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IEE display facilities review

The article reports on cathode-luminescent displays from IEE Company, applied in land transport equipment, marine navigation, process automation control panels and many other applications. One can also find the character mode LCDs presented with different backlight systems, wide temperature range and small power consumption as well as terminal devices and additional equipment for display systems creation by customer's own forces.

Sharp LCDs for industrial and special applications

Initially Sharp Company became popular for its high quality consumer electronics. However, very few people know that this company also manufactures liquid crystal displays for industrial applications and harsh operating conditions. The article introduces Sharp recent developments in the sphere of LCDs manufacturing for various applications. You can find the most popular models represented and their technical characteristics.

Advantech industrial computers: from components to solutions

The article reports on the most interesting latest developments from Advantech Company: industrial ATX motherboards, chassis new modification, specially adopted for these type of devices, industrial video cards with AGP interface. Recently there can be seen a pronounced tendency of growing interest not to components directly, but to ready-made solutions. That is why there is a part of the article dedicated to detailed description of assembled, tested and totally complete computers and servers purchase advantages. Special attention is given to new models of popular Advantech SYS ready-made solutions.

System Integration
Construction Materials Industry

Concrete mixtures manufacturing Process Automation

The Process Automation of concrete and ready mixtures manufacturing at Moscow Tushinkskiy concrete plant JSK DSK-1 is described. The article also reports on certain projects including manufacturing equipment reconstruction as well as functions and characteristics of the control system, its architecture characteristics and hardware&software tools application.

Concrete products steam curing control system

The implementation of described steam curing control system has brought to a significant energy economy and manufacturing products quality improvement. The system has wide process control capabilities. Main operations automation and the developed user interface allow the deskilling effect. Used hardware&software solutions provide high reliability of the system.

Power Engineering

The application of various power resources metering equipment in the integrated system of data acquisition

The first step towards energy saving is its consumption records organization. The solution of this task at different times formed a nonhomogeneous variety of measuring devices. The article reports on experience of different thermo-meters integration into modern data acquisition system. The process of their connection to the system's structure, which allows to minimize additional equipment costs and use the existing possibilities of an enterprise at most are described.

Monitoring and Measuring Systems

Systems and devices for products and machines nondestructive check

The importance of nondestructive check in different spheres of industry assumes greater and greater importance. Basing on hardware&software tools PROSOFT-Systems Company is developing and manufacturing devices and systems widely applied at metallurgical, power and oil&gas plants to solve this task. There is a pipe control magnetoresistive defectoscope, aggregates' vibration state control system and tachometric complex presented in the article. The description of each development is followed by information about its implementation and benefits over analogues.

Distributed Control Systems

"Smart building" — development prospects

Following Europe and the USA more and more "smart buildings" appear in Russian cities. What is the score on this quickly developing sphere of system integration, is mass implementation of these systems possible and what real use can it bring to a common multi-storey building dweller?

Training Systems

Web-Laboratory "Microcontrollers and Digital Signal Processors"

The article contains the description of structure and capabilities of this Web-laboratory, advantages and disadvantages of a distance lab practice organization and its determined development trends in accordance with modern micro-processing facilities.

New image of I-SFT Company

EuropacPRO subrack configuration features

WAGO I/O Controller — "smart building’s brains"