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Level measuring by guided EM pulse

Direct electromagnetic radiation method allows to measure liquid indicator, the level for friable hard materials, intermediate stage substance in aggressive environments, extended temperature and pressure variation range in the low dielectric constant of a control product. The article reports on the method's physical properties, as well as its comparison with ultrasonic and non-contact radar methods. The level meters "Pulscon" are described as an example of sensors, which implement the direct electromagnetic method. Practical recommendations on microwave level measuring sensors applications are made.

System Integration

System of direct digital control

The article describes development and implementation of direct digital control system for the main electric drive of Blooming rolling mill 1300 at the "Krivorojstal" metallurgical plant. Analysis of technological requirements to operating characteristics of the electric drive is presented, hardware and software approaches that meet the requirements, are described too.

Computer-based equipment monitoring system for continuosly bar mill

The article reports on development and embedding of computer-based equipment monitoring system for continuously bar mill 900/700/500 at the "Krivorojstal" metallurgical plant. System's functional capabilities and details of its hardware implementation are described.

Automated control system ACK-3 for industrial facilities

The ACK-3 System is developed for solving the problems of low industrial and transport automatic performance. It performs acquisition, handling and information visualization and control functions. The description demonstrates large-scale capabilities of the system based on a chosen structure and specific basic software. An ACK-3 based onboard monitoring system developed for export-oriented track machine ADM-1sm is provided as an example.

Unified display and registration facilities for electric locomotive diagnostic operations

The article reports on unified locomotive microprocessor displaying, registration and diagnostics system for AC and DC locomotives. Basic system hardware and different design styles are described. The article also contains the description of displayed information, recorded data view mode, operator's informational support, emergency sounds and other solutions dedicated to system's ergonomics and control safety increasing.

Power Engineering

Drive modernization at row coal feeding device

The choice and application of frequency-regulated drives at row feeding devices of steam generating units are described in this article. The economic indicators analysis of DC drives substitution by modern asynchronous regulated drive with variable-frequency control is made. Reliability of the conclusions and recommendations described in the article is proved by successful experience of similar solutions.

Electrical Industry

Automated system of extrusion line control

The article is dedicated to automated system of extrusion line control, which supports the high isolation quality of cables manufacturing. Such result is achieved by the application of safety industrial computer, SCADA-system based software as well as PID control implementation developed by the authors of the article.


Automated process of industrial isotope separation at a high filled column stream

The article reports on different aspects of automatic process control system for isotope rectification industry based on the example of stand control system for oxygen isotope separation research work. Special attention is given to facilities, which should fit to the modern software and open international standard requirements. Such facilities application provides and supports the reliability of distributed technological control.

Software Tools

Let's start working with ReportWorX.NET

Some simple operations which allow to start working with ReportWorX.NET immediately and get acquainted with its basic facilities such as template setup, data filling, time schedule setting up and reports redirections are described in details.

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