Distributed hardware-software complex for process automation visualization and control

The article provides its reader with a description of hardware tools structure, software structure and functional capabilities, aimed for controlled devices performance analysis and control algorithm debugging and development. As an example one may find complete circuit diagrams of hardware configuration of a complex module and the whole system.

Submersible electric motor hydro protection exerciser automated system

The author keeps on describing about the exercisers, designed for oil-production equipment components control and about the control system development for these exercisers. This time there is a submersible electric motor hydro protection exerciser presented designed for electric-centrifugal pumps apparatus. There is a detailed description of exerciser's components, testing process and also software and hardware part of the control system.

Modern devices for passive automated direction finding and radar installation identification

The article reports on the main range of serial radioelectronic hardware and hardware-software devices and new generation blocks, which make various configurations of object-oriented marine equipment development possible. The following equipment is made for automatic direction finding, parameterization and different types of radar installation and its carriers identification. There is a basic block scheme of an identifier presented, which is developed for different type and tonnage marine vessels equipment: from patrol vessels and customs/border launches to fleet vessels.

Onboard networks of autonomous underwater vehicles

In the present article you may find presented hardware and software architectures of control systems for multipurpose autonomous underwater vehicles. The features of local onboard network hardware are demonstrated, the main principles of onboard computer choice are defined and in accordance to them Lippert PC/104 single-board computers application is justified. The article contains control software environment description, which uses QNX real-time operation system. The structure and purpose of each software level is described.


Numeric control machines modernization: seven practical suggestions

The article provides with practical advice on CNC machine tools modernization and its practical examples. The most common mistakes, which bring loss of efficiency to the CNC machine tools modernization are analyzed, some consequences of ill-developed technical solutions are provided. The connection of equipment with program management (CAM) to automated designing systems (CAD) is shown.

Distributed Control Systems

OPC based distributed Data Acquisition Systems development

The following article reports on complex geographically distributed industrial standards based SCADA systems. As a variant there is offered an OPC based universal solution.

Software Tools

GENESIS32 8.0: what does the system update and maintenance give?

There are new performance capabilities of 8th release GENESIS32 SCADA system described in the article.

10 years anniversary of PLCSystems Company professional growth

CoDeSys 3.0 — new level of PLC programming tools

Ten years ago 3S-Smart Software Solutions Company has first introduced its IEC 61131-3 programming tool to the European market. It was constantly being developed during the last few years. Today 3S presents absolutely new tool called CoDeSys 3.0.

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